Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts Naira and kids trying to steal the shoes. Mohit helps them. The kids manage to steal the shows and everyone laugh. Keshav tells Naitik that someone has come. Naitik says I will send Naksh. He calls Naksh to tell him. He smiles seeing Kuhu trying out the food. He asks Girja to help Kuhu have golgappas, she never had it. He tells Naksh about icecream vendor… Naksh asks why are you worried for Kuhu when her dad does not care, you are ignoring everyone else. Akshara asks Naksh why is he saying so, and sends him. Naitik asks what happened to him. Akshara says he has grown up and seeing things, even Naira will say this, who is that person for whom you are upsetting loved ones. He says I can’t tell you anything now, and goes.

Yash asks Naksh to meet Tara. Naksh

says later, I have some work. Tara looks on and cries. Rajshri looks for Akshara and Naitik. Dada ji asks Aditya what happened to Sangram, he looks upset. Naitik recalls Akshara’s words. He hears those guys saying they will just stare at some more girls, but they shall leave now, if they get caught, they will get beaten. Naitik greets them and asks did they like food, do they want sweets, from whose side are they, groom or bride. The guys say we are groom’s friends. Naitik asks whats the groom’s name, you don’t even you your friend’s name. Pandit asks Ananya’s parents to come for kanyadaan. Rajshri cries being emotional. Kuhu asks Akshara where is Papa. Akshara thinks where is Naitik, maybe I told a lot. She says he will come, go and play with Mishti.

She thinks its first marriage where Naitik and I did not exchange vows, everything is changing. Naitik scolds the guys to come like this, its okay if they had food, but how can they tease girls here, if I call everyone, they will get beaten up. They guys apologize. Naitik asks them to leave. Naira stops Akshara from leaving. Something falls. Naitik says they are stealing things. He catches a guy and asks what else did you steal from our house.

Ranveer and Ananya take wedding rounds. Maasi throws flowers on Dada ji and smiles. Everyone shower flowers on the bride and groom. Tara looks at Naksh and gets sad. Sangram comes there and asks what happened Naitik ji. Naitik says Sangram, they… The guy pushes Naitik and they run. Naitik gets hurt by the fall. Sangram takes Naitik inside. Pandit says this marriage completed by all rituals, congrats, Lord bless you, you both take blessings from elders and wishes from younger lot. Everyone hug and bless the newly weds. They look for Naitik. Akshara says he had some imp work, I will call. Varsha asks did he go being upset with Naksh’s words.

Akshara says don’t know. They all get worried seeing Naitik hurt. Sangram brings him to them. Akshara asks what happened to you Naitik. Dada ji asks Sangram who did this. Sangram says few guys did this, they pushed him and left, I don’t know them. Naitik says the guys came invited, they have stolen this, I think they have stolen more things too, they have teased Ranveer’s sister and put blame on Sangram. Sangram got scolded, when I tried to stop them, they pushed me. Sangram says he is much hurt, he fell over his back. They all ask Naitik to rest. Naitik says Ananya’s vidaai…. Ananya says you health is imp. Akshara asks Sangram to take Naitik to room and calls doctor.

Ananya’s vidaai is done. They all pray and hug Ananya. Sone chidiyan……plays…………Varsha recalls Ananya’s childhood and hugs her. They cry. Ananya asks Yash not to cry. Yash says I m not able to control my tears, I will miss you. She hugs him.

Akshara worries for Naitik and he smiles. Ananya and Ranveer come there to take blessings. Akshara says when I got vida, then Dadi said my golden bird has gone, when you were born, Dadi said her golden bird has come back, and now you are going too. She hugs Ananya and cries. Naitik blesses them. He asks them never to doubt or cheat each other, don’t break trust, as trust is foundation of a relation. Ranveer and Ananya nod. Akshara wishes them all the best and cries. They leave.

Its night, Akshara takes care of Naitik. He falls asleep. She thinks maybe its medicine effect that he slept so soon.

Its morning, Akshara sees Naitik gone and gets his message that he is going for some imp work. She says he did not tell anyone and left in this state. Naksh comes and says he has gone again, did you ask him what is his imp work. She says don’t say this nonsense. He says do you think so, I read that letter, don’t try to hide truth, I know its Kuhu’s mum’s letter, is Kuhu Papa’s daughter… Akshara says Naksh…. Naksh says then whats the truth, is Sneha Kuhu’s mum, you are worried and Naitik is irritated by my questions. She scolds him and says all this is lie. He asks why is Papa not telling us. She says I trust my Naitik. He says blind faith is bad, I will feel much bad when your trust and heart breaks.

Naitik meets someone in café. He says I feel guilty when I face Akshara, its matter of Kuhu. Akshara calls him and call connects. Naitik says I won’t hide truth now.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Waiting for tomorrow s episode

  2. I dont like this serial anymore it is too dumb and makes no sense all the stupid drama

  3. i don’t write this type of sentence. in fact i this serial it is my fav serial in the whole world. it is part of my life. nd today’s episode was so nice

  4. Archana are u.trying to trick us by making two emials and the same name. Do u have a split presonality?? Why do u watch the serial if it is dumb. Plz dont comment like this. I luv this serial and i wont let anyone call it dumb. Plz stop using such words

  5. Wow,wat a emotional episode,all the actors do a crt role and act well,i thnk in the whole world,tis serial is only dont hav nagative character and always positive,do u agree people?????

  6. Northing to day bcoz I am watching the serial from its starting it is fan I don’t feel bore by seeing this actually when I have free time I start seeing on hot star the starting episodes of the serial . Akshara is a very good character and as well as naitik . I love them both and the serial too much .

    1. It is nothing to say

  7. i told u that i don’t ri8 this sentence. i like this serial. sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much

  8. Then if u dont write this then how come ur name comes. I will file a complaint. This is too much

    1. Hello neha…plz see the profil pic and u can observe the same name and different pic plz…. If u can hurt sorry plz……….in this comment

  9. Sadana I know that there are two archanas. I am talking about the archana who is writing fake comments using the other archana’s name. Its is bad. I am going to call the website makers phone and complain about this. Archana i am trying to help. Hope u dont mind and agree with me.

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