Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kartik throwing something with I love you written. Naira gets it and smiles. Baisa asks why did they leave home. Dadi asks her to ask Naira, as Kartik just listens to Naira. Lav and Kush ask can we go there and play. Suwarna says yes, then don’t tell us. Surekha says we won’t take you to doctor if there is an infection. They say we won’t go. Surekha says Suwarna explained them well. Naira thinks I have to use this way to explain Kartik, thanks Lord for showing me this way. The ladies do the rituals. Naira thinks Kartik’s heart is like this shadow, it will spoil if I try to touch, I will try to explain him. She says you understood the truth now. Naitik says I understand, but there is no replacement of family in the world. She says I know, Kartik understands


Naira asks Naksh will you not say anything. Naksh says no. Naira says sorry, Naksh says I don’t want your sorry, you won’t do this again, okay. He nods. He hugs her. Baisa says you all spoiled her, I did not expect this from Naira, people get bahu to welcome happiness, but Naira has divided family. Naksh says Naira did not do this. Baisa says she insulted us in inlaws. She goes. Naksh says you know Baisa. Naira says she is right in her place, but I m not wrong, I know what to do. Kirti asks them to come and have snacks.

Kartik goes to Dadi and asks her to sit. He asks her to have sweets, its their fav one. Naira sees them. Dadi says I will have anything silently by your hands. Kartik says I m away from home, so that relations don’t get bitter, I felt you will understand this, sorry Dadi.

Akhilesh asks Mansi what happened. Mansi says I heard pandit saying, we get forgiveness if we apologize here, I can’t forgive myself, I feel guilty. He hugs her. She cries. He says no, I can understand, you also understand, move on, forget all this, people can keep good memories, its better to forget such things, go now, there will be many questions if they see you upset. She goes.

Akhilesh this thread to the wall and says Mansi wanted to tell everyone that she did Akshara’s accident. Aditya hears this and gets shocked. Akhilesh says I could not tell anyone thinking of Mansi, Naira and Kartik, Lord forgive me, Mansi’s guilt should get away, this should not get between Naira and Kartik, this is my prayers. He cries and goes. Naksh heard him as well. He gets angry.

Lav and Kush ask Kartik to come home, else they won’t go home. Naira thinks its right chance. She asks them not to get adamant, we can’t come. She wishes Kartik says something. Kartik says Naira…. She looks at him and smiles. He says Naira is right, we can’t come, we have much work at home, I m sorry. Naira thinks this is wrong, tell them we are coming. Naksh cries recalling Akhilesh’s words. Aditya smiles seeing Naksh and holds him. He says I know what you are feeling, its a big thing, its a cheat, sorry its my family but, wrong is wrong, they should have not done this, your anger is justified, Akshara was your mum, God forbid if I was in your place, don’t know what would I have done. Naksh goes. Aditya smiles.

Naksh comes to everyone and sees Akhilesh. Devyaani says we will go now. Suwarna says tell Varsha and Rajshri that we missed them. Naksh sees Mansi and recalls Mansi’s words. Akhilesh gives a gift, saying its a token of love from our side. Naksh takes it. Aditya looks on.

Devyaani says I think we should leave, weather is getting windy. Aditya says why did Naksh not say anything. Naksh sees Naira and says I will drop you. Naira says no, we will go by taxi. Naksh sees Kartik and Naira holding hands and going. Aditya comes to Naksh.

He asks what happened, why did you not say anything. Naksh moves him and says I don’t need your opinion, you just keep your mouth shut. Aditya gets angry.

Dadi says I m never wrong, you have seen Naira’s truth, see how she said, she can’t come home, Kartik got upset, he did not say in front of wife. Manish says yes, he argues with us and listens to them. Suwarna thinks matter is something else. Dadi says Naira came in puja to save family respect, she is not innocent, how will I live without seeing Kartik.

Naira and Kartik come home. She asks are you not annoyed. He says I m, but no use to keep mood off, you have to make my mood good, you are my wife, you were my GF, you should know, its our love marriage, try if you can. She mesmerizes him by her beauty. He hugs her and says Gangaur comes once in a year. She says yes, but who said such gift will be given just on Gangaur. They smile.

Aditya says Naksh, I will do your work, I will give the news to Naira. Naksh runs on the road. Naira falls down the stool and screams. Kartik rushes to her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Fenil

    Hello Everyone !!
    Osam episode.
    Loved Naksh !!
    Dadi should be killed by naira in river yrr too much annoyed double face wali halkat dadi , karthik ke samne toh kabhi iska true face nahi aane wala i m sure.

    Surekha has no morals how she can talked like this with het Jethani Suwarna. @first entry time she was so positive.

    In Goenka Family i only love Karthik ,Lav Kush , Mansi , keerthi,Suwarna and Akhilesh.

    I love Baisa or Bua Dadi from the first episode when her characters start.

    Rafu di , aapke liye jo lambi comment ki thi na mere haath dard kar rahe hai:P:P:P

    Good Night SD TC JSK JJ JY .

  2. Pls dont saperate kaira. Keep them unite. Let naira understand kartik and even would knnow then kartik was right for leaving goenka house… todays shw ending was awesome. . After long time kaira in ending in such a mesmerising pose. Wow luv u kaira

  3. Guys, I’m very confused! Kaira should have met this year and the love story should have began this year because when Naira came back she was suppose to study and get a job! She had missed her education, that’s why she has to study

  4. Sethidisha002

    why aditya is separating kaira khud to apna relation theek rakh ni sakta dusro k mamle me interfere krta rahega I hate aditya

  5. This aditya is such a cheap minded characterless person why does he separates naira ……… aaditya ki sacchai sabko pata chlni chahiye
    Nd this dadi is also verrrrrrrry khadoooos. …….. khud toh galat soch rahi hai uprse maniah ke dimak me bhi bhusa bhar rahi hai……
    Thsi both r…………….. crazy ppl

    Hey raf di he is fine thanks for praying I know u were upset so u told that…..plzz don’t b sorry

    Hii rahul bro , fenil bro,raf di, lasya di, somu di, mahima di , pat di , sachu di , sophie di,………….( sorry if missed anybody’s name……..actually I don’t know many ppl here)

    Have a peaceful day!!!!!!

    1. Rahul96

      Hi Preeti how are you ??? It’s really nice to have a Sanskrit scholar in YRKKH kutumbh !!! Is Lakhan also a Sanskriti scholar ??

  6. Maniah not manish*

  7. Lasyashree.10

    heyllo evryone!!! i hope everybody’s brainns are bored with regular talks!!! soooo i got an idea to make it intresting!!!

    this is our family right?? so let’s start some YRKKH VIRTUAL PARIVAAR AWARDS!!!

    SO for this i need all yours theories and then anyone please type and give me the names of all the family members na please!!!!!


    1. Rahul96

      Kyaaa ??? I guess noo !! Or wait for others !!

  8. Hiiii everyone…..
    How r u all???all good na….
    Sorry I’m late…..
    Nice episode…..

  9. Lasyashree.10

    So nobody understood the concept of YRKKH VIRTUAL PARIVAAR AWARDS….i’m i right??

    so here you go!! i have selected few tags checkout!!
    1.The most silliest one!
    2.The most talented one!
    3.The most craziest one!
    4.The best counselor
    5.The Jokester Award
    6.The best family Manager Award
    7.The most Innocent one
    8.The Eye opener
    9.The Best writer
    10.Most understanding
    11.The Best Funny answer giver
    12. Most active person.
    13.Best teacher
    14.Most Nicest person
    15.Person with Super Attitude (Based on their way of commenting)
    16. Angry young male
    17. Angry young female
    18.The Historian
    19. Little angel
    20.Best Advisor
    21.Head of the family!
    22.The rare commentor
    23. Sorry teller
    24. speedy comment reader
    25. Missing you Awards

    so these are the categories i selected if others have any idea you can give them as well!

    so now the nominees for these awards are our family members!

    so.. if you all liked the idea…. we can start it from today i.e 26th may to 29th may!

    what we have to do is! we the members of family, silent comment readers should come forward and give each a tag selected above from today! and till 29th for a particular tag who will get more votes they will be awarded that tag!

    for example! if we have three categories best smile,best voice,best eyes…
    and the nominees be Raf,Soumya and preethi!

    if raf get 10 votes for best smile,soumya get 15 votes for best smile and preethi get 21 votes for the same then THE TAG BEST SMILE WILL GO TO PREETHI!

    So like that we have to select each for each tag and the final decisions will be on 30th may!!

    so did you all liked the idea?? hoping for positive results!!!


    understood? still you have any doubt then please do comment

    1. Rahul96

      It’s April month stupid !! ?????

      1. Lasyashree.10

        oh…sorry bro!

  10. Fenil

    I think Rahul bhai is angry with me for some reason he always forget me now a days , he didn’t even reply me in pm .

    Lasiii, most rotlu award goes to Rahul bhai.

    Rahul bhai-Mishti
    Lasiii -Rajshree
    Soumya Sista- Baisa
    Chanya di-Bhabhimaa
    preeti sissy -Varsha

    baki log iske sivay na bija role lai lo.
    Me nathi levano koi role.

    Tea moklu ke jago ne yrr

    1. Rahul96

      Rotlu means ???

      1. Soumya85

        It means who cry a lot??

    2. Soumya85

      Mai baisa really????

      1. Fenil

        yaa , Thanks me that i didn’t gave u Dadi Goenka Role

    3. Soumya85

      Lol lasya di????

  11. Soumya85

    Hi my yrkkh family members…how are you all??
    Raf di I know u r not leaving now but don’t ever think to leave again?
    Hi preeti do tell bhaiya ALL THE BEST from my side and missing him a lot pls
    Nice idea lasya di?hope that I even get any one award???
    Thank you sooo much chanya di for supporting me u know rahul bhaiya and fenil bhaiya teased me a lot??
    And i think they should get most naughty person award ?
    Happy to see canya I’d comments all the best di?
    Bye for now

    1. Fenil

      kya bole aap kya bole aap ?
      u said me naughty boy
      u bootni stay silent
      warna sab ko bata dunga !!

      1. Soumya85

        Kya? ???naughty bhaiya

  12. Rahul96

    Okk I will give you the names of all family members and their dob by this Sunday !!!

  13. Wow lasya…really supperrbb idea!!
    So here r my votes!! I’ll vote to many members for a single award n that award wil given to the one who gets largest number of votes!!!!right? I think best brother’s award n best sister’s award should also b included in that as it’s a family.. what say??

    2. THE MOST TALENTED ONE- All the FF writers from our family-vrushy, Fenil bhaiya, lasya, soumya.. sorry I don’t know other writers name.
    5. THE JOKESTER AWARD- our family maker – Lakhan n Rahul bhaiya..
    6.THE BEST FAMILY MANAGER AWARD- Again to Lakhan n Rahul they both r old members n stil in touch with us..
    7. THE MOST INNOCENT ONE- rahul bhaiya…hahahaha…guys I think this award Is for my cute nephew- HAMDAN
    9.THE BEST WRITER – I can’t guess this as all the writers have their own talent n unique ideas.
    10. MOST UNDERSTANDING – Fenil bhaiyaaa..(as u said bro) n i agree with u bhaiya!
    11.THE BEST FUNNY ANSWER GIVER- Mr.Ancestor- Lakhan…
    14. THE NICEST PERSON – Mahima, Preeti, CHANYA, soumya.
    16. ANGRY YOUNG MALE- Lakhan..( sorry bro)
    17. ANGRY YOUNG FEMALE- Lasya..hahaha…
    18. THE HISTORIAN – Rahul bhaiya
    19. LITTLE ANGEL- the one and only SOUMYA
    20. BEST ADVISOR – All my elder bros n sisters..
    21.HEAD OF THE FAMILY- Our captain
    22. THE RARE COMMENTOR – Sachu di, pat di, Ponkuri di, chanya, TAHIRA di, hasan bhaiya, zainab, Zaira n many members r commenting rarely guys..I can’t guess sorry.
    24.SPEEDY COMMENT READER- rahul bhaiya sometimes..n don’t know about others..n now Mahima n preeti..

    The most calmed ONE- rahul bhaiya n Fenil bhaiya……….

    Sorryyyyyy guys if I have not voted to someone for sorrryyy..

    Waiting for others votes………HuRRY UP GUYS………

  14. Hey chanya di all the best for ur exams
    Will wait for ur comments

    Lasya di nice idea of yrkkh virtual awards
    But tell me one thing can’t we all give the votes to our family members bcz I think di silent commenters will not comment fast ……..I think

    Rahul bhaiyyya don’t ever dare to tell about rcb like this…..bcx I’m also a big fan of rcb n virat kohli….so dont tell
    Md bro I’m not a sanskrit scholar I just learn it in my school nd even lakhan learnt it till 10th

    Raf di good to see ur comment di

    Fenil bro……… I seem like varsha?????
    Aree bhai I don’t know gujrati but as I’m marwadi I can speak little little like kem cho????majame cho????
    Plzz teach me I like it
    I didn’t knew that ‘bhusa bharna’ is a gujrati word. ………I use it when I getangry on someone

    Hi mahima di…….

  15. Thanks sumo di for ur wishes di
    Sorry soumya di

  16. Woooooooooooh raf di nice awards
    Now I’ll also try but I don’t know many of them I’ll try

  17. Here r my awards

    2) the most talentef one- those who writes ff
    8) the eye opener-lasya di as she opened raf di’s eyes
    12) most active person- rahul bro, raf di, mahima di, nowdays fenil bro n lasya di
    14) most nicest person-my whole familiy
    19) little angel-sumo di

  18. where are my comments???

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  19. where is vote for me???

    1. Fenil

      Ishika Sissy is lil angle not that ghost sissy

  20. This Karthik character is too harsh with his father. Don’t know what the reason is but still it shows Karthik in a negative light. Could the creative real let is know the reason Soon

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