Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24th June 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naira asking Kartik why is he not comfortable, as if he is hiding from someone, did he steal in this hotel. He laughs and asks her to fill form. Manager greets him as Sir and asks when did he come from abroad, how is everyone in family. He says I will talk later and asks Naira to come out, he will wait outside. She doubts on him. Naitik and Akshara talk on videochat, about Yash’s marriage. Naitik says I wish that did not happen with Naksh, don’t know when will we get this happiness in our life. She says we still have dreams.

Naira goes to Kartik and questions about the manager calling him Sir. He says its because he did not know my name, manager greets all guests like that, come I will drop you. She says no need. He asks her to thank and then he will

leave. She shouts thanks and goes. He smiles.

Mishti asks when will Naira come. Akshara says she will come soon. Naksh gets Naira home. Naira says form is filled, I m hungry, whats the food. She asks why are they smiling, what is it, tell me. She says fine, don’t say I m going to have food. She stops hearing Pungi. She gets surprised and hugs Pungi. Everyone smile. Naira asks Pungi how is she, I missed you a lot, and kisses her forehead. She asks how did you come here, why did you not say you are coming, who else came with you. Akshara says I spoke to Negi, he said Pungi is unwell and missing you, so I thought to call her here, she can get treatment done and stay with you, we were going to say but you were already worried for Yash and Rose. Naira hugs Akshara happily. Sone chudiya…………plays………….Everyone smile. Naira says I will introduce you to my family, you already met, how did you like them.

Rukmani says what will she like or dislike us, ask us what we think about her. Mohit asks her not to say such. Rukmani says fine, its my Yash’s marriage, why don’t we talk about his engagement. Naira says Pungi you came on right time and will enjoy. Naira and Pungi dance. Gayu gets Kartik’s call and smiles. He says maybe my GF called me. She says maybe, she is not here now, is there anything to say. He says just tell her I called, how is Naira, I mean is her leg fine, I m feeling guilty, really sorry. She says Naira’s leg is fine, don’t feel guilty. He thanks her and ends call.

Naira tells Pungi about Naitik and everyone supporting her dance academy dreams. Gayu says I did not understand Pungi. Naira says she is complimenting you and asking do you also dance. Gayu says yes, I dance sometimes. Akshara says its good that their likes are same, they will learn together and stay together.

Rose says I m lucky to get such a big family. Gayu says those who doesn’t have family understand this. Akshara hugs Vishwamber and asks about his health. Rajshri says he is unwell and not going to doctor. Naksh asks him to get checkup done. Vishwamber says I m fine, and coughs. Akshara asks him to take rest, you are kid now and I m Maa. He says fine, I will rest. They smile. Rajshri thanks Lord.

Varsha shows gold chain she bought for Rose. She asks Ananya why did she not wear her chain. Ananya says I forgot where I kept it. Rukmani says you should be careful about gold, go and find it. Kuhu takes Gayu upstairs. Kartik goes. Varsha says we did not find chain anywhere, where is it. Rajshri asks Ananya to find it. Ananya says we will get it, leave about it. Rukmani asks did anyone steal it. Akshara says there is just family here. Rukmani says Rishikesh’s girl Pungi is also here. Naira asks how did you think so.

Naira defends Pungi and scolds Rukmani. Akshara also takes a stand for Pungi. Naira asks Rukmani to change her thinking. Akshara asks Naira to forget it now, Rukmani is elder, don’t feel bad. Rukmani says I have seen the world. Ananya says now everyone make mood better, I recalled where I kept chain, we will talk about engagement. Naira and Pungi leave. Naira asks Pungi to sit, I will just come. Happy puts water on her and hides. Naira asks who did this. Ananya says I m sure Happy did this, he always creates troubles, go and change.

Naira goes to some room, and thinks whose room is this. She hears radio. She says anyways I just have to dry my clothes and starts the fan. RJ tells about love. Naira hears the song playing on radio and dances. Kartik comes and looks on. He smiles seeing her.

Naira acts and makes him laugh. He checks whether he is dreaming. She throws towel, which falls over his face. He sees she is gone and says where did she go. He thinks he was dreaming, but why did he dream of Naira. He smiles.

Vishwamber coughs and gets unwell. Kartik holds her. Akshara comes running and asks Kartik what happened to her Bau ji.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Actually who is karthik…what is his hidden plan…..

  2. After a very long there is a cute scene of naitik nd akshara

  3. Loved kaira scenes and kartik has started falling for naira

  4. I think karthik is the son of that hotel’s owner.. So they said sir to him.. I think karthik doesn’t want to join his dad’s business so he left his home n staying away..

  5. awwww kartik n naira scene was so beautiful.loved it.i m sure kartik is the owner’s son of that hotel.hes actually rich.

  6. Soofia Bhatti

    Hey I’m soofia I really hope that Naitik will hurry up come home right now coz I know that akshara is missing Naitik naira naksh r missing Naitik so much right now

  7. No Natik , it is super boring , this drama should be ended soon , too boring .

  8. Very happy for kairA they are so sweet
    Well aftr seeing the before comments i am little doubting that it might be true that kartik is the owner’s son (owner of hotel)
    So he also ran away bcoz of some reason
    Might be
    I think he will first tell akshara or naira
    One of them
    But he would if there is so
    I love kaira
    Plz end naitik drama soon
    Sick off all it

  9. i hope karthik isnt getting close to naira for some kinda revenge…or something…and karthik definitely owns the hotel…and that means he has left his own dad’s business and is working with his potential love interest’s dad. wow. well..gayu and kaira will definitely form a love triangle…im wishing so much it should not happen…aur please naksh ko more screen presence do yaar…

  10. Hey Im new to this page but was a regular commentator in the YHM page . Started watching YRKKH for some time .

  11. Someone tell me about Tara? Y she missing?

  12. sakshi sancheti

    No karthik is the brother of naira’s friend is who committed suicide earlier. He came to take revenge from naira n her family.

  13. Angili Singania

    Wow Kartil is falling for Naira and I m sure Naira will slowly fall for him………..

  14. no every one! kartik also came from rishikesh he works in naitiks office?

  15. naitik is changing coming soon with new naitik

  16. Karthik is so cute.feel sorry for gayu

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