Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24th August 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naira asking Kartik his welfare. He says shayari. He fixes flag badge to his shirt and he gets hurt by pin. He teases her and jokes. She asks him to stop it and they argue. He smiles and goes. Everyone raise the flag and say Jai hind. Dadi says you all are lucky to be born in independent India, we got this by giving big price, preserve this. Naira gives gifts to everyone. Naksh says elders and young kids can have plentiful food at Krishna for free. Bhabhimaa and Bau ji get glad. Naira says I spoke to Naitik, he said Indian committee is celebrating there, we shall start our function inside, if it rains, everything will get spoiled. Gayu hears Kartik praising Naira’s skit.

Everyone like the decorations. Bhabhimaa says Naira did all this alone. Mishti

says Kartik also helped us. Rajshri says Kartik is always ready to help. Mishti says he went on me, he helps everyone. Bau ji says Akshara’s daughter is like Akshara. Gayu looks on. Karishma is nervous. Nairra says I m sure you can do this. Karishma gets some call and says how, I m coming. She tells Naira about her friend’s son falling from stairs, he had blood loss, I have to go and give blood, don’t say anything, they will not let me go alone, I will just come. Naira says I will manage.

Devyaani sings vande mataram. Naira messages Kartik. Kartik goes to Naksh and tells him. Naksh claps and presents another song. Kartik says I can’t do this, I m not perfect with you and Mam. She asks did you understand now, just do acting, Naksh will prompt you. He says I can’t, I m going. She says please wait, I know more things to make you agree. She shouts and asks him to do rehearsals silently. Vishwamber sings Mere desh ki dharti.

Kartik says I m going. Naira stops him and his sleeve gets torn. He says you are dangerous girl. She says shut up, it happened by mistake. He asks her to get something to wear. She goes. everyone clap for Vishwamber. Kartik says I won’t wear this, you torn my clothes and want to get down my respect on stage. She asks him to please play Karishma’s role and help. He agrees and asks her to go out. She closes eyes and falls down. She leaves. He says nothing can happen of her and me.

Rama asks Gayu and Vivaan to do something. Gayu asks how suddenly. Rama says you both did in school, I will remind you, go. Gayu and Vivaan do a play of ending corruption. Naksh tells everyone that Karishma can’t become part of this skit, she is fine, she went to donate blood to her friend’s son. Vishwamber says she did good. Naksh says we are showing this skit without Karishma, Kartik is coming to play her role, this story is about a countryman and his family. Kartik and Naira dress as groom and bride. Gayu looks at them. Kartik says I don’t like lines. Naksh says I will arrange lines. Rajshri becomes the narrator.

She says Madhav and Ganga used to love each other, the day they were marrying, the police came to arrest him for being country’s traitor. Ganga defends her husband and says I will say truth, my husband is not a traitor, you are traitors to serve the foreigners. Madhav says I will sacrifice my life for my country. Ganga says I won’t leave you, but tie me in this marriage relation. Madhav says no, you have your entire life. She says I will leave as a patriot’s widow. He fills sindoor in her maang. Madhav gets arrested and play ends. Everyone clap.

Kartik thanks Naira. She asks him to pay the favor when time comes. She jokes and they laugh.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Amazing episode full on KAIRA ,awesome emotions by the families ,
    Gayu for heaven sake stop feeling insecure always okay with Karthik as u pr obsessed with him but why with Naira when family praises her seriously u expect Naira to just sit n do nothing ,yesterday Naira proved her love for gayu when she said she will stand with her sis and will not let gayu’s marriage happen if she doesn’t like it ,Naira has no such complexities then why gayu ,gayu is getting so much love from everywhere yet she feels no one loves her .naira always acknowledges gayu’s presence n her sacrifices for family ,then y not gayu let her insecurities go.she doubts her mamis love also.
    Karthik Ki dialogues n Naira Ki dadagiri are treat to watch

    1. Those days when naira and gayu were small naira used to feel insecure. I don’t know how both became the complete opposite after they grew up.

      1. Dear I agreebwith what u say.but at that time both were young its very normal to feel that at that time even duggu was very insecure when naira was born but not now when ur about tobget married no one will have sibling rivalry …then even naksh n misthi should feel.makes senseIif misthi feels it.

  2. i love kaira kaira seen was tooo good

  3. No sidewalk, only “Kaira” is reaL…

  4. I just love kaira….enjoyed their part…want more more cute kaira scenes… Loving them…

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