Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Suwarna loses Aryan’s photo

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naira tying thread to the tree and praying for Kartik’s new work. She prays their misunderstanding and distance ends. She sees a couple. She messages Kartik that she came to temple to wish for his success and happiness, and wishes he was with her. She says we will be here, it feels good. Rajshri says I understand you don’t want to show sorrow at home, its not good to run away from problems. Naira says I don’t know what to do. Rajshri says this happens with women, they have to deal with many things, even then we women never accept defeat, Kartik is not talking, but I m sure you can explain him, you will find some solution. Kartik says I wish you were with me, I really miss you, I m so much hurt because of you, but my heart wants to talk to you.


drives close to his car and says Kartik can I talk to you, I m calling you since morning, talk to me please. Kartik drives ahead. Naksh follows and says please put car aside, you have to listen to me. Kartik gets angry and races the car. Naksh gets worried.

Aryan comes to temple and says they have sent driver and made me driver, no one can make me work against my will. Suwarna gets down the car. Kids collide. Aryan holds the plate. She thanks him and apologizes for talking in a wrong way. He says its fine, you go and do puja, your son is lucky to get mum like you. She asks him to take care of kids. Suwarna and Surekha go. Aryan says I m listening to them only because I have to stay here. Naira sits in temple. Kartik sees the flowers. He reads the note.

Pandit takes the plates from Suwarna and Surekha. Water falls in one plate. He shifts the things. Envelop flies to Naira. She picks it. She looks around. She thinks to check it. Suwarna sees Naira opening the envelop and thinks my son’s photo with Naira. Naira drops the papers. Suwarna comes running and stops Naira. She sees some legal papers in her hand. She thinks where is her son’s pic. Kartik sees Aryan’s photo. Naira asks Suwarna why is she worried.

Suwarna asks about envelop. Naira says this flew, its Kartik’s new project papers, did you get these. Suwarna recalls Kartik. Kartik says but how did Suwarna get Aryan’s photo, maybe he gave it for a job, he is idiot and doesn’t know resume is required for job, not photo. Naira says you came to pray for Kartik’s new project right, what’s there to hide. Rajshri greets her. Naira says Suwarna got the new project papers to keep in puja. Suwarna thinks it means Kartik has the photo. Naira says I will go and give papers to Kartik. Rajshri says we have sent car. Suwarna says we have the car, Aryan got us here. Surekha asks Naira to take kids. Naira thanks Lord for giving this chance. Everyone decides preparations for puja. Kirti asks how can I help. They all involve Kirti. Devyaani says we all do decorations together. Kirti thinks I don’t know anything.

Kids ask Naira to come home, they miss her. Naira hugs them and says I will come soon. He says where did papers go. He reads Surekha’s message that they got his papers and they are sending it to him, if he got Suwarna’s envelop by mistake. He replies her that he didn’t have any such envelop. Suwarna says thank God, sorry to use Surekha’s phone, I will go home and check well. Kids surprise and hug Kartik. He asks what’s the surprise. He sees Naira. Kids go. Lagta hai…..plays………….. She gives the papers. She says you have meeting today, I was in meeting, Surekha asked me to get this. He thanks her. She says I came here to meet you. She says it will be our first diwali after marriage, we got united forever in last diwali. He recalls. She wishes he calls her back. He thinks I m bearing more punishment, my fear and pain are not leaving him. She prays.

Suwarna asks servants about an envelop. They say they didn’t get it. She thinks where did it go. She says what will I say if anyone asks about the pic. Naira sees Aryan’s photo and says I will give him. He says ask him not to act smart, if I tell anything…. She asks shall I leave now. He calls her out. She smiles. He says no need to do all this. She says your anger is justified, my hope is also justified, please don’t snatch it from me. He asks what about my hope, shall I tell Kirti that her hope ended. She says I m not able to make you believe, maybe you are right, we will tell truth to Kirti. She calls Kirti. He looks on.

Kids say we want our diwali gift. Kartik says I have work in office. Naira says we will go and do shopping, Kartik will come if he gets free. Kartik comes. Naira leaves from the market.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Kaina1

    Hello guys
    I hope that every1 is going grt
    So guys episode start with our very own make-up ka makan aur over-acting ki dukan naira (and I was thinking ki cvs will give us naksh and kirti breakfast scene #cvsrotinhell tumhe naira ke sivaye kuch dikhta bhi hai ??) well naira prays for karthik success as his new project is about to start dear ppl am I the only one who is wondering ki karthik jogging par tab jata hai jab naira se related kuch ho or karthik office bhi tabhi jata hai jab naira ko office aana ho I mean 3 times we as audience were served goenka office scene and 3 out of 3 scene have kaira in them bhai karthik naira ke bina office bhi nahi jayega kya??? Anyways after naira pooja session their comes a rajshri and naira scene seriously guys I am till this moment wondering is this the same rajshri that we saw with akshara bhai inki sadh budhi bhi dub gayi kya?? I mean she is worried for kaira and she isn’t a bit guilty that she couldn’t recognize the pain of naksh she isn’t wondering what will happen to keesh relation dude naksh bhi apki beti ka beta hai ek baar bhagwaan ke liye uski taraf dekh toh lo anyways rajshri ask naira to come and she says no I am feeling good in mandir (arre abhi kaise nani mujhe suwarna ke track me tang adani hai) then rajshri ask her are u really feeling good or are u trying to hide ur pain ( seriously guys rajshri is getting on my nerves now inhe naira ki sadness dikh rahi hai magar naksh ka kuch bhi nahi dikh raha naksh apni puri barat me itna sad tha aur ye dance kar rahi ek baar bhi nahi kaha chiku smile aur haan naira apni sadness chup rahi hai really?? Naksh ko aur aapko pura matter pata hai aur diwali ka intezaar karo gharwaalo ko bhii sab pata chal when it comes to hiding pain no one can beat naksh and kirti both don’t even let their right arm know that left arm is feeling pain toh ye naira madam kahan se dard chupa rahi hai?) anyways rajshri gives her gyaan to naira and she hears (inko itna footage diya ek keesh scene dede toh cvs tumhara heart fail ho jata ??)

    1. Maryam_ishq

      I totally agree with u yaar!
      I was waiting for a keesh morning scene… both of them gettin ready and heading down together… or maybe a night scene, they just showed naksh sayin he’s happy with this marriage to keerti and uske baad kuch bhi nai. Upar se ek chota sa breakfast scene bhi nahi de sakte… yeh to hadd hai yaar. I am watchin the episodes just to see atleast even a small scene of keesh but these ppl are just showing naira tryin to reduce Kartik’s anger… arey uske saath saath keesh ka bhi scene dikha sakte the na.
      I am hating kartik for his behaviour towards naksh… woh bechara apna saara kaam chod kar tumhe yakeen dilane aya hai ke woh keerti ke saath khush hai par ye janab toh gusse main apni gadi bhaga kar jaate hai. Naksh is so good tht he addresses his wife as keertiji and not just keerti… he gives so much respect to her and kartik feels tht naksh won’t keep his sister happy. Kartik open ur eyes damnit… aditya used to call keerti so rudely and angrily and used to behave so badly with her…. but nahi uss waqt toh tum sab ke ankhon pe patti bandhi huwi thi… aur jab usse izzat aur pyar mil raha hai tab tumhe takleef ho rahi hai. Wth man ?.
      Keesh are sooo good in hiding their pain tht nobody could figure out the slightest things… kaira are so bad in hiding their pain… khule aam rote hai aur phir ye log kehte hai ke apna dard chupa rahe ho. Keesh kya kar rahe the itne waqt se…. only suwarna and yash were able to figure out tht they were hiding something warna baaki sab ko toh kuch pata bhi nahi tha.
      I wanna see a keesh scene… naksh takin keerti out for a small ride or shoppin for diwali or something like tht.

  2. Kaina1

    and then comes a syco kathik scene bhai ek baar ko mujhe beyhad ki maya samajh me aa jayegi magar ye janab toh mere samajh me nahi aane waale so karthik is driving car and talking to himself (true syco) that naira gave me pain but my heart beat for her I miss u naira toh bhai if you really miss naira then call her nahi nahi tum vo nahi karoge tumahare liye tumhara ego tumhara gussa tumhare pyaar se jyaada bada hai hana ??bhai aisa hi chalete raho we will soon be getting maya part -2 in yrkkh aur haan stop blaming naksh agar tumne uske saath kuch bhi kiya toh I am telling I wont think twice b4 bashing u left right center anyways naksh comes in car and ask karthik to slow down but karthik speed-up and then naksh also speed-up and ask karthik to listen to him once ( why naksh why don’t do this you know u aren’t wrong and we know you don’t need to apoligze toh in angry young man ko sadne do I mean dude how the hell karthik except everything to be fine when he wont listen to naksh about whom the whole matter is concern anyways karthik dua karo ki tumahari wajah se keesh ki life me koi problem nahi aaye kyuki agar tumhari ya naira ki wajah see keesh seprate hua na toh #rotinhell becoz u deserve it ) anyways guys you know what kaira sepration track was supposed to be sympathy track that we as audience show sympathy and relate to kaira and here we audience forget about sympathy we as audience are busy bashing kaira so dear cvs ur track backfires and know plz close this track I am in no mood to even hear these two annoying voice forget abt seeing them anyways suwarna and aryan scene comes next well I am thankful that the make-up artist got his brain back and didn’t over did suwarnas make-up warna yeh aur inki bahu chalta firta jewellary ka makan aur make-up ki dukan lagti hai and yes guy is any1 getting any mother-son vibe from Aryan and suwarna ??? becoz i am not anyways karthik get a bouquet with a msg “u r my rockstar” (rockstar my foot ) and he keeps it aside bhai is scene ke bajaye agar hume keesh scene dede toh tumahara kya bigad jata ?? anyways mandir scene comes with pandit messing up and keeping the envelop aside and guess what wind blows an guess what envelop falls exactly near naira (ab me hawa ko kaise bash karu ) yaar aise coincidence naira ke saath hi kyu hote I mean ab toh hawa bhi tab chalti hai jab naira ko kuch dena ho be it in karthik accident track at teej or now iss serial sab kuch bas liye hota hai kyuki naira madam ko mahan batana hai and then like any other mannerless kid naira opens the envelop dude firstly it is not ur envelop secondly how can you open anyother envelop that falls on your feet atleats first try to find whose envelop it is search for name or address magar nahi bhai humari naira toh direct open kar diya anyways then again follows a pakkau scene where naira thanks ganga maiyaa for giving her a chance to meet karthik (and I was thinking that naira is angry with karthik for misunderstanding her dude thoda toh self respect rakho that guy called u a liar selfish an what not and still you are begging for talking to him )

    1. Maryam_ishq

      Kai ki sympathy for kaira ?. Unko sympathy ki zaroorat hi nahi hai… naira ko thodi sympathy theek hai lekin kartik keliye ratti bhar bhi nai. Naksh deserves all the sympathy…. uss bechare ne apni behen aur parivaar ki khushi keliye apni khushi kurbaan kar di aur ufff tak nahi kiya… woh toh dukhi tha ke woh keertiji ke saath ek jhoot ki buniyad par rishta jod raha tha. Naksh plz jaake keerti ko pura sach bata do… woh thodi upset hogi par woh tumhe zaroor samajh jayegi…. before kartik tells keerti abt it, she would be hurt knwin it frm kartik and he would add stuff like naksh didn’t care abt ur happiness at all… woh sirf apne matlab keliye tumse shaadi kar raha tha…. it’d be much much better tht naksh tells it to her.

  3. Kaina1

    anyways iske baad aur pakkau scene aatee hai kaira ke anyways out of whole episode the only scene I was on repeat was WHEN IN SHINGHANIYA SADAN EVERYONE TALKS ABOUT DIWALI PREPARATION AN THEY DISTRIBUTE JOBS AND THEN KIRTI ASK WHAT SHOULD SHE DO WELL WHAT I LOVE THAT KIRTI ASKED MAY I HELP ?? AND DIDN’T JUMP IN LIKE EVRYTHING SHE SHOULD DO LIKE NAIRA TO WHICH DEVYANI SUGGEST TO BUY GIFT FOR NAKSH AND HERSELF AND THEN KARISHMA SUGGEST THATSHE SHOULD CHOOSE THE THEME FOR DÉCOR TO WHICH KEERTI ASK “KI ITNE BADE GHAR KO KHUD DECORATE KARENGE?” to which all replied yes and baisa ASK KEERTI TO JOIN HER IN SEWING THE DRESSES OF GOD TO WHICH KERTI REPLIES IN HER MIND THAT SHE DOSENT KNOW ANY OF THESE THING now baisa do taunt DG for this but make sure you don’t hurt keerti ab aap hi ho jisse mujhe ummed hai ki voh naksh ke saath khadi rahegi and yes ab aap hi DG ne jo naksh ko chata mara tha uska badla lo I want score equal at every cost and yes make sure u taunt goenkas bahut drama sehe liya in logo ka mene aap hi humme baccho in sab se aur haan dadi goenka ho sake toh goli maar dene me aapki bail karwa dungi aur use karthik ko bhi acche se sunna isne bhi naksh ki be-izzati ki hai so make sure you make your stand clear baisa aage badho hum aapke saath hai

  4. Kaina1
    ab iska kya matalab hai ki
    phir se dadi goenka se koi kuch nahi kahega #cvshavusoldurbrain
    phir se kaira milan #insetohbhagwanbachaye
    sabko sab kuch pata chal jayega toh agar kisi ne naksh par ungli bhi utahi na toh #iamgonnakillyou
    no keesh sepration #amprettyhappy
    I WANT NAKSH TO TELL EVERYTHING TO KIRTI AGAR YAHAN PAR BHI TUM LOGO NE BE FALTU ME KAIRA KO GUSAYA TOH AM GONNA KILL YOU and yes handle this batter with sensitivitity agar kisi ne naksh ko blame kiya ya tumne khud ne naksh ko criminal dikhaya ya phir naksh maafi maangi toh cvs forget urself tumlogo ne har ek track ki oh my mata kar di hai ab jo keesh track aaye bhagwan ke liye plz usko “handle with care” karna and yes cvs i want one track full of keesh and no kaira plz yaar ek wish puri kardo uske baad tum log 10 baar kaira dikha dena

    1. More than the written update , I wait for your comment. Thanks. Padhkar lagta hai ki apni hi frustration nikaal rahi.

      1. same here Sanjana. kaina I am fan of your writing. I enjoy your writing more than the written episode.

  5. Yrkkh makers also believe like some people that Kaira alone is the life of the serial..They understood that romance isnt working and so they have brought in a seperation track to again show love track and patch up of Kaira . I think it is time to stop watching this nonsense…. No keesh scenes today….they r just concentrating on Kaira… Now they r making us sit glued to the screen as they know we will sit like fools waiting to catch a glimpse of keesh…. Started getting irritated with Suwarna’s voice as well …why on earth is she whispering….. No hopes on the honeymoon track as well….. They will show 2 seconds of keesh’s eyelock and 10 mins of romantic scene of Kaira and then again 2 second of touching Keerti’s hand and then again 10 min Kaira romance ….. FED UP!!!

    1. Kaina1

      exactly mitra 10 sec keesh ka scene dekhne ke liye we will bear 21 mins of kaira ki nonsense unka senseless romance yaar even i am fed -up

  6. no keesh scenes today…useless episode to watch…wasting of my precious time..

    1. Aku

      Heya.. what reviews yaar? I’m so done with it.. kaina said all that what I wanted to say.. and dear CVs do remember if keesh is separated due to your naira or kaira then you have no idea how much hatred and bashing you your beloved naira kaira and Shivangi will get!

  7. hi everyone kaina,fenu,Aku,ponkuri,Missy,Salma,yrkkh fan,Zak,munu,nithisha and everyone else how r u guys
    share ur reviews plz

    1. Kaina1

      kya review it like 21 mins of playing with loyalty of last 8 yrs yaar no keesh scene koi mujhe explain kar do how is karthik annoyance justify
      how is naira coming home justify ohk i understand that she came bcoz karthik misunderstood her didnt beliefe her but then how is her begging karthik to talk to her justify
      how is naksh asking forgivness justify when he was the one who suffered
      rite now this all seems a joke to me i men kuch bhi yrkkh type nahi hai

    2. Aku

      Heya.. what views yaar? Kaina said it all.. and I’m with you kaina.. go kill them..and dear CVs do remember agar tumhare kaira ki wajah se naksh ya keerti ya keesh Ko kuch b hua then you have no idea how much hatred and bashing you your kaira and your Shivangi is going to get

  8. hi everyone kaina,fenu,Aku,ponkuri,Missy,Salma,yrkkh fan,Zak,munu,nithisha and everyone else how r u guys
    share ur reviews plz.

  9. No Keesh scene today.. I have literally forwarded the scenes to c when would these KAIRA stupidity be over and Keesh scene will be shown.. as rightly said by Miya di, the CVS know that we will watch show atleast to see 2sec of Keesh scenes.. so they have overloaded Kaira scenes.. now the KAIRA followers will tell the TRP is high bcoz of KAIRA and would taunt us back, but most of the people watch jus to get a glimpse of Keesh scenes.

    As Kaina di said i was expecting breakfast scene if keesh..

    Kaira fans don’t think that since we repeatedly tell we want keesh scenes it means we want CVS to show full of Keesh scenes, all we want is to make the show run on its base which is family and relationship.. and show both of akshara’s son and daughter life ahead and how they manage to bring the upbringing of akshara

  10. Someone has wrote the below story in insta , I thought the Keesh would be happy to read it as I did reading it

    as we didn’t get any keesh scenes writting this Part 1: It was her first day in Singhaniya house she was late, Didn’t know how did she slept this long. When she woke up she can see Naksh getting ready to go to Krishna. She got up quick and ran to wash room when she was back she saw a beautiful pink saree was on their bed for a moment she thought it was from Naksh but Mishti cleared her confusion it was from Badi Daadi for her new Bahu She quickly dressed up and rush to the stairs. She was about to bump in to Naksh, It was surprising Naksh was waiting for her. He can hear footsteps and he knew who is it her just turn back Keerti was few inches way from him.Keerti was wearing a pink saree and he couldn’t take his eyes off her. In mind he was cursing him self for coming out from room so earlier without waiting for his wife.. but he notice something was missing he saw her mang was empty, Naksh: Keerti ji you didn’t put Sindoor?? Well I mean Ur mang was empty so i asked. Keerti was shocked how could she be so careless? She was so angry on her self , In hurry she forgot to put Sindood Keerti: I am sorry Naksh I was on hurry it skip my mind, I am really sorry I didn’t know how can I miss such a holi thing. woh Naksh I am really sorry. Naksh notice Keerti was running out of words to explain how much she feel sorry. Naksh: Keerti ji it’s okay come He took Keerti to Singaniya house mandir which was near the steps he He too Sindur kept on tali and filled her Mang. Naksh: I don’t mind filling your mang again and again. (With a smile) Keerti blushed. She was happy to fill her mang by Naksh. Naksh: lets go Badi dadi will be waiting for us. Babhi Maa and Devyani had happy tears seeing Naksh Keerti coming down form stairs finally their Naksh has someone in his life who will be only his. As it was her first day on Singhaniya’s house she took blessing from elders. Badi Daadi ask them to have breakfast but Naksh was on hurry for Krishna He packed his file and rush at the entrance. Keerti waited for a word from Naksh

  11. Naira; Babhi let us have breakfast mishti is waiting for us for sometimes now. She didn’t feel like eating at all.. Keerit: No Naira I am not hungry will have a coffee. Naksh was standing behind Keerti Naksh: well I am so hungry Can I hae a quick snack before heading to work Everyone were laughing at Naksh, as they know why he was hungry all of sudden. Keerti was happy as Naksh is back to have breakfast. Yash: it’s fine naksh you can have something at Krishna, you are getting late my brother Naira: bahi, come I am hungry you and me can have breakfast, bhabi is not hungry. Keerti was confused what to do Naksh: It’s Okay Naira, Keerti ji can serve me. Keerit happily nod Naksh. They were al set for breakfast Naira ask Keerti to join them to Naksh: Keerti ji you should try Maharaj uncle’s south dishes you will like them join us. Keerti was jut waiting for this invitation from Naksh she soon took her seat next to naksh. They enjoined the breakfast together. Naksh was on hurry for work already he was late. Keerti was cleaning the plates Naksh: Keerti Ji Keerti: ji? Naksh: I am almost late, I am sorry to rush like this just next day after reception, But I have to. U know our wedding took place in a hurry there are many commitments and meetings which I scheduled months before my resort work is on , Papa is not here so need to look in to Singhaniya diamonds too , more than that I have an urgent meeting on Krishina. Naksh was on and on… Keerti: Naksh… Naksh.. It’s fine I understand. Naksh: woh Keerti ji.. sorry to leave you like this But I promise to be back soon as possible. Keerti: sure.. Naksh: okay see you take care. If there is anything remember I am one call away.. Keerti nod with a smile.. Naksh… One Call.. He head towards door and way Bye to keerti.. Happily Keerti waved back to Naksh End..

    1. Aku

      Yeah I remember this a keesh FC on Insta is writing these stories as CVs are not interested in showing us keesh.. they are only interested in making Shivangi secure who is just what should I say no words

  12. kaina what should I say same to same ur my mind thoughts so I agree to ur every comment each word..don’t forget to add me in ur comments as well…and ya if they showed everyone bashing at naksh then it won’t be good and of course I too have hopes from baisa I wish she stand by naksh she is equal alone for goenkas…
    and one more thing kaina I don’t think rot in hell and I will kill u is enough for CVS and their beloved kaira they need some solid curse which I don’t want to write!!!u please think

  13. and am sooo happy to see ur comments kaina I enjoy reading ur comments… when u don’t comment it feels page is still incomplete… so plz keep commenting

  14. woww keesh what a story thank u soo much for writing I feel good to read it… kaash itni maturity CVS men bhi hoti ke useless kaira,rajshri or suwarna-aryan ke scenes ke bajaye kuch keesh scenes hi mil jaate but no…I loved the singhaniya ladies discussing with keerti…
    or han suwarna-aryan se yad aya I also don’t get any mother-son vibes from them it just doesn’t fit…
    hope to get some good romantic keesh scenes tomorrow yar
    I feel so bad for naksh totally injustice with him I will never forgive CVS for this!!!

  15. I actually prefer kaira when they are on a separation track, they behave more maturely towards each other & are more bearable. (Don’t shoot me) but I’m starting to warm to them again maybe it’s because we haven’t had to endure any Naira mahaanta.
    Shivangi is looking so much better with less makeup. karthikis still acting like a moron especially towards Naksh…. surely Karthik knows Naksh we’ll enough to understand that he has been brought up to value relationships so Nakah isn’t ever going to treat Keerti badly & surely talking it through with Naksh be the solution but nope he has to drive off (very responsible behaviour) although I must admit I do find a broody angry karthik attractive ??.
    I really hope they show naksh admitting the truth to keerti. That storyline is about the keesh so I hope the cvs give them some well deserved screen space & allow us viewers to see how they manage to resolve the situation, i don’t mean cut Kaira completely out of the equation as I accept that they are the leads but I’m sure Keeshond will handle the situation a damn sight more mature than kaira will handle it.

    1. Just A Few Words

      Still even on remorse mode they eat footage but they don’t eat the brain so much ??
      Naira looks much better with less make up which the writers forget most of the time ?? oh yeah all of us wish for good scenes of keesh! Although keerthi may feel bad for the situation in which Naksh agreed I feel she will understand that Naksh has accepted her whole heartedly now! I so wished that he told the truth with the big build up he gave to say I will keep u happy yesterday! Once and for all this whole melodrama would have been finished! End of the day all this wasn’t necessary! I still cannot accept that video as it had only Naksh’s confession and if you don’t stop the video it keeps running and none of the other things which happened after the confession was seen! The video looked like it was shot purposefully to test audiences patience with such a pathetic track and also to show the leads separation(which is hardly a separation)! Well written Meera ??

  16. Shrilatha

    I watch his show in repeat telecast at 10:30 but now after reading updates and kaina ka review I guess it will be useless to watch it .

    Thanks guys for warning me beforehand not to watch it as it will be only kaira and Naira mata…no I am fed up and I just want to get a glimpse of keesh and I guess I won’t even get even I sec ka scene better not watch it ..gosh CVS so much possessive about kaira please do rot in hell ..

  17. Thank you Aku for letting me know about India forum. lekin waha tou sab kaira bhakt hi hai jo comments post kar rahe hai.. Nobody is supporting Keesh over there. I left some of the posts from my side. If you have any idea, plz let me know why the YRKKH crew is doing like this with the show. If you have any suggestions and recommendation for other show then plz suggest it for me. I wanna start another show which is similar to YRKKH.

    1. Aku

      I know.. but we are keesh supporters and more than that we love the show.. and we have the right to comment and speak just go and sepal there whatever you want too. I and kaina did as well

  18. Soooo nice to read the keesh fan fiction…. Thank u Keesh for that… At least we can read this and be happy than watch kaira nonsense on t.v…. I think it is high time we stop watching the serial at 9.30. Better to read the written update and then watch… Let the trp decrease,teaching the makers a lesson…

  19. Just A Few Words

    @Kaina- you have so much patience to even scold the cvs! I lost that! This silly tracks are no longer appealing! Enough of Kaira as you said! Kushi yam Gham it’s only Kaira! I am saved from watching the episodes all thanks to TU and You! Yup you are right about Suwarnas make up! She looked bearable!
    As for me I don’t have anything to say! Kaina has written on behalf of all of us! There is not much left for the show to explore if they don’t show how Keesh progress in their relation! The time Kaira were together is good enough to have a basic understanding of each other! It’s time they act mature and start respecting each other! They are wasting the twin bunch of talent(the kids)! They have almost nothing to do! I know they are kids fir bhi! Need to see how Karthik reacts after knowing about Aryan and Suwarna! Aryan would be furious to know he was working as a servant in his own house ??

  20. Thanks Ayesha and Mitra di.. I didn’t write it , I have forwarded what Keesh FC in intsa wrote.. as I thought that even you people would be happy to read it as we didn’t get any Keesh scenes sterday.

  21. Fenil

    I was expecting episode will start with Keesh and Singhania’s breakfast scenes.
    Totally bokwas episode except Singhania’s scene with KEERTI.
    I m thinking to continue ff after Keesh wedding.

  22. No keesh scenes in today’s episode I. e, 25/10/17. Better to skip the episode today… At least the trp will go down…

  23. hi fenu han yar totally bakwas except family scene…

  24. Not even in today’s episode..?

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