Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naira and Kartik’s skit continuing. Madhav gets hanged and Ganga becomes his widow. Everyone say Vande Mataram. Sarfaroshi ka tamanna…………plays………. Rajshri says Madhav and Ganga’s love did not lose, they won, their love story became immortal, there are many couples like them, we want to pay tribute to all of them, there will be millions of stories in every village, I salute all such couples, lovers, families, who has saved this country and got our independence, we should do our duty and never forget duty towards country. Everyone like the skit.

Rajshri says Akshara would have got very happy seeing this. Naira says mumma wrote this skit and Karishma planned everything, Kartik helped a lot. Rajshri calls him magician to do magic and help

everyone. Kartik says its because of your trust on me. They all praise Kartik. Bhabhimaa says Naira played the role weel, seeing her in bridal dress made me feel we should look for a guy for her. They all smile. Gayu thinks to talk to Kartik and smiles.

Bhabhimaa asks Karishma is she feeling weak. Karishma says no, I m feeling proud. Bhabhimaa asks Devyaani to give kada to Karishma. Karishma says no need. Rajshri and everyone ask her to have laddoo. Karishma says you children trouble mothers a lot, and caring today when I donated blood. They all smile.

Naira talks to ashram kids on phone and says we celebrated independence day well, I will send videos. Kartik hears her and thanks her for forcing him to play role in skit, else he would have not experience this feeling. She says note this favor, pay it when needed. She jokes and goes. He says she is half mad, I m half mad, we both will unite and get totally mad, how cute. Gayu asks Kartik to come and have breakfast. He asks her to have food. She says I will eat later. They talk about function. He says it was all fun. She says I missed everything, did you all miss me. He says yes. She says Naira looked good in bridal dress. He says yes, okay. She says she was looking very pretty, whats your view on marriage, don’t mind me asking.

He says I think these things are not done planned, love is not in control, it just happens, and marriage can be done by thinking well, its big decision, many people are involved, I did not experience but I heard marriage turns life black and white, its not that easy. He goes. Gayu says Kartik does not even want to think about marriage, but marriage is next step of love, we did not say each other about our feelings, its my yes, he should talk to me, I m sure, once we are together, his opinion about marriage will change.

Vivaan comes and asks her to think of friends, love and marriage. She asks are you thinking of marriage. He says yes, Nimit is also marrying his best friend Sania, don’t you think its good idea to marry best friend, life would be simple, you know each other well and its easy to handle everything, your mom and dad were also best friends, I feel this is better than love and arrange marriage. She asks how. He says love marriage can’t guarantee to run, but best friends marriage can be good.

Karishma asks Naman to come back, Mishti and I miss you, all this is not needed. He asks her to be practical. She asks if Naitik knows then… He says I thought of everything. Rama tells Naira about Nimit and Sania’s marriage. Naira says its good if both love each other, we did not ask Gayu. Rama says it won’t take time to ask, I m not thinking to get her married against her wish. Naira says no, I just meant…. Kartik comes and says I will leave. Bhabhimaa asks him to get totally fine and go. Kartik says I m better now. He asks Gayu is she in hurry to marry. Gayu gets surprised. He says I understood you were asking me about marriage, your career started just now, I don’t know marriage should be done soon, it has to done some day, but don’t think of it now. He goes. She thinks what was this, was he saying about me and us, should I wait, I don’t understand.

Naira looks on and says don’t know if Gayu likes Vivaan or not, even mumma is not here. Gayu says how to find out Kartik’s meaning, shall I ask him, things can get bad. Naira comes and asks Gayu is your head aching. Gayu says no, I m thinking something. Naira says I m celebrating rakhi with you all, I used to keep rakhi for Naksh always. Gayu says I used to tie your name rakhi to Naksh before mine, I also tied rakhi to Naitik by my mumma’s name. Naira thanks her for managing so well. Gayu says now you have come, I m not needed. Naira asks her not to say this again. Gayu says I mean I managed for long, its your turn now. Naira says we will celebrate together and hugs her.

Naira asks Gayu about her opinion on marriage. Gayu asks did anyone tell you to ask me. Naira says no. Gayu says I have no opinion. Naira says maybe if guy knows you and is your best friend… Gayu says yes, there is no false hope and expectations. Naira describes Vivaan and Gayu tells about Kartik’s qualities. Naira asks will you say yes to marriage if you get such guy. Gayu says yes. Naira says I got to know your answer now, tell me who is it. Gayu says no one. Naira says I know a bit, I m not so foolish. Gayu sends her out. Naira thinks Gayu likes Vivaan, I will tell mumma to talk to Gayu and confirm it.

Everyone dance on pyaar ke bandhan…. song.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hope Gayu realises soon that Vivaan is perfect love Karthik was jus affection

  2. I don’t want to see Gayu in negative role… She is sweet

  3. kaira scene was awesome.gyus please you can tell me why mishti is calling to kartik bff

    1. Intially when karthik met misthi first time karthik asks her to become her gf and she says theybwill be bf n gf…iIits just a jovial kind .on friendship day misthi comes ti know that karthik likes naira so she says karthik will become her bff not bf .I hope I cleared ur dojbt sorry if I didnt

    2. Best friend forever

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