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The Episode starts with Akshara and Bhabhimaa scolding Naman. Devyaani defends Naman. Bau ji asks do you think its Naitik’s fault. Devyaani says I told you to be with Naitik, as we can’t trust that girl. Akshara says I trust Naitik, this girl is mad. Devyaani says we all know this, the world does not know this. Akshara says I know Naitik is innocent. Ananya comes home with Anshu and Jasmeet. Rajshri asks how did you come so soon, what happened. Anshu says nothing. Kaki says tell us what happened. Anshu says nothing, we had food and came home. He leaves. Kaki asks Jasmeet to say what happened. Jasmeet says nothing. Kaki asks then Anshu……… Jasmeet says he had much food and feeling sleepy. Anshu tells Jasmeet that mum gets after things, we can’t tell them.

Jasmeet says

how can any girl do this, what will happen now. Anshu says don’t know, maybe Naitik came home. She says what will he feel when he comes to know this. Akshara says that girl is lying and can’t do anything, when he comes home, we will know all the truth. Naitik comes home and looks at everyone. He asks what happened, why are you worried. Bau ji asks Akshara to say it. Everyone leave them alone. Rajshri asks Ananya what happened, are you hungry, did you not have food there. Ananya says we did not have food, Naksh and I were playing in room, the elders have having a talk, no one asked us to have lunch and we came back home.

Kaki says something happened, maybe they did some mistake so they are hiding. Rajshri says I will call Akshara and ask. She says she is not taking the call, I will call later. She gets worried. Naitik asks what happened, tell me. Is everyone fine, Naksh, Dadda ji, are they fine, what is it. Akshara says Juhi came home. He asks why. She says first tell me did anyone happen in office. He says what did she say that everyone got worried. She says I know she is lying. He says will you tell me what she said. She says she blamed you that you molested her. He is shocked.

Naitik shouts Akshara……….. She says I know she is lying. He says how dare she, she did this, I did not. I will talk to her. She says no, calm down. He says she did mistake and blaming me. She asks what did she say. He asks do you trust me. She says I trust you more than myself and our family too loves you. He says Juhi has ruined the London deal. The FB scene shows Naitik calling Juhi in his cabin. He tries calling Akshara. Juhi comes and he scolds her for being so careless. He says you did this intentionally, manager told you so many times, even I told you, I m sorry, I will not forgive you, I have to take legal action on you, else this will ruin my company name. She says forgive me.

He says I will think how to rectify this. She says I will apologize to client. He says the documents are gone, they will take action on us or we have to pay penalty, we will ruin our company name. I m sorry, I have to take legal action on you. She says please don’t do this. He asks her to leave, as he is angry on her. He says you will lose your job. He says tell me whats my mistake in this.

He says I always gave her chances, so that she can prove herself and earn a living. I hate thinking how can she do this. Juhi calls him. Akshara talks to her and asks what does she want to say. Juhi lies to her and says Naitik has molested her and said he will take legal action against her. Akshara scolds her. Juhi says fine, police will agree to me, now I will sue Naitik, I will forgive him in written apology, and he should not take legal action against me and not fire me about job. Akshara says Naitik told me everything what happened, are you not ashamed.

Juhi says I m serious. Akshara says whats the proof. Juhi says don’ worry, I have proof, CCTV footage, don’t try to destroy it, as I already have the recording. She says think till morning 9am, then I will go to police with proof. Naitik gets tensed. Juhi says media will be interested in this case. She ends the call. Naitik says look at her, ill mannered, I m not afraid of police and media. I did not do anything wrong. She says see she has planned, its sensitive matter, she can’t harm us, I will teach her a lesson which she will remember all her life, I will do my duty of a wife and woman. She says woman is a power and I will bring her on right path.

He asks how will we do this. She says yes, she can go to police, we have to stop her. Bhabhimaa and everyone come and say they all trust him. He thanks her. Akshara tells Bau ji what Juhi did in London deal, she did this so that we don’t take action on her, she is warning us that she will go in police, we have to go office, I want to see the proof. Anshu and Jasmeet talk about Naitik and Akshara. Rajshri and Kaki ask them what happened there. Kaki says tell us if you both made any mistake, did Jasmeet do anything.

Rajshri says Akshara is not taking our call. Kaki says they won’t tell us, we will call Akshara. Jasmeet says I m feeling bad, they are so worried. Anshu says what can we do. Bhabhimaa asks Bau ji what is the proof. Devyaani says if Naitik did not do anything, whats the proof. Devyaani says we have to be careful. Devyaani says we will give her what she wants and free Naitik, we can’t do anything if she goes police station. Akshara checks the cctv footage. Naitik helps Juhi as she falls.

Devyaani, Bau ji and Bhabhimaa come to meet Juhi. Devyaani asks Juhi not tp do this, as she knows Naitik did not do this, maybe she is mistaken, we can solve it, its bad to blame anyone, don’t do this. Bhabhimaa folds hand and requests her. Bau ji says you will not get any benefit. Juhi says I told Akshara to stop me from going police station. Akshara says anyone will say what Juhi is saying. Naitik says how will we proof this. She says yes, its hard to prove it, don’t worry, we will bring her lie out, if we did not do anything wrong, why to worry, we will fight and win. Devyaani asks what does she want.

Juhi says I want written apology and job security. Bau ji says fine. Devyaanis ays then you will also give written statement that you won’t go against Naitik in police station. Juhi says agreed. Bau ji says fine, I will send docs soon. Juhi thinks she will show recording to everyone. Manager says shall we delete the recording. Akshara says no, she already has it. She says we need footage, else we will be in big problem. She says we have to find some other way. Manager says she looked so simple when she came to take job. He says I told you not to support her so much, even office staff thinks there is something between you and her. Naitik is stunned.

He says if police comes to know, they will ask staff and they will say against you. Akshara asks him to talk to staff. Naitik gets upset. Akshara encourages him to be strong, he is right, so no need to be ashamed. She says we will look in eyes of world, as we are right. He holds her hand and she looks at him.

Akshara talks to Devyaani why did they bend. Devyaani says its not like bending, its on our family name. Akshara says she is saving herself by doing this.

Update Credit to: Amena

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