Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24th December 2015 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Karishma asking Mishti to get ready. Mishti says I won’t go, I have to help Akshara. Karishma asks Mishti to study at home. Preeti tells Tara that I m thinking to say sorry to Naksh, I felt bad hearing about Akshara. Tara says Naksh feels someone is responsible for this, but aunty is quiet, don’t know what happened to everyone, Sangram was behaving weird don’t know what happened, maybe Sangram and Naitik has some argument.

Rajshri says Devyaani said Akshara is better now. Everyone is glad. Rajshri says I feel Akshara is falling weak, Naitik is helping her. Vishwamber says Akshara is strong. Dadi asks Jasmeet to take her to eye doctor. Tara greets Akshara and Naitik. Akshara says its nice smell, roses right thanks. Tara says I did not know how to

tell you. Akshara says your roses are saying everything. Tara hugs her. Naksh smiles seeing them. Naitik gets a call and asks them not to call them again. She asks whose call was it, and how will she know. Tara asks Akshara for her phone. Naitik gives her. Akshara changes the phone and says this keypad will be easy to dial, this will read the name of the caller, this has facility. Naksh thanks Tara. Naksh asks permission as Tara wants to help them. Naitik says let Tara focus on study, everyone is here. Akshara says let Tara help, exams are over. Naksh thanks Akshara and hugs her. They leave. Akshara asks Naitik to talk to Tara well.

Dadi tells everyone that her eyes are fine. Rajshri asks why did you worry suddenly. Jasmeet says Dadi did not go for herself, she went to ask doctor whether her eyes can be given to Akshara. They all cry, we know Akshara will get eyesight soon and be ready for anything. I m old and I have seen all the happiness of my life, Akshara has her life, tell me how could I see Akshara in this state. She cries. Vishwamber consoles her.

Akshara asks for some work. Devyaani says we will manage. Akshara says think about my heart. Naitik says its injustice with us, Akshara is resting and gives her work to peel matar. Akshara does it. Bhabhimaa says we should get such work for Akshara, which makes her mind occupied. Naitik takes matar and eats. They smile. Akshara sees the matar got less and catches his hand. She asks you felt I can’t see and you will get benefit. They laugh.

Naksh and Tara come to some place to find out about Akshara’s accident, maybe puncture mechanic saw anything, we will find him. she says we will find that culprit.

Naitik brings Akshara out and says one day passed and a month will pass soon, he says I forgot my phone and asks her to wait there. He does not get phone and looks for it. She says I will try to walk ahead, Naitik will feel good. Mishti sits on stairs and studies. Akshara does not see her. Naitik gets his phone. Akshara comes to the stairs and Naitik sees her. He sees Mishti there and gets shocked. Akshara steps ahead and Mishti gets up. Mishti gets hit and falls down. Naitik calls out Akshara Mishti. Mishti screams. Akshara says Mishti and slips down. Naitik runs to them, as they both fall down the stairs. Everyone come there and get shocked.

Naman lifts Mishti and takes her. Naitik holds Akshara. Akshara cries as Mishti got hurt because of her. Naitik asks Naman to take Mishti to doctor. Karishma says see I told you, that stick was to help. She cries and goes with Mishti. Akshara cries. Naitik asks her is she fine. She blames herself, Mishti got hurt by her blindness. He says no, this was an accident. She says you left me there, so I thought I can walk on my own. Bhabhimaa says this is not your mistake. Akshara says poor Mishti, she loves me so much, and I have hurt her.

Akshara cries and sits on stairs. Mishti comes home and goes to Akshara. She hugs Akshara and says she got much wounded, she got stitches. Akshara says very sorry and hugs her. Mishti says I m brave girl like you, why are you crying. Naira says she is feeling bad that you got hurt. Mishti says its okay. Akshara asks her to go away, as she can get hurt again. Mishti says I won’t go, It was my mistake that I was sitting on stairs, you can’t see, its not your fault, I had to take care of you, and I forgot. Akshara asks her to be away, and sends her.

Akshara requests Karishma and asks for the stick. Naitik says I will become Akshara’s support and not let her need stick. Akshara takes the stick.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Very silly episode! Y the hell on earth naitik needed his phone when his wife Akshara needs his support. Naitik could have make Akshara sit in his room… Then he could have search his dear phone! For naitik’s fault Akshara collide with little Mishty..

  2. N u Karishma mind ur tongue b4 u say anything… Always u make a harsh comment against Akshara & Naitik… U hv totally forgotten what Akshara did for ur marriage. She saved ur prestige of ur family.. N u r always after her….

  3. I know Karishma think before you speak and nation should have talked akashra to the room and akshara knows she can’t see then why walk ahead silly episode

  4. I meant naitik not nation sorry guys about thee mistake

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