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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naksh telling Aksahra about dandiya function. He says he is going with Yash and Ananya. She asks anyone else, as people with go partners. He says no, we can go alone too and leaves. Naitik comes and she asks him to come with her in Dandiya function. He says we will be at home. She says she wants to spend time with him and he gets glad seeing her romantic. She asks him to book passes and she will get ready. He says fine. She kisses him and says thanks. He says great, we will go for dandiya.

Naitik asks Akshara about kids going to same dandiya event. He says I think we should drop them. She says no need, we will go, let them go, I want us to be alone. He smiles and asks why is she getting love. She says you are so lovely. He says then we will be at home.

She says no, we will go, romance can happen anywhere. He says he knows she is applying cheese, what is it. She says don’t come if you don’t want. He says no, I m happy that we are going together. She says you are so good, thanks.

Naksh gets ready and combs. Yash asks him to stop it. Naksh asks him not to talk depressing. Yash says Tara won’t come. Naksh says she will come, you come and maybe you will get someone. Yash says I m not interested, girls come close and then leave. Naksh asks him not to become devdas. They come in the dandiya event. Yash says I said Tara won’t come, she is not allowed. Naksh says she will surely come. Ananya sees him smiling and asks him what is it, she is sure they were not talking about her, so who is that girl.

Tara is with her friends. She says its use to ask Dada ji. Aditya hears them. Her friend asks her to go for Naksh, does she feel she will love him by dancing with him. Tara says no way, Sangram and Dada ji will not allow. Her friend says I will tear the passes. Tara stops her and takes the passes. Her friend asks her to go for Naksh’s sake.

Aksahra tells Bhabhimaa that they are going to play Dandiya. Devyaani and Bhabhimaa smile, and say they did not ask us, we look burden to them. Akshara says no, sorry, I did mistake. Naitik says we both did mistake, sorry, get ready fast, I will book ticket, ask Bau ji to come. Akshara says she will press their sarees. Devyaani and Bhabhimaa laugh and say we were joking. They ask Akshara and Naitik to go and enjoy.

Aditya talks to Dada ji about dandiya. Dada ji gets angry and says he does not like this shameful thing. Tara looks on. Dada ji asks Aditya to see Tara, ask her, she never talks anything wrong, she knows what I like and dislike. Ananya beats Naksh and asks why did he not tell her before. Naksh says sorry, I called you here to tell you.

She says I have to meet that girl, who is she. Yash says she won’t come, sorry Naksh. Naksh and Ananya ask him to be quiet. Akshara asks Naitik to drive fast, program will end. He asks why is she in hurry, they are alone and romantic music. He asks does she want him to do rash driving. She says she will drive. He asks did she get driving license. She says I forgot. He says then sit back and enjoy. The car breaks down. Tara says I knew this, Dada ji will not agree, I want to go, don’t know why. Her friend asks her to go for Naksh, she will understand, he helped her a lot. Tara says no, this is not for me.

Naksh says when Tara comes, I will know it. Yash says Naksh will regret, when his heart breaks. Ananya asks Yash to stop it. Aditya says sorry Tara, I could not convince Dada ji, I heard you talking. She says don’t be sorry, you understand me so well. He asks her to go from backdoor. He asks her to go and enjoy and sends her. Naitik says I called mechanic, we shall wait. She says we will take taxi. He asks whats the matter. She says nothing, I wish to dance. He says dance here, and reminds how they were stuck on road in Cape town. She thinks how to reach Naksh, she may get too late.

Naksh and everyone play Dandiya on Ranjhana song. He waits for Tara.

Update Credit to: Amena

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