Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naksh talking to Yash on phone. Yash says its good you said yes, Tara is with you, I was not lucky, as Sanju refused me. Naksh says I can understand now, I know mum and dad will agree. Naitik says good you trust me. Naksh says Yash I will talk later and ends call. Naitik says I came to answer you. You took decision in hurry and pressure, this is not good, you felt marriage will make things easy, I also felt this, this makes things complicated, relation wants investments, its not easy as you feel, so we thought you should not take decision in hurry. Naksh says Dada ji was getting polite for Tara’s happiness, if I refused, he would have thought I m timepassing, I want to say I m serious about her, I really want to marry her, I will marry her when I m ready

for marriage, after becoming something.

Bhabhimaa asks Naitik to come, Akshara is waiting. Naksh says I know mum is upset, I will convince her. Naitik says get ready. Tara calls Naksh. Naksh says wait Tara, your Dada ji will give surprise news, and does not answer call. Naitik talks to Akshara. She is upset and he says we will go there, everyone is waiting, I spoke to Naksh. She says I know he would have said he has grown up, he loves Tara, I know him very well, he is young. Naitik says he is not so young, he told me he will study and make his career, then he will marry, he said yes to marry Tara so that he does not lose her. She says he said yes being afraid of Tara’s Dada ji, he made us agree for roka, what if he forces for marriage. He says we will come back and think. Tara is restless and waits for Dada ji. She says she promised him she will not meet Naksh and marry anyone, then why did he go there. He says I was not contend with your words, so I have threatened him, he will not see any girl now. She cries and says don’t do anything to him, I won’t talk to him. Dada ji smiles and says I took your proposal there, don’t you believe me, call Naksh and talk. She asks does he not have any objection. He says no, your happiness is most imp. She gets glad. He says he did not like one thing, women manages everything, don’t worry, I will convince everyone, I will even apologize to Akshara if needed. She hugs him happily.

Naitik and Akshara are leaving for Maheshwari house. They see the silver coins there. Naksh says let it be here, no one will take it till you say, we shall leave now. Sangram confronts Dada ji for going there for Tara’s relation, if her happiness so imp, no one in Singhania house is ready for this relation. Dada ji says Tara’s happiness is most imp for him, and about Singhanias, once Tara goes there, everything will change. He says Tara will change and we will change them too. He laughs.

Bhabhimaa, Akshara, Naitik, Naksh and Naira come to Maheshwari house. Rajshri worries seeing Naksh’s wound. Naksh says I m fine, don’t worry and jokes. He says we will do bhai dooj rituals first. Akshara does rituals with Shaurya and Anshu. Rajshri asks Bhabhimaa what is the matter. Akshara and Varsha talk in kitchen about Naksh and Tara. Bhabhimaa tells everything. Rajshri says no one told us. Bhabhimaa says we did not know too, Naitik and Akshara are hiding things. Devyaani and Rajpanna was also annoyed. Naksh apologizes to Rajshri and Dadi. Dadi smiels and says he has forgiven him. She asks who is the girl. He says you met her on the beach. Dadi says that girl, who helped me, she is really lovely. Naksh says even I find her lovely. They smile. Naksh gets call and goes.

Bhabhimaa tells what Tara’s Dada ji said. Dadi asks them to agree as Naksh and Tara like each other. Bhabhimaa says roka can be done instead marriage, Akshara is adamant, she is not agreeing. Rajshri says I will talk to her. Bhabhimaa says yes, talk to her. Akshara tells Varsha that she is not wrong, she can’t agree for thing her heart is not agreeing. Varsha says I know, that family is not good. Rajshri says if elders have come with proposal, you should agree. Kaki says elders apologized too. Dadi says yes, Akshara should agree. Bhabhimaa says I said the same. Akshara says they will force Naksh for marriage too, Naksh is immature and does not know responsibility. I m afraid Naksh and Tara will regret. Varsha says do marriage later. Akshara says my family is not agreeing, they feel we should so roka. Rajshri says yes, roka should be done. Rajshri asks what is the problem, is there any other reason. Akshara says I m not against love, but this is not age for marriage.

Rajshri says every mother gets insecure that her son will not be hers completely. Akshara says no, I knew this, why will I get insecure, his wife will have his time and love, that will be hers. Rajshri says we have seen you always. Akshara says that is not reason, how to explain you. Varsha says I understood what Akshara meant, Naksh is immature, he does not have patience. Rajshri asks did you both had patience, let them marry and they will pass. She explains Akshara and says this is new phase of your life, this is truth, accept it to make it beautiful, agree for Naksh’s happiness.

Dada ji thanks Naitik and Akshara for accepting the proposal. Naitik says we have some conditions. Dada ji and Sangram look at each other.

Update Credit to: Amena

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