Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naira coming to Kartik. He thinks he should stop dreaming. She says Kartik, Papa called you in cabin to talk something imp. He asks her to go, and says even I have to talk something imp to Naitik. Naitik asks Naira what does she think. Naira says I think Kartik should work with Gayu, I can do legal work with any consultant’s help. Naitik thanks Kartik for his work, I have seen Zurich work details, well done, its good Akshara and I decided this, I m glad you are setting this up. He says I will give a nice team to Naira for dance academy. He asks Kartik to stay back. Naira and Gayu leave. Naitik asks Kartik to share if there is anything in heart, does he like to work with them. Kartik does not give resignation.

Kartik comes home and is in tension. Naira

comes. He asks what are you doing here. She says you were not attending calls, I had to talk something imp, I wanted dance academy file. He says maybe my phone was on silent, you could have called anyone to get file. She asks did I do mistake by coming, its okay, I said what I wanted, I don’t care for your reply. He looks for the file. She recalls Kartik and her moments. Koi bhi kuch bhi na kehpaya….plays……… A box falls from cupboard. She sees her pics and few things. They see each other. He puts her pics back in the box and turns to keep in cupboard. He stops and hands over the box to Naira. He says when you are not with me, what shall I do of your memories, I don’t have any right on these, take it, bye. She looks at him.

Akshara talks to Naksh and asks him not to worry about home, and come after ending work. She gets scared seeing Naitik coming suddenly. She asks what happened. Naitik says don’t ask. Everyone ask what happened. Naitik says Kartik…. Akshara asks what did Kartik say. Kartik tells Rajshri that he vacated the room. Rajshri asks why. Kartik says I have to manage my responsibilities and go. Nannu asks him not to leave. Kartik says thanks, but I can’t stay back, its tough to leave from there, as I got related to you all by heart.

Akshara asks how did Kartik do this. Naitik says I wanted to spend time with family, Kartik sorted a deal and now my work increased. They all smile. Kartik says I will give resignation letter tomorrow. Varsha says this parcel came for you. Kartik says I forgot, I ordered this for home. He gets a red gown. Varsha asks for whom is this dress. He says Kuhu, size is bigger, what will I return now, you give to anyone it fits. She says fine and takes it. He gets sad.

Gayu tells Naitik and Akshara that she got many orders, Dadi is coming home. Akshara congratulates her. Naitik wishes Lord keeps all of them happy. They see Naira sitting upset with the crafts items. Naira says I thought to decorate Mishti’s room. Naitik asks where did you learn this. Akshara says from ashram. Naira says yes, I miss them. Naitik says call ashram and talk to them. Akshara goes to give medicine to Bhabhimaa. Naitik says you and Naksh ued to make us do all this, I m glad seeing you do this for Mishti, these paper flowers are okay, will you hang these frogs in room, I think you like frogs. He smiles and goes to attend a call. She sees the paper frog and gets sad.

Kuhu asks Varsha why did she change wi fi password. Varsha says I will switch it on when you really need. Kuhu says I get study material online. Varsha asks her to find in library. Shaurya says Kuhu is right. Varsha asks Kuhu to work hard. Nannu says don’t worry, I will take Kuhu to library. Varsha says no, I will go. Nannu says no, we will go and have fun. Varsha worries.

Everyone ask Naitik why did they call them. Naitik says we called you all to take some decision, lawyer saw Naman’s case papers and said Naman can get strictly punished, but we can save Naman by taking case back, we are not able to decide what is right and what is wrong, so we want to ask Devyaani and Karishma’s opinion. Devyaani says we know, one doing wrong has to pay. Karishma says I m with Naitik’s decision. Mishti comes and says our family pic got best family award, I told them all family members are loving and caring. She says I know my Papa loves me a lot. She goes. They all get sad. Karishma cries and goes.

Devyaani asks Akshara and Naitik not to decide seeing Karishma and Mishti’s wounds, do what you think right. She goes. Akshara says we have time, we will think well and decide right, else we will have to regret forever.

Naira and Gayu go to Karishma. Karishma says I don’t know you will understand or not, true love is not got easily, sometimes situation snatches our love, I can’t give this test. She cries. Akshara comes to pacify Karishma. Karishma hugs her and says I can’t bear this, something makes my wounds fresh, every year we prepare for Karwachauth and this year court and jail. Akshara asks her to keep fast for Naman and hugs her. She says we don’t hate Naman, he is wrong, but ours, do anything for Naman, don’t think what will we think, we are always with your love, we will prepare for tomorrow, I have to help Naitik in office work. Mishti says no one wants my help. Karishma hugs her.

Varsha says Jasmeet and Akshara kept the fasts. Rajshri says then you kept fast on Kuhu’s saying. Varsha worries Nannu and Kuhu did not come till now. Vishwamber says Nannu and Kuhu went to have chat, they will meet Nannu’s friend and come. Varsha worries.

Akshara asks Naitik to work from home tomorrow. He says its tough, there is much work. She gets angry. He asks her to have water, you have to fast tomorrow, husbands forget, not careless. He goes. She laughs. Gayu and Naira look on. Gayu says I wish our love stories are like them, its like in films, such people are lucky to get true love. Naira recalls Kartik.

Rajshri shows sarees to Varsha. Akshara says Rajshri gave this saree to Varsha at her marriage time. Rajshri says fashion returns. Gayu asks Varsha about her love marriage, who proposed first. Varsha says Shaurya, even I did not know what I feel for him. Naira thinks of Kartik. Varsha says I liked him like a friend, I did not know when my no turned to yes gradually. Naira looks on.

Naira runs to Kartik while its raining heavily. She asks are you mad. Kartik stands in the middle of the road. He asks do you care, if I die. She shouts it matters to me. He asks why. She says because I …..

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. eagerly waiting for next episode .awesome precap….finally naira will confess her love . cant wait more

    1. Dear she won’t confess love
      She will not be able to confess completely
      Sacrifice drama coming up
      Keep expectations low n watch episodes

  2. Thank you very much for the fast update Amena

  3. Plzz don’t separate kaira!! If dis happens our heart ll broke and ur show ll go out of TRP. SO PLZZ DON’T SEPARATE KAIRA. GAYU KA DIL V MAT TODO USE V ACHA PATI MILNI CHAYIYE BUT NOT KARTIK.. PLZZ..

    1. They don’t think good about everyone

  4. I think the TRP of the show will fall down as I saw a video in which gayu’s secret is out and all family members are ready for the alliance of Gayu n kartik and will try to convince kartik..naira will be crying and will ignore kartik for gayu’s love..kaira will be separated in the further episodes…I m not gonna watch it?

    1. Dear trust karthik he is one woman manhe will never accept anyone else even if naira convinces him
      he has resigned in upcoming segment least now gayu should know he has no feelings for her
      naira was a shernii she hated mahantha n all even when her mom did then why makers are spoiling it dont know .

  5. s.reshmabegum

    Gayukovivankesaathmiladhoyaar kairakomaththodo

  6. Because i……….

  7. relationship of gayu n naira is going to spoil becoz of kartik ………why they r doing this thing yaarr

  8. No naira nd kartik.never should be seperatedd kairaa

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