Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23rd September 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23rd September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naira looking for the files. Mishti cries and leaves. Akshara asks Karishma what happened to Mishti. Karishma says Naman has no time for us, he gave gifts to us and left, saying he has imp work. She goes. Naksh says Naman is always after money, he is so opposite of Papa, is he doing something like before… Akshara says don’t say this, I m already getting bad thoughts, Naman is infront of us, but Naitik is away, we don’t know how he is and in what state, we are not able to help him, this time I will tell him to come back and solve things from here, if he tells me problem, maybe I can help him.

Naira hides under bed and thinks what will I say if he sees me. Kartik jumps over the bed and rests to sleep. Naira says I think he went. She gets up and

screams seeing him. He asks what are you doing here, you could have knocked and come. She asks can’t you wear shirt and rest. He asks what were you doing under my bed. She says I was taking revenge, I told you that day. He says you were serious, I thought you joked, what type of girl are you to sight be badly, why should I wear shirt, you won’t care anyways. She asks him to make coffee for her. He asks why. She says I made that day. He jokes that he will make coffee for her every day and goes. He thanks Lord for getting Naira to him and wears tshirt. He leaves. Naira looks for the files again. She checks the bag and gets some files. She clicks photos. Kartik says I forgot to switch off geyser, fuse will blow like yesterday. He goes back to room and sees Naira.

Rajshri goes to Kaki and tries to convince her. Kaki is annoyed. Rajshri says whenever we fought, we used to convince each other. Naira sits working on laptop and asks why did you come back. He says I forgot to switch off geyser. Naira says thank God, I got pics, phone battery went down. Kaki says I would have agreed to you if you did not send Nannu far, I don’t insult food, I did not change such like you think, keep food there, I will eat. Rajshri says you did not learn to insult food, but you learnt to insult relations. Kartik goes to make coffee. Gayu calls Kartik. Naira answers call. Gayu asks what are you doing there. Naira says I have work, I will talk later. Gayu says strange, she asked me to be away from Kartik and went there. Naira tries to put password. Gayu says why is Naira there, I will ask her whats happening.

Mishti prays and cries. She asks how did Papa become so strange, he does not love me, Naitik and Naksh love me more, explain Papa to talk to me, mumma and I love Papa a lot. Karishma hugs Mishti and thinks don’t know what richness is Naman finding, our real asset is our family. Bhabhimaa asks Mishti to say how to punish Naman, tell me. Devyaani and Naksh also suggest. Mishti says no, I love him, please tell him to talk to me well, and spend time with me.

Karishma takes Mishti. Bhabhimaa and Devyaani pray that Naman get sense and he understands Mishti. Naman asks the man not to do anything wrong, you will get payment. He sees Akshara outside cabin and goes. He asks how did you come here at this time. She says driver told me you are here, I did not see this client before. He says he is new client. She says Karishma and Mishti are crying, whats all this. He says I m just working. She says what is this work which takes you away from family, tell me, I will help you. He says no, you go, I will come, promise. She says I m waiting outside, come in 10mins, I won’t go without taking you home.

Naira sends the papers pic to Naman. Naman says if Kartik has sent this to Naitik, Naitik would be doubting me, if Kartik knows its me, it will be bad, family will send me to jail, before Naitik exposes me, I have to make him quiet, but how. He tells the man that we have to stop Naitik, and there is just one way. The man says I know, it will be done. Naman says right away…. The man nods.

Kuhu asks Mishti are you missing Naman, that’s why you are sad. Devyaani tells Bau ji that kids can understand this, why can’t elders understand. Bau ji says yes, why doesn’t Naman understand this, how much his daughter is missing him.

Rajshri asks Dadi are you not fine. Dadi says my heart is not at peace, I feel Akshara is worried, is she fine, Naitik did not call or meet me. Rajshri says he called, you were sleeping, he can’t come to meet so soon, he has much work, he said that he will get time off from work and come to meet you, I told him to finish work and come, you can get fine till then. Dadi says yes, I also want him to come and talk to me, I just want to hear his voice, make me talk to him, what happened, call him. Rajshri says yes, I will call him. She says he is not answering, maybe he is busy, he will see missed call and call back, have medicines now.

Akshara and Naitik talk. Naitik says I m busy, but I can talk. He thinks thank God Kartik has helped me a lot. She asks are you listening. He says I m listening, tell me. She says you talk so much sometimes and now you are not talking. He says don’t complain, I love you, you also tell me, I have to leave for work, you get angry on me when I come back. She says I m getting bad thoughts, I feel bad. He asks what happened, are you fine, did you think someone has beaten me. She shouts Naitik. She scolds him. He says I was teasing you. She says I don’t have strength to hear such thing, come back, I can’t stay without you, are you fine. He says don’t worry, nothing can happen to me when your love shield is with me. A man walks to Naitik’s house and tells his boss that work will be over. Naitik asks her to say magical words, I want to hear it. The man puts silencer to the gun. Akshara smiles. Naitik opens the door and asks who are you……. Akshara asks what happened, who is there Naitik, hello… She gets worried.

Akshara sees someone in hood and having a knife. She worries and says Naitik… She faints.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I think ? the directors are unnecessaryly dragging naman-karishma-mishti’s track! We all know that naman is cheating his family but what is wrong wid karishma?? Mishti is obviously ? missing her dad but the directors are just showing it too much!???

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