Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24th October 2013 Written Episode, Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24th October 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Akshara giving her statement in the police station. Everyone at home discuss about Akshara. Varsha says its not Akshara’s mistake, we can’t be restricted at home. Varsha supports Akshara and womenhood. Dadi says Varsha is right and supports Akshara. She says we have to change our perspective, such thing may happen with any of us, we are not responsible for us. Dadi says Akshara fought three men and got saved, we must be proud of her. Dadda ji says I m proud of her. Varsha says we must make Ananya like Akshara. Dadda ji says don’t make Akshara feel she did nay mistake. We must praise her for fighting with men. Akshara dries and tells the story. Naitik gets angry.

Akshara cries in the police station. Naitik and Shaurya take

Akshara home. Shaurya says you are very courageous, we are proud of you. Mohit tells everyone that Akshara is coming home. Naksh asks is mumma coming home. Mohit says yes. Maa says she was fasting, I will make something for her. Akshara comes home. Everyone see her and rush to meet her. Naksh is happy to see her. Naksh says I prayed that you come home soon and see the Lord has heard my prayers.

Akshara’s mum and everyone look at her while she sits crying. Varsha takes her to her room. Mohit asks what happened there. Varsha is with Akshara and consoles her. Akshara hugs her. Varsha says I m proud of you. Akshara says I did not do it. Varsha says don’t blame yourself. Everyone pray to the Lord. Nandini thanks the Lord for saving Akshara. Mohit says we will leave now. Rashmi says I will stay here. Bhabhimaa asks Rashmi to leave. Rama says we will come tomorrow, lets go. All of them leave. Akshara’s dad says we should go now. Akshara’s mum says can I stay here tonight with Akshara. Shaurya says you go, Varsha and I will stay here. They greet them and leave. Maa asks Naitik to go to Akshara and asks Shaurya to rest in the guest room.

Bau ji says we can only pray that Naresh’s condition is good. Naitik comes to Akshara and sees her crying. Varsha leaves. Naitik holds Akshara’s hand and pacifies her wiping her tears. The next morning, Naitik tells everyone that Akshara could not sleep. Bau ji says the man has to be fine else it will be a problem for us. He says Akshara will feel guilty. Shaurya says we must punish that man. Dadda ji says I understand your feelings. Akshara comes there. Maa asks her to have something. Naksh makes Akshara eat. Akshara asks Naitik did nay news come from the hospital. The inspector calls and tells Naitik that Naresh is serious and won’t be saved. Everyone are shocked.

Maa says Akshara wants to tell us she is fine, but she is not. Varsha says it will take some time. Varsha talks to Akshara’s mum and gives her the update. Naitik comes to Akshara and talks to her. He says talk to me, whatever is in your heart. She says I m blaming myself, if anything happens to him, then I will be feeling guilty, what did I do. He says don’t blame yourself, its not your mistake. He says girls should take a lesson from you. He praises Akshara and her guts. He says its your goodness that you saved the man even when he misbehaved with you. Akshara says if we did not take him to the hospital, we could not see in our eyes. He says then why are you afraid, be happy now.

Akshara hugs him. Akshara’s mum is worried. She says I wish she gets out of all this soon. She says she will blame herself till the man gets well. She praises Akshara. Omi says we should increase our girl’s child’s strength. Ananya asks when will Varsha come. Dadi says I will make you ready, then you go there. Varsha comes and says Akshara is fine now. Shaurya says she will take some time. Naitik says everyone should make their girls strong and boys responsible who would respect women. He says we will give good values to Naksh so that he respects everyone.

Shaurya is upset. Varsha asks him to calm down. He says I m unable to do anything. Varsha says he has to get well for Askhara’s sake. Shaurya says I won’t leave now. Ananya hears this and comes to her and asks why is Shaurya angry but on whom. Varsha tells her about Akshara. Ananya says Akshara is brave. Ananya asks why is everyone sad. Varsha says about the accident. Maa and Bhabhimaa come to Akshara and asks her to get ready for Kanya pujan.

Akshara and Naitik meets Naresh’s mum. She apologizes to Akshara on Naresh’s behalf.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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