Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with an old man telling about a rasam to make bride and groom rid of bad sight. Dadi says we always fulfill all rituals. The ladies say we have to take them in opposite directions by tying this thread. They tie the thread to Tara and Naksh’s hands. Dil se bandhi ek dor……plays………… Sangram asks Naksh to think again about marriage and jokes. They all laugh. Naira takes Tara and Sangram takes Naksh. Gayu says we have to take care of Naksh’s shoes. Naira says yes, Tara’s brothers are smart and elder, they can fool us. Aditya says we will keep shoes with us. Preeti says they should know who we are, we will loot Naksh well. They laugh.

Aditya asks why is your purse open, if anything falls. Preeti looks for the papers. Vikram asks is anything lost.

She says nothing, I will just come. The rituals are done by elders. Dada ji requests Naksh and says Tara is simple and innocent, sometimes she gets angry, but we all have anger, she is clean at heart, if she does mistake, then forgive her. Akshara tells Tara that Naksh is still kid from heart, he is innocent and naughty, he decides things by heart, I know you will explain him difference between right and wrong. The elders ask Tara to always support Naksh. Naksh says I promise I will support Tara, but small fights should be allowed, I will annoy and convince her. Sangram says if she says she will go Maayka then…. Dada ji laughs.

Akshara says we are also your Maayka, you can come to us to complain, but don’t go to Dada ji’s home. Tara says I m sure, Naksh and my relation will always be strong. Akshara says yes, our blessings are with you, don’t worry, you are my daughter from today, if you have to say something, then don’t hesitate, share things with me. Baisa says do household work too. Tara says sure and holds her ears. Dada ji says I trust you more than my grandsons. Sangram look at him. Naksh takes out kerchief and some paper falls. Sangram asks whats this paper, is it imp. He gives paper to Naksh. Naksh keeps it in pocket. The old man asks Naksh to get ready for rounds now.

Baisa asks Tara to keep family united and blesses her. Naitik says if you get angry on us, then tell us, so that we wear helmet, don’t know when you will get hockey and beat us. Bau ji says you can complain to us. Devyaani says yes, if Akshara troubles you, I will see her. Rajshri says be happy and keep everyone happy, shine in Naksh’s life.

Akshara asks Naitik do you think Tara has doubt about this marriage. Naitik says no, we tried hard to clear her doubt, I don’t think prenup is required now. Preeti worries and says if anyone gets those papers then…. It will be big problem. Naksh checks papers and photographer stops him. Naksh goes to wash hands. Sangram says give me papers, wash hands here itself. He asks Naksh to come and gives back papers. He asks him to read papers later, its mahurat time. Naksh smiles.

Akshara says I will take Tara to mandap, then Naksh will hold your hand. Naira asks Tara to think again, and laughs. Akshara takes Tara to the mandap. Ranveer jokes on Dada ji and Baby Maasi. Naksh comes in mandap and asks why are you all laughing, I promise I will not move back. They all smile. He sits in mandap with Tara. Dada ji says pandit ji, complete Tara’s marriage with mahurat and rituals. Bhabhimaa thanks Lord to make her see this day. Dadi says give me some time to say, I m also old. Baisa asks her to see Nannu’s marriage too. Preeti is worried. Naira sees Naksh’s shoes. She says we will take the shoes and hide it. Vikram asks Preeti will she not steal Naksh’s shoes. She says no, you manage. He asks why are you upset. She says no, I m unwell, and goes. Aditya says don’t know what happened to her.

Pandit asks Dada ji to come for kanyadaan. Dada ji says I always waited for this dream and had fear thinking whether I would be able to see this day or not. He goes kanyadaan. Naira says no one will know where we have hidden shoes. Vikram and Aditya laugh and do not get the shoes. Naira laughs and says you felt we are so stupid. Mishti says you called me a bird, we have kept shoes safe. They leave. Aditya says those kids are smarter than us.

Akshara says this ghatbandhan is for years, don’t let this break. The lady says we have a rasam before rounds, Naksh will have to give some fruits, sweets and coconut. Mohit says its good deal. Akshara gives the items and asks Naksh to come for ritual. Naksh takes our wallet to give Dakshina and the paper falls. He says whats in this paper that it comes infront often. He reads papers and gets shocked seeing Naksh and Tara’s prenup contract. Naksh recalls Tara and says I need to talk to Tara in private. Akshara asks why now, its time for rounds, come. Naitik says you can talk later, come. Naksh says no, its imp to talk now, so that there is no confusion later. Tara and her family get worried.

Naksh confronts Tara about the prenup papers. Dada ji sits in shock. Naksh scolds Tara. Naitik and Akshara get worried.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Let marriage happen pls . Too much drama happening here . Why can’t Preetis truth come out , that she is the one behind all this

  2. In yeh rishta wikipedia page they noted sanju naksh singhania as main lead cast and tara as supporting cast,so i am sure, our naksh mrge to sanju not tara,waiting for naksh-sanju pair

    1. no yaar naksh and sanju are best frnds and they shld always be…..I thnk if they dont want tara they can get any other girl for naksh and yash will also get broken if their marriage happens

      1. Bt y in they write sanju naksh singhania
        If sanju wil be wife of naksh,only sanju naksh singhania(wikipedia,yeh rishta wikipedia) is crt

  3. Let Tara and Naksh marriage happen pls

  4. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! guys I read some news abt yrkkh ……………. that Naksh won’t marry tara but a new girl will enter into naksh’s life which makes tara a negative character …
    On the other hand Naira will have a fight with her parents and would leave home …. And there will be a leap too which shows naira living in Hrishikesh

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