Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24th July 2013 Written Episode, Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24th July 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Bhabhimaa and Baisa talking about Maa’s mistake. Rashmi explains her family why her Maa told about it. Rashmi’s mum-in-law says do you think your Maa is right, we felt bad. Rashmi looks at Nikhil when it comes to her. She says you are taking the talk in different way. Nikhil scolds Rashmi. Rashmi argues with him. Ananya is with Dadi and asks are you missing your room. You could see the sun from your window. Dadi says yes, I miss it. Ananya says then go back to your room. Dadi says I m not sad, we have to welcome changes. This had to happen. Ananya talks with her and becomes happy.

Kaki comes and says sorry for coming to her room again. Dadi says its ok. Kaki says I am having a problem. Dadi gets sad. Maa talks to Rashmi and says

don’t worry. I will talk to your mum-in-law about it. Rama hears Rashmi talking to Maa. She gets angry on Rashmi. Akshara hears Maa talking. Akshara fears that the effect can be negative on Rashmi’s in laws. Kaki is feeling uneasy sleeping in Dadi’s room. She says its a new place thats why. Omi says try it, you can do it. Kaki argues with Omi.

Naitik drops Naksh at the school. Naksh gets late and the school gate closes. Naksh gets tensed. He thinks what he will do, Naitik has gone too. How will he reach anyone of them. Naksh meets his friends and asks them what they will do. They take Naksh along with them. Naksh goes with them to play basketball. Maa calls Rashmi. Bhabhimaa asks her whom are you calling and why, it won’t look good to call again and again. Maa says is it wrong if I worry about them. Bhabhimaa says no, but she can get into trouble, Rama and Nikhil will take it in a wrong way. We have to be careful when we speak. Maa cries. Akshara comes there. Maa says if you want to tell me anything, you can say, its my mistake, everyone are blaming me. Bhabhimaa says you don’t understand what your talk can do, why will Nikhil understand you if you understand us. She leaves.

Naksh is playing with his friends. Naksh enjoys with them. Akshara is going to school to pick up Naksh. Naksh says if my mum knows about this, she will get angry. Akshara reaches the school and waits for Naksh. Naksh says my mum comes before the school time. Akshara gets a call from her friend and she is talking on phone. Naksh sees her, and tells his friends about it. the school gate opens, and Naksh is saved. Akshara does not realize and takes him with her.

Didi tells Varsha that I m thinking to go back to my room. Varsha says you have pain in legs. Dadi says Kaki is worried, I can see that she is getting problems. I will tell my sons about this. Kaki comes and hugs Dadi and says you are going back to your room because of me, I know everything, Kaki apologizes to her and cries. She says it will take time, you will not change your room again, else I will think you did not forgive me, Dadi agrees and hugs her.

Maa is worried. Bhabhimaa asks are you still annoyed with me, Maa says don’t talk like Naksh now. Maa cries. Bhabhimaa says no one will tell anything to you. Maa says I m worried about Rashmi, I don’t know how much she is suffering. Akshara and everyone come there. Naksh comes and asks what happened. Nandini comes and tells everyone about Mohit’s promotion. Yash says my dad bought a new car, everyone are happy. Naitik and Akshara congratulate Mohit. Naitik asks for a party. Maa is tensed.

Akshara does the tilak and Aarti of the car. Everyone looks on. Naitik and kids go with Mohit to have ice cream. Maa says we will help Rashmi and thats final. Bauji says we cannot interfere in her life. Maa does not understand. Naitik tries to explain Maa. Akshara listens quietly and says Maa is right but we have offered them help. Maa says Akshara’s family helped us. Naitik and Bhabhimaa says they don’t need money, but only strength from us. Maa says ok, you all are right, maybe I got over emotional. Naitik says forget everything, we can try that we don’t hurt their sentiments. Bau ji says we will apologize to them. Akshara says everything will be fine.

Nikhil argues with Naitik for insulting him and his family..

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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