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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with inspector asking Naitik to come with them. Naitik keeps his bag and goes with inspector. The family gets sad and cries. Naitik sits in the jeep and goes with them. Akshara and everyone cry seeing him taken away. Akshara asks Bau ji to call lawyer and inform about Naitik. She says she will take money and go to police station. Naman says I will come along. She asks him to be with Bau ji and goes. Naira cries a lot. Naksh is on the way at signal. He sees Naitik in the police jeep and gets shocked. He says Papa…. Naitik says no Naksh and the jeep leaves. Naksh is stuck in traffic and leaves car. He starts running after the police jeep. Naitik signs him not to come and go home.

The jeep stops at next signal. Naksh asks where is he going. The inspector says

Papa is going to police station, you can’t talk like this on road. Naitik asks Naksh to go home, Akshara and everyone are worried. Naksh cries seeing Naitik going. Naira says why did police take Naitik. They all ask her to think positive. They all cry. Bhabhimaa prays for Naitik. Akshara asks Bau ji did he talk to lawyer, will thye get bail. Naman says we will bring lawyer, you come with us. Akshara says I will go. She meets Naksh outside. He says I have seen Papa… She says I know you both were hiding this, I don’t know why is he taking blame, don’t worry, we will manage, take care of everyone and Naira. She leaves. Naksh cries.

Akshara recalls Naitik’s words and is on the way. She says why did Naitik hide this, I knew he can never do this. Rajshri tells everyone that Naitik is taken by police, and cries. They all get shocked. Rajshri tells Vishwamber about her dream, she was restless, problems have come again. Vishwamber asks her to calm down, and asks Shaurya to come with him. Omi asks whats the matter. Rajshri says Devyaani told me, everyone is crying there, I heard Naira crying, we should help them. Dadi asks her to manage herself, person should not break seeing the problems, but be strong. Naira, Gyu and Mishti pray and cry. The elders cry seeing them. Dilon ko bandha tha humne rishton ke dor se……………The kids pray for Naitik. Naksh looks on and prays with them. Yeh rishta kya kehlata hai…………plays………..

Naksh thinks the culprit should be punished, not Naitik. The inspector tells Naitik that he is educated, so he can just tell them the truth about the incident. He says we have sardar’s man Raman, he has seen you, once Sardar says yes, this matter will reach court, if anything happens to sardar, attempt to murder case will become murder case. Akshara comes there. Naitik says he was closing the restaurant, since we started Krishna, sardar ji and they had competition, he used to be annoyed and come to trouble us many times. The inspector asks did he go to take revenge.

Naitik says no, we had a fight, he said something to my son, I was stopping him, and maybe my hand has hit him. She says he is lying and cries. The inspector says he is accepting, and you are not. She says I know Naitik before than himself. Naitik says I m saying I did this. She says look in my eyes and say this is true. He says yes, I did mistake. The inspector says this is not your home, fight later. Akshara says maybe Naitik does not know me. Sardar’s wife is worried and asks the doctor about him.

The doctor says sardar is not conscious, you just pray. Raman says I will ruin Singhania family, don’t worry. The inspector talks to lawyer and refuses for bail. Akshara sees Naitik and cries. She asks Naitik to say this is not true. Naitik says yes, this is not true, I did not do anything. She says I knew this and hugs him. She comes out of her imagination. The inspector says he has to wait till sardar gets conscious, and asks all of them to leave. Yeh rishta kya kehlata hai…………plays……….. They all leave.

Naksh is worried at home. Akshara and everyone come back to family. Naira hugs Akshara and asks about Naitik. Akshara says he will come soon, everything will be fine. Naksh sits thinking Naitik’s words. Naksh says his hand has just touched sardar, don’t know how did he fell. Naitik says sometimes we don’t know our hit strength, this is serious matter, we can’t hurt anyone, if anything happens to Sardar, I will take responsibility. Naksh thinks why should dad bear my mistake’s punishment.

Devyaani tells Akshara that they know she will manage it. Bhabhimaa says we have hope from you. Akshara says yes, your hope is my strength. She says I m sure this is short problem and will get solved. Rukmani comes and asks Akshara to come with her to any Maharja, she will show Akshara’s kundli, how can Naitik do this, maybe he got angry and beaten someone, that’s why I told Akshara to manage home, if Naitik’s murder blame is proven and he gets jail. Naksh gets angry and scolds Rukmani. He asks why did she come, she is elder, she came to give them strength or make fun of them, sardar will get fine and nothing will happen to dad. He leaves.

Rukmani asks Akshara to see Naksh’s anger, he is shouting on me, Naksh shouts here and Naitik beats people. Akshara says enough I told you not to say against Naitik and Naksh, if you become our support, you can, else forgive us. Bau ji says he has given tiffin to Naitik. The inspector asks Naitik to have food. Naitik eats food. The inspector says I did not see anyone eating food in such tension. Naitik thinks he does not wish to fall weak physically and mentally.

Naksh tells Akshara that he did not push sardar, but if any of them is at fault, its me, Naitik is in police station because me. She cries. He says its not Naitik’s mistake, he is saving me, he told me not to tell anyone, I can’t see him in trouble, please save him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. First learn to give some respect to a Sardar jee. What do you mean by saying Sardar . Either you can say Jagjeet Singh . He has some name. Do you represent Naitik by Hindu was arrested. Hindu forced her son to get arrested. So why do you just represent Jagjeet Singh (the dhaba owner) as Sardar. I feel it is disrespectful to call Jagjeet Singh as Sardar. If you don’t want to represent the dhaba owner by name then atleast call him as Sardar jee. Learn to give some respect.

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