Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Varsha scolding Akshara. She asks why is she using Ananya’s trust on her and doing this. Akshara cries and asks don’t you know me, why are you doing this with Ananya, you are just seeing nice job, salary and house, what about heart, why to tie in unwanted relation. Varsha says I did not force Ananya, Ranveer has chosen Ananya, and Ananya chose him. Akshara says he did on conditions, you don’t know conditions, ask Ananya, he wants some other Ananya, why shall Ananya change. Varsha says we also changed after marriage, I wanted you to explain Ananya and you are…. Ananya asks them to stop it. She cries and says Bua, its okay, I will marry Ranveer. Akshara asks are you mad. Ananya requests Akshara to leave. Akshara cries and leaves. Shaurya comes and sees

Akshara leaving. He asks whats happening here. Ananya cries and hugs Shaurya. He asks what happened.

Akshara gets sad. Baisa says they made me dance so much in this age. Devyaani says I will do oil massage once we go home. Baisa says fine. Naira tells Tara that she felt good by playing hockey. Tara asks naira to play daily. Naksh comes. Baisa says Tara is spoiling Naira too, why is Naksh not saying anything. Naksh says how to say, I got beaten up by her hockey once. Tara gets sad and goes. Naksh sees her leaving. He tells Baisa not to change Tara, she is very nice and clean hearted like you. Baisa says don’t say this, I know you are Joru Ka Ghulam. Naksh calls her cute and Tara looks on from sad.

Ranveer talks to his friends. Varsha comes there. His friends laugh that they uploaded Tara’s pic with Ranveer, now no one will tease Ranveer. Ranveer says I will make Ananya slim and trim like me. His friend asks do you think she will lose weight. Ranveer says she has to lose weight, I kept this as condition for marriage. He sees Akshara there. He says Bua ji, you… Akshara asks how is your leg now. He says its better now, I sprayed on it. She taunts him and asks did anyone force you to get engaged with Ananya. He says no, why. She says she is fat, you are fit, I thought how did you say yes to marry, is there any reason or greed to marry her. He says no. everyone look on. Akshara says even then you kept conditions. Savita asks what is Akshara saying Ranveer. Ranveer says I don’t know. Akshara says if I say, it will look complain, you say. He says its matter of me and my fiancée. She says keeping conditions is not right. He gets angry and says I don’t want a fat wife. Ananya cries. Everyone get shocked.

Ranveer asks did I do mistake to ask her to lose weight. Akshara says if this was advice, it would be not bad, this is condition, this is wrong, you met Ananya and have seen her, she is fat, why did you not have courage to tell your family, you told Ananya to agree to your condition, this is not right, will she fulfill your conditions, if she fails, then will you leave her or not marry her, what will you do, will you insult her always, you insulted her today by not introducing her to your friends and pretending to be hurt to avoid dancing with her, you thought no one saw you, I have seen all that. Ranveer asks her why did you think a fit guy like me will marry a fat girl. They all worry.

Ranveer says you should have sent this before sending proposal, I just kept condition asking her to get slim, anyone else would have refused. Akshara says that would be better, he would be courageous to say what he wants, he would have not made Ananya suffer, see her face, she forgot to smile, her happiness went in 2 days, we are getting her married, we are not punishing her, we will not do her marriage on conditions, its better to break relation, if you don’t have courage, I will break this relation. Everyone get shocked. Varsha asks Akshara what are you saying. Akshara says I m doing right. Ananya can’t be happy with Ranveer, this relation can’t happen where there are conditions. Savita asks Ranveer what did he say Ananya, what condition he kept. Ranveer lies and says its misunderstanding. Akshara says recall well, I have your mails too, shall I show you. He says its fine if you don’t want to get Ananya married to me, don’t blame me, I will not marry, lets leave mom… They all get shocked and cry. Ranveer leaves with his family.

Varsha cries and asks them to stop Ranveer. Rajshri says let them go , it will be good for Ananya. Varsha cries and asks Shaurya to stop them. She gets angry and scolds Akshara for breaking Ananya’s relation. She asks Akshara what did she get doing this. Naitik says please Varsha, Akshara did not do wrong. Varsha says you always found Akshara right, I wish Shaurya said I m right, I m doing this for Ananya. Shaurya says I will do what you say, but not to hurt Ananya’s happiness, I want Ananya to be happy, this guy is not good for Ananya. Varsha says once Akshara pointed the flaw, everyone sided with her, and dislike the guy, why is Akshara interfering in my family matter. Jasmeet asks Varsha not to repeat her mistake, Akshara is doing this for them. Varsha says you also feel Akshara is right. Kaki says Akshara stopped from wrong thing happening, its good. Varsha asks what good, that Ananya’s relation broke and now she won’t get a good relation, she faced problem by her weight and now this, why can’t you all see what I m seeing. Akshara asks her to see Ananya’s face, she is not happy. Varsha says you know my daughter more than me, please leave, I don’t know your smartness here. Akshara says I won’t go anywhere, this is my house too. I will not leave my Bhabhi and friend in this pain, Ananya is my daughter too, I will not leave her in this state, your sorrow and Ananya’s happiness are equal for me. Ananya cries and goes to her room. Shaurya goes after her.

The man says I got 50kgs sweet, where to keep. Rukmani says its no use here now, take it back. Varsha says you might be happy. Rukmani asks what are you saying. Varsha says you might be happy that we lost good relation, you got a bad relation. Rukmani says I told the truth, Varsha was running after a good relation, this happens when people see looks than nature, did I say anything wrong, Ananya’s engagement did not break for her fatness, but by your mistakes, the guy I chose was better. Rajshri says we don’t know who is good and who is bad, I just know Ananya’s heart broke. She has bear a lot, she would have gone through lot of pain, she did not complain to anyone.

Baisa says Varsha said right, the relation was right, explain Ranveer and Ananya and get them married, else it will spoil name. Naitik says we can’t risk Ananya’s life, if relation was good, it would have not broken, Akshara did right. Baisa says after marriage, one day relation gets fine. He says maybe life will pass waiting for that one day. Baisa says this will be bad shagun. Rajshri says there won’t be bad shagun, Lord will bless. I feel you have got Radha Krishna idol here to stop us from doing wrong. Dada ji says we shall leave now. Mohit says we will leave too, talk well and decide, we will come whenever you say. Devyaani says Rajshri, we will leave too, children will stay. They all leave.

Dadi asks Varsha what happened to her, try to understand. Varsha says you all feel I m wrong. She goes. Vishwamber says I felt Varsha will understand when we explained her, but she is not.

Shaurya apologizes to Akshara on Varsha’s behalf. Akshara says Varsha always kept her friendship, its my turn now, don’t come between us, we will solve it. Shaurya and Naitik smile.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I think ananya should marry sangram……afterall he is changed now and far better than ranveer………

  2. I think ananya should marry sangram……afterall he is changed now and far better than ranveer.

  3. Naa I think ananya will marry her Boss who she is in love with in the same muhurat

  4. Ananya deserve a better guy than ranveer sangram and her boss much better in looks and character and in education

  5. So cute Jodi Naksh and tara

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