Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naira, Kirti and kids coming to Singhania house. Naksh hugs Naira. Naitik asks Kirti to talk truth, not by bending eyes, be normal. Kirti and Naksh feel awkward and greet each other. She says what Naitik said implies to both of us. He says thanks, I thought you will be uncomfortable. Kirti says no, I m sorry for all this. He asks her not to say this, this pain is nothing in front of your pain, don’t think anything that hurts you. Naira says Naksh is saying right, we will think of life ahead. She signs Gayu. Gayu asks Kirti to come and play games. Kids ask for food. They all sit to dine. Mishti asks Naira did she not eat food since many days. Kids say we had food, but its boring there, we like this food, send tiffin for Naira and us. Naitik says Naira I m going

to make pancakes, do you want to come to add chocochips. Naira goes with him.

He asks her what does she want to talk, he understands, she has come Maayka early morning. She says I m sorry, Kartik’s family is in stress, if Aditya pulls out, they need strong support. He says Kartik can support him. She says he does not want to join their company. He says they all have right on him, I have no problem, you have to make Kartik ready, its fun to see relations going ahead, I will never stop Kartik. She says thanks I knew you will understand me, but how shall I understand this. He says its tough for me to say, your mumma would have given advice, you will also find a way like Akshara. She says Kartik does not listen to me. He asks her to do anything fast, matter can get spoiled. He goes.

Kartik plays with kids. He says sorry, I can’t play today. He goes. Naira completes the game. Kids get glad. Naira says all relations and emotions have fit for Kartik, just one relation is left, then everything will be perfect. Akhilesh says what can we do. Naira says we can try, will you support me. Akhilesh says we have no reason to not support.

Naira and Kartik hear Akhilesh telling Suwarna that if Aditya pulls back, we will be ruined, when any business house falls in trouble, they announce good news to divert people’s attention, investors get hope. Suwarna says we should also do this. He says yes, but we have no news, we can’t sign any deal, Kartik would have done this if he was with us, but Manish asked me not to disturb Kartik, we could have got some time, if he agrees. Kartik hears them and goes.

Naira comes to Kartik and asks what is he thinking, is there any tension. He says no, I m fine. Manish says its haveli papers, we have to sell it to raise funds. Akhilesh asks how can you sell it. Manish says we are helpless. Naira asks don’t we have any other way. Manish says we will handle this. Akhilesh asks her not to tell anyone, all family members are attached to this, they can’t bear that we are selling haveli.

Kartik hears them and asks what are you saying, do you want to sell haveli. Akhilesh says we have no other way, we have to do something to pay for the losses if Aditya pulls out merger, we could save respect by selling haveli, buyers will make hotel on it. Kartik says we have many memories by that haveli, we all love that haveli, will we leave all that, my mum’s memories….. we can’t lose this for money, no Manish can’t do this. Akhilesh asks what will we do, ell me is there any other way, Aditya cheated us, you will not support us, we have to do something. Naira asks them to do something.

Manish says I don’t want to sell haveli, its our duty to pass it to haveli, but we have no option left now. Kartik recalls his mum, Aditya, Akhilesh and Manish’s words. He takes the file from Akhilesh. He says I won’t let you sell haveli. Akhilesh says we tried our best. Kartik says call press, I have to announce that Kartik Goenka is joining Goenka industries. They all get glad and smile.

Kartik says Aditya has put my family in problem, I will bring them out of it, I will announce new project soon, I will handle it. Manish looks at Suwarna and smiles. Akhilesh hugs Kartik. Manish stops himself.

Kartik takes Dadi’s blessings. Dadi asks are you going somewhere. Kartik says no, I came back. Naira says Kartik decided to join family business. Dadi cries. Kartik says bless me, I will make everything fine. She hugs him and says now everything will get fine, you gave me big happiness, now nothing can do anything to us, stay happy, be successful.

Kartik walks in for the press conference. Everyone smile. Naira passes the pen to Kartik. He signs on the papers. Everyone clap. He says I called you all here to announce that I m joining Goenka group of industries, officially and permanently. Everyone clap. He says I hope we have your good wishes. Dadi blesses him. Manish thinks now I will fight with entire world, now my son is with me. Kartik thinks sorry mum, I m supporting people responsible for your death, I m doing this for rest of the family. Naira thinks I m sure everything will be fine now.

Naitik and Naksh wait for Kartik. Naira and Kartik meets them. Naitik congratulates them. Kartik says thanks, you could have called me, I would have come. Naksh says so we did not call. Naitik says when we got good news, we came. He hugs her and gifts him a pen. He says Dadda ji gave me special gift when I joined family business, its happy day for elders and lucky day for us, you write happiness with this. Kartik asks him not to forget his old employee. Naitik keeps pen in his pocket. Dadi says they always come here, I have to explain them openly once. Naksh wishes all the best to Kartik.

Naitik says its good day today. Manish says yes, he did many jobs here and there, now he came to right place, he got his rights and we got our heir.

Kartik and Naira spend some time out. Dadi asks Naira to have fun, but remember her limits.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Good episode but for the past few days viewers got a chance to see the love and affectionate behaviour of goenkas but now they are again becoming rude.. Why so?? It was good to see them loving but anyways everything happens for good and finally our karthik has joined goenkas.. Loved singhanias today…hope we could see more kaira moments missing it but precap was amazing having eye treat of kaira tomorrow eagerly waiting for kaira moments… Loved it completely…

  2. Sejsmiles

    I only watch this for Kirti. I really like her. Dadi needs to grow up.

  3. No idea why people keep saying naira is like akshara. Akshara did things and took decisions for her family’s benefi and happiness and not to get credit.
    Shivangi joshi needs to go for acting classes.

  4. No offense to anyone but Naira is no where near akshara.. neither by looks nor by acting.. both naira n karthik are over acting!!!!! Time for naksh n keerthi now. They look more realistic!!!!

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