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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Devyaani and Naman arguing because of Karishma. Bhabhimaa looks on. Devyaani leaves. Akshara calls Karishma and apologizes to her. Karishma says no one can understand, Ii m hurt and what will happen if you understand, what about rest. Akshara says she will explain them, its not so bad to leave hope. Karishma says no one cares of my feelings, its imp day of my life and has to care for my choice. She says thanks for calling and ends call. Naitik asks Naman shall I call mechanic for car problem. Naman says he will handle. Naitik asks him to talk about Devyaani. Naman says he is grinded between Devyaani and Karishma’s fight. Naitik laughs and says this day comes in every married man’s life and everyone tackle it. He asks him to get habitual or be quiet. Naman

says wow, is this solution.

Naitik says the world is of men, but at home, women rule. Naksh and Yash have a talk. Yash says Rukmani is not letting him do anything now. Naksh asks what is the problem. Rukmani calls put Yash and he ends the call. Naksh feels odd. Naman meets Karishma and says Akshara will get some solution, don’t get upset, give some time. She says I know your family, they will not agree. He says they are very understanding, Akshara will explain them logically, I m sure she will do it, I trust her. She says she has dreams to marry, and she is doing it without being mentally prepared, and still they don’t value her, they all value Akshara. She says Naitik will never agree, I have to compromise again. She hugs him and cries.

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Bau ji asks Devyaani to make a list of finance. Devyaani says she wants to say something. She says she has a land in village and she wants to sell it to manage finance. Bau ji gets upset and says you don’t think before saying. She asks did I say wrong. He says yes, you don’t trust us, are your children not ours. Bhabhimaa says yes, this is wrong, money talk is not good in relations. Bau ji says relations got deeper now. Bhabhimaa says don’t say this again, we will feel bad. Devyaani says sorry. Bau ji says no need, we want you to talk to us with full rights. Devyaani says I want my family to be with me in his marriage. Bau ji says promise me you won’t say this again. She promises. He laughs asking her to stop crying.

Naitik comes to Akshara. He says sorry for making a mistake, for speaking to her in anger, but its about her safety and health, which he can’t compromise. He says things won’t change, do whatever you want, I don’t want to talk. She stops him and asks him not to be selfish. He asks what did she say, is he selfish? She says you are thinking about yours, this is selfishness. He says is caring about family is selfishness, fine, I m worried for you and Dadda ji, fine I m selfish. Akshara asks him to think about Karishma. Naitik says I would say no even to Naksh. She says every problem has solution. He says we agreed ti everything expect the place, we can do it on high scale, but marriage will be in Udaipur.

He says we have to explain hearts, as Lord is not seen but people worship him by heart, not by eyes. She says Karishma will not come happily here, will we wish this, we want her to be happy, think about her once. She says you wanted to take me to US, why are you worried now. He says he is not afraid of place, but of situation. He says you would have got change in US, but here you will just think about work here. He says so we are saying no. He leaves annoyed.

Its morning, Bhabhimaa asks Naksh to stop playing. He says he is practicing for football match. Muskaan says all the best. Naksh says winning is tough as our good player is hurt. Naksh leaves with Girja. Muskaan says team effort is imp. Naitik says yes. Akshara explains them not to back out for her. She says she will make them go ahead. Naitik asks what she means. Akshara says its bad to hurt Karishma, its her marriage and they have to make her happy. She says we all dreamt of marriage day. Naitik says if my dream hurt anyone, I would not do this. Akshara says we have to think about Karishma’s happiness.

Naitik disagrees and they argue. Everyone look on. Naitik says we have to choose necessity over dreams. She says Dadda ji and I will stay here, and you all can go to do the marriage as Karishma likes. No one agrees with Akshara and say they will go together else not go. Jasmeet calls Karishma and taunts her. Karishma says she is ready for marriage as she loves Naman. Jasmeet says Naman’s family will have problem to get you. Karishma says she will have awesome wedding and life, unlike her. Jasmeet says your family is more traditional than mine, and we are relatives now, and I m senior, so be careful. Karishma says if you were my mum in law, it would have been in my hand to keep this relation or not.

Everyone give lists to Bau ji. Rajshri and Vishwamber come and greet everyone. Akshara gets glad seeing them. Vishwamber says its good news and says congrats to them. Rajshri gives some shagun and greets Devyaani. Vishwamber goes to meet Dadda ji. Naitik says you all talk, we will leave for office. He goes with Naman. Naitik gets manager’s call who says workers are on leave and they need to dispatch the order. Naitik asks what happened to them, and says every problem has solution. He thinks about Akshara. Naksh asks Yash what is the matter and asks him not to hide anything as felt on phone that he is sad. Yash says about Rukmani always scolding him and no one loves him, as new baby is coming. He asks Naksh does this happen with him. Naksh says no. Yash says this will happen with you too, Dadi changed a lot. Naksh starts wondering.

Devyaani asks Bau ji how did he come soon. Bau ji says Akshara called us. Naitik tells everyone that he has found a solution to keep Akshara and Karishma happy.

Update Credit to: Amena

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