Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23rd September 2015 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23rd September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Akshara asking Naitik to be positive, Naksh will get Sameer’s sisters. Naitik says he wanted Rashmi’s marriage to be perfect. She says we will solve this and her marriage will be strong. She asks him to smile. He says his eyes have itching and asks her to get eye drops. She blows on his eyes and he smiles. He says everything should be fine, I will be careful, I have to dance in marriage too. Akshara says sangeet should be good.

Sameer’s sisters refuse to come and say they don’t have any value. Naksh says I have come to request you all, sorry from Devyaani’s side, we did a mistake, it won’t happen again. They say they will get ready and come. Naksh says they are looking beautiful even now. Bhabhimaa asks Akshara did Naksh call. Akshara says

no, he did not call. Gayu sees Rama and gets glad. She runs to her and hugs her. She says she missed her a lot. Rama says you got a Papa now.

Everyone smile and greet Rama. Sameer and Naksh come. Sameer says we tried hard, but they refused. Gayu smiles. Naitik says then what will we do. Sameer says I think we have to cancel sangeet. His sisters come and surprise everyone. Sameer says his complete family has come. His sister says you did not tell us about sangeet, its good they have come today. Sameer tells about a rasam of making the bride wear the anklet, and she will get 7 anklets. They all smile and do the rasam. Yeh rishta kya kehlata hai…………….plays………….. They all clap for Rashmi.

Rashmi finds hard to get up. Sameer says wait, and says love is same by one or seven anklets. He removes 6 anklets to lessen the weight for Rashmi’s comfort. Everyone smile. Gayu gets angry. His sisters think to talk to Rashmi’s family after the function ends, but Rashmi can feel bad too. Gayu hears them. Naira asks Gayu to come and dance. Gayu says I don’t want. Naira insists. Gayu says I will come and sends Naira. She sees Rashmi and Sameer together and cries.

Naksh says he has kept a surprise today. Sameer says its my engagement, so I will give this surprise, and welcomes the leads of the movie Wedding Pulao. Sameer wishes them all the best for the movie. The actors say they are nervous as its their first movie. Akshara says when we started Krishna, we were also tensed. Bhabhimaa blesses them. The actors say the movie is about love, marriage and relations. They ask the family to watch the movie on 16th October. Sameer asks them to show a movie trailer and the sangeet song will be from their movie. They all dance on wedding pulao song. The family dance with Rashmi and Sameer. Sameer tells Rashmi that he will go and have water. He sees Gayu taking tomato soup and says he will get one for Rashmi too. Gayu asks him to take this one and makes the soup fall over his hands. Sameer’s hand burns by the hot soup.

Gayu apologizes. Rashmi comes and asks how did this happen. Sameer says its not Gayu’s mistake. Rashmi does the aid. Naira looks at Gayu. Sameer says I m fine, as Rashmi has done the aid. Gayu goes. Naira goes after her to talk. Naksh says we shall start competition today between old and young generation. Vishwamber says its difference in music. Bhabhimaa says so its decided. Naksh says you will lose. Rajshri asks them to think about themselves. Vishwamber asks the young generation to dance on old song, and elder generation will dance on new songs. Naksh says Rashmi and Sameer are our judges. Naira asks Gayu about making the soup fall on Sameer intentionally, its bad. Gayu says its bad that he is making me and my mum apart. Naira asks is she jealous. Gayu asks were you not jealous, when I used to spent much time with Mama ji.

Naitik falls during dance and says his foot got fractured. Everyone worry.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. omg what happened to gayu baby please some one take care of her, natik akshara note gayu baby, and naira please tell to all about it.

  2. divya are you watching the serial everyday or reading the episode please answer

  3. Why do u care Manav

    1. ya because I am regular seeing this serial and wanted to share about it to anyone like me It is my faouvrite serial especially rohan,ashnoor and hina khan are wonderfull

  4. i saw your many commets and liked them divya

  5. sorry to say ,this show has run its course now,getting so boring ,akshsra is so fake and her over acting disgust me .

  6. john you are mad


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