Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Baisa praying to Hanuman. She sees Dadi with facemask and shouts ghost. Everyone come and ask Baisa what happened. Baisa signs to Dadi. They all see Dadi. Dadi says did you not see anyone with facepack. Baisa says I have seen, but in this age. Dadi says my face should glow, its Kartik’s marriage. Baisa says I would have got heart attack. Mishti says I told this to Lav and Kush to scare them, Dadi is looking like Naira looked in tilak rasam. Baisa says I m not lying, I saw a spirit, ask Akhilesh. Dadi asks Akhilesh was there someone. He says no, don’t know whom did she see. Surekha says maybe some staff member. Dadi says sleep now, its marriage tomorrow. She sees Naira.

Its morning, Naira and Kartik wake up. They say its marriage today. Naira dances

happily and says its my marriage today. Kartik also dances happily. Goenkas look on. Manish and everyone laugh. Naira dances around. Singhanias also laugh seeing her happiness. Kartik dances with Lav and Kush, and collides with Manish. Naira dances with Naitik and says its my marriage today. Naitik blesses her. He says I have many mixed feelings, I have happiness and tears too, there is excitement and fears too, I m thinking why did this day come so soon. Naksh says we decided not to cry today. Naira says I m scared, you all are thinking for yourselves, I m worried if I can adjust in new family, there is burden on heart. Naksh says yes, there is much burden of jewelry too. They smile. Naira says we get happy in each other’s happiness. She hugs Naitik.

Naksh dances with Naira. Aditya comes there and says don’t do any work, just sing and dance. Kirti comes there. Naksh asks is everything fine. Aditya says what arrangements did you do, there is no hot water, Kirti wants to say its our haveli, but it was Naksh’s responsibility to give rooms, they are taking revenge, will we just see the drama, you took bath by cold water, now you will fall ill, did we come to fall sick. She says no. He holds her hand and stops her.

Naira says no one complaint, why just you. Aditya says maybe none has problems, Naksh gave me such room intentionally. Naira defends Naksh and asks him to find out problem. She asks Aditya not to make this a big issue. Aditya says don’t tell me what to do. Naksh says you can’t talk to Naira like this. Aditya misbehaves with them and leaves with Kirti. Naksh gets angry. Baisa says he is Goenkas’ son in law, he will complain to Dadi and she will trouble us. Naira gets angry. Gayu stops her.

Kartik holds dhoti and comes. Everyone laugh. Dadi asks him to be careful. Pandit says groom’s parents can sit. Manish signs Akhilesh. Akhilesh and Surekha sit. Pandit chants mantras. Kartik talks to pandit. Dadi asks him not to disturb pandit. Naira thinks of Aditya’s words. Gayu says now forget it, don’t make your mood off, be happy. Naira says I m happy, I will not spoil my happiness for useless man, he is strange. Gayu says some people are such, leave it, your floral jewelry did not come till now. She asks Naksh to call him again.

Naksh says I m not able to do anything fine, I m sorry Naira, I m useless. Naira says calm down. He says Aditya was right, I m not able to do this. She says enough now, you are managing everything alone, I m sure geyser should shut seeing Aditya. Gayu says we know you well. Naira says you can’t do anything wrong for me and family, mumma used to say, why small mistakes happen in marriage, so that it becomes memorable and grand. Naksh thanks her and hugs. Gayu and Mishti joke and hug them.

Bhabhimaa and elders also joke, and hug children. Karishma says I have a better idea than floral jewelry. Kartik sees Mansi and signs. Mansi signs nothing. He thinks of her words. He sees Akhilesh. Aditya comes and coughs. Dadi asks where were you. Aditya complains about geyser not working, when I told Naksh, they all scolded me. Manish gets angry. Suwarna stops him. Manish says we may hurt Aditya while please Singhanias, be careful Suwarna. Naira gets ready. Baisa says this jewelry is more beautiful Rajshri says see these jewelry, its suiting a lot. Naira thanks Karishma. She says one imp thing is left. Devyaani gives her a bangle. Naira kisses it and wears. They all get tearful eyes. Naira says mumma’s sign can be with me always.

Kartik says I did not know all this has to be done in marriage, else… Surekha asks what, won’t you marry. He says no, I would have done court marriage. Akhilesh jokes. Devyaani says all rituals will happen, then Naira will go her house. Gayu says we decided not to get senti. Karishma says no one will cry. Naksh pacifies Naitik. Naitik says I m trying. Naksh asks him to explain heart. Naitik says how did you get strong. I know what Naira means to you, are you not scared that she is leaving. Naksh says yes, I get upset, but when I think of her happiness, I get a smile, that becomes my strength. Naitik asks Akshara to see how their children became sensible. Naksh says see mumma, your husband is unfair, he cares for Naira and not me.

Naitik says no need to show your value, you are precious. Naksh asks him to come, there is much work. Naira says its my marriage, I need time to get ready. They all ask her to come for haldi. Kartik does the ritual as pandit says. He takes Bhiksha from everyone. They laugh and tease him. Kartik collects many gifts in the cloth. He sees Manish and Suwarna. Pandit says this puja gets complete, now take elder’s blessings. Kartik takes Dadi and Akhilesh’s blessing. Lav and Kush run and fall. Kartik gets a push and falls in Manish’s feet. Kartik’s hand touches his feet. Suwarna happily cries.

Aditya scolds Kirti. Naira sees them and goes. Kartik looks on. Naira says enough, come we have to tell his truth. Naira sees someone.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hiii tahira dii HAPPY BIRTHDAY?? to u.May god give u all happiness☺☺☺? u deserve.may this yr be filled with joy ?& happiness?.I wish ur everyday filled with warmth?,laughter?,lots of luv?? u receive from everyone.Once again a very happy BIRTHDAY.??

  2. Yess Lakhan, Both ishika’s are same…Y ishika dii is doing like this??? Plss tell us di, y u r doing like this? We acceptd u as a family membr, earlier itslf di.

  3. Fenil

    Hey Appiwala Birthday Tahira Diii…enjoy your day make it special n memorable.

    Dear Sonal Dii , Rahul bhai is big Feku…..always throw bla bla bla ….he is just joking that he is summglur but he is Amrish puri big personality…hahahaha…he is lil kid of my …..

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      From my side a few punches .????

      You poor dog ??
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  4. Fenil

    Sorry Dear Sonal & other younger Siss and Bros becoz of our argues u are feeling scared dear.

    I am so sorry , i know when elders are fighting on youngers mind very badly affected and here becoz me u younger are affected wrong way badly .

    I am leaving . Thanks For support and love given by u all.
    Pls Forgive me if possible.

    1. Fenil

      Today i will say Bhabhimaa’s lines which she said on mehndi function when aditya misbehave with naira…

      ” Do parivaro ke man sanmaan ke bich bechare yeh bachhe pise jaa rahe hain ”

      bas aisa hi ho raha hain yaha hum ek dusre ke support and argue mein yeh younger siss and bros are badly affect ho rahe hain.

      I am sorry

      1. Hi Fenil bhaiya…
        This is not fair bro…please don’t leave Us…..U explained to Rahul bro last time & Today u r doing the same..Pls bhaiya, Don’t do like that na…We are not feeling scared & its just her misunderstanding may be..No need to leave bhaiya…Plssss bro…..Bcoz of that Robin, Will u leave ua family??? Its really unfair bro…Tell me that u won’t leave..Promise me bro. U have not done any mistake then y u r apologising???.

      2. Fenil

        Raf Dii , i am not leaving from here… and never becoz of Ppls like Robin.
        U misinterpret my lines but i also write incomplete na sorry…. I took break from here but becoz of comments i came back so now i m leaving now.

        I promise i will never leave my active circle of my life .

    2. Ahhh what is this Fenil bhai why r u leaving.It was my misunderstanding which is cleared now.& i am new in this family but u r old so pls pls pls dont leave becoz of me.actually i hav never commented before in any serial & this was 1st so i thought what u all r talking.& i also do this jokes with my frienz.pls dont leave otherwise every one will start fighting with me.And u r a vry imp person of this family so pls don’t leave us.I m sry 4r saying that.And i know that because of my stupid thinking u r leaving so pls.I FORGIVE U FENIL BHAIYA..”:;;””’^^/”::^^^::”But dont leave.

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    pls read “Siblings A Strong Emotional Bond- Naksh & Naira” diary when it update on TU.Do share your views i try my best.

    Sonal dii i m not from kolkata

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  9. Hey Guys , till date i didn’t ask for comments on my FF but i want your views on my OS ” Siblings : A Strong Emotional Bond-Naksh & Naira ”

    Its already updated and open for u so friends read it and make me knoe my mistakes. Which moments i missed to take it in.

  10. Sonal dii , I am Indian. I will give my intro on Monday’s episode update ok.

    Rahulbhai , Monkey i m from this earth only not from other plenet X . I think u are hungry i told u don’t shy to asking for banana.

    1. Wow i m glad to meet u an alien(Fenil bhai).nice to meet u.By the way hav u come from MARS.vaise alien bhai aap ko comment karna bhi aata hai.nice quality.I hav never heard that aliens also comment.Vaise rahul bhaiya aap ne sahi pehchana hamari extending family mein ek alien bhi hai jo roz comment karte hain or apni pehchaan batate hAi—MONKEY.

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  11. Rahul96

    Hi Ponkuri dii
    How are you??? I remember once you asked that why goons attacked Naira and Kartik in their valentine celebration !!!

    Actually dii there are some religious group in India who thinks that this valentine celebration is destroying Indian culture!!!
    These groups usually target the young couples ( I guess unmarried )who get caught making love in open !!!!
    However in YRKKH Naira and Kartik was shown making love in a closed restaurant and not in open , I guess at this point makers have failed!!!
    Anyway these religious groups thinks that young unmarried love birds making love in open is good . To some extent I agree !!
    And this unmarried love birds thinks that making love is not a crime !!! I agree with this also !! However they should make sure that atleast children are not watching them !!!
    But the point is if they think that this unmarried love birds are doing wrong , then who are they to beat them yaa punish them ??! Rather they should handover them to their respective families !!! And let family think that what they should with their children , who were making love !!!

    But the situation get worse that sometimes police also start beating unmarried love birds ( who get caught making love in open ) !!!

    1. Rahul96

      Ommmmgggggggg guys serious typo error here:-

      Anyway these religious groups thinks that young unmarried love birds making love in open is *NOT* good . To some extent I agree !!
      I have missed the letter NOT

  12. Rahul96

    Hii guys
    Now this message is from lasiii
    She was suffering from dengue and she has been discharged from hospital three days back only !!
    Here is her message


    Hii Sonal
    My hometown is Patna, Bihar . But currently I am studying in Kolkata , West Bengal , India . And soumya is also from Kolkata !!!

  13. 25th saturday wht happened. I couldn’t watch. Is not in written episodes

    1. From now on the show will only air from Monday to Friday!

      1. Thanx sophie.. that means this saturday 25 th no episode

      2. Yes.

  14. Hi Lasya…
    I thot that u r buzy in exams preparations but soo sad to hear dear..Plsss get well soon. Take proper rest & Take very good care of urself.. All the very best for ua exams. I know u’ll hit a big score. Comment here after ua recovery..I’ll definitely pray for ua speedy recovery. But I won’t b able to comment when u return as my boards starts from 2nd March..

    RAHUL BHAIYA, Pls convey this message to LASYA from me…Plss bhaiya..&Thank U sooo much in advance bhaiya…..

    Hi TWANA-TYSM for ua wishes..

    Hi LAKHAN!! I think ua boards starts from tomorrow na..All the very very best bro…Now u too won’t comment frequently na..We all will miss U!!

    ALL THE VERY BEST-Lakhan, Twana, Soumya, Rosa, Chanya, Pawan, Aliyaa, Fenil bhaiya..

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