Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24th December 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naitik asking about Naira. Gayu says she went to meet Rajshri. Devyaani says Bhabhimaa’s bp got high. Bhabhimaa says Naira is worried, and Kartik’s family is annoyed as Naira returned shagun, there were so many hurdles in their relation, what will happen now, I m worried. Kartik comes and asks them not to worry. Mishti hugs him. He gives his phone and asks her to keep it on charging. Kartik talks to Bhabhimaa. Kartik’s call connects home. Lav and Kush ask Kartik to talk. Manish hears Kartik talking to Singhanias.

Devyaani gives tea and kachoris to Kartik. Mishti asks Kartik to fix the fuse. Kartik says I have come, everything will be fine. Baisa says Kartik, tell me, are your family members annoyed with Naira, she is clean hearted. Kartik says

no, Naira did right, its fine if anyone gets annoyed. Manish gets angry and disconnects call.

Naira comes there and sees Kartik. Kartik asks why are you angry on Mishti. Naira says I m not talking to you, Mishti none will give kachori to Kartik. He asks why are you punishing me, why are you making family against me. She says its my family. Naitik asks her to be quiet. Kartik thanks him for taking his side. Naira and Kartik argue. Naitik says stop it now, whats happening. Naira says practice. Gayu asks what. Kartik says what’s going to happen. Naira says we were practicing fights after marriage, what will be your reactions then. Naitik says it means you two… Kartik says yes, we want to marry. Devyaani says but Naira said…. Naira says when Papa and everyone explained me, I took decision, I m ready to marry. Kartik says we are ready to marry. Naitik hugs them and thanks Naira. He says I m very happy, congrats Akshara, they agreed for marriage, God bless them. Everyone hug Naira and Kartik. Yeh rishta ……plays…..

Naitik, Bau ji, Devyaani and Bhabhimaa come to meet Manish and everyone at Goenka house. Naitik and everyone greet. Manish says you all here. Naitik says we came to apologize for what Naira said, she is young and emotional, she tried to handle herself, she is scared within, she did not had courage to accept shagun, she did not know how to react. Devyaani says Naira has done Akshara’s duties at young age and forgets her own dreams. Naitik says we explained her, she is ready now. Bau ji says we came to apologize on her behalf, we request you to bless children. Naitik says its a father’s request. Manish says its not easy, even if we forget what Naira did, even if we agree to you, this relation can’t happen now.

Naitik says but you…. Manish says Kartik refused for marriage, its not my decision. They get shocked. Naitik says but Kartik….. Manish says you can ask everyone, he told none will talk about his and Naira’s marriage, we can’t make him annoyed, so there will be no marriage talks, take this shagun and do what we did. Kartik comes and says wait a min. He asks Dadi to accept this shagun. Dadi and Manish get shocked. Kartik says Naira and I spoke about this matter, we both are ready to marry. He asks Naitik to do any rasam, I m ready. Naitik smiles.

Kartik says I don’t think anyone should have objection with this decision. Dadi says stop this joke now, you know we want your happiness, you all don’t think wrong, we came to your house with shagun and Naira refused. Kartik says yes, we know why that happened. Dadi says yes, but we did not know you changed mind, we can take good mahurat and start arrangements. Bau ji thanks her. Kartik hugs Dadi.

Dadi signs Manish. Naira is in tension and dances in lawn. Gayu and Mishti come. Gayu asks why are you in stress. Mishti says heroine dances in any emotions in movies. Mishti stops the music. Naira asks Gayu not to stop her. Gayu asks her to think positive and be happy. She hugs Naira. Dadi says congrats, you are our relatives now. Kirti hugs Kartik and congratulates him. Kartik hugs everyone, except Manish and Suwarna. Manish feels sad.

Bhabhimaa says if you permit, shall we give shagun… Dadi says no. Kartik looks at Dadi. Dadi says mahurat is not good. Devyaani says mahurat and time are as we think. Manish says my mum decides everything, we have such belief. Bhabhimaa says as you like. Kartik says fine, but gifts do not need mahurat, take this as gift, atleast the sweets, its home made. Kartik takes sweets. Bhabhimaa feeds him and blesses. Dadi asks Suwarna and Surekha to get sweets. Bhabhimaa says have this, its homemade sweets. Dadi says no, I like sugar free sweets. Naitik says we shall wait before keeping functions, that incident did not happen much time before, Naksh did not come back, and Gayu is elder to Naira. Dadi says whatever you decide. Naitik opens arms to congratulate Manish. Manish just shakes hands. Kartik looks on.

Naira says I m in tension, what would have happened there. Mishti and Gayu feed her. Lights go. Naira worries. Naitik says princess got her prince, I m worried as you can go anytime. He hugs Naira. They all sing sone chudiya… and dance. Naitik sees Akshara’s pic. Naira hugs him. Dadi applies tika to Kartik. The women hug Naira and sing, and dance. Naira gets emotional. Naitik sees them and cries. Dadi asks Manish to bear Naira to keep Kartik close.

Naitik says I can’t do this, my daughter will leave me, I can’t live without her. Manish says I m Kartik’s father and loves him, but he does not love me, he did not give me chance to congratulate him, what’s this relation. Suwarna cries.

Kartik and Naira dance. Suwarna says we want something, Naira’s kundli, we believe in it, don’t you all believe in kundli match. Naitik says no, we don’t.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  23. Do you guys remember 26th December 2004..I can remember it was my 4th birthday…and we were in Sri Lanka that my family was with me in home even that day was a holiday in our country…there was a small get together in our home…but nature became so cruel…although I was so small I can remember that day..earthquake had happened in Indonesia and tsunami waves attacked Sri Lanka and many more father’s best friend and his family was coming from Colombo to our home for my birthday and they were taken away by tsunami..and I always feel guilty for their deaths..not only them even so many people died from that Sri Lanka I think 40000people died..some were missing and some people lost their loved please pray all the people who died in tsunami 2004in every country…may their souls rest in peace..and pray such tragedies never happens again…now I am in Australia still I remember my motherland so please pray them….

    1. Yeah Chanya How can we forget that day… U were in SL n I were in Aus at that time.. I saw everything from the TV… Even my mom’s friend n her family were taken away that day…
      Let’s pray for all those people who died in Tsunami
      And wish that such tragedies would never happen again!!

  24. Good day all YRKKH family
    Happy Happy Birthday Chanya
    Many more birthdays to come
    I pray for peace, good health and prosperity for you now & always
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    Remember life is like that some share sorrows on this day and some share joys on this day. As many people died on that day – so was many children were welcome into the world.
    I remember it very well my family & I just watched it on TV in shock horror but we thank God, because at that time also we saw a lot of miracles of people surviving the horror.
    You are blessed to think of others pain at the time of your celebration.

  25. Aniket, I am sorry that you went through so much & thank God you are out of that dark place.
    Life is short & we only live once so we should treasure it.
    Please look after your health bro.
    So many of us at this time of the year are sad because of love ones gone from our lives, let us take comfort in knowing that we will all meet again.
    Have a blessed week all

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