Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23rd October 2017 Written Episode Update: Kartik stays upset with Naira

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23rd October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Manish asking Kartik why is he upset, what’s the matter. Kartik goes. Dadi asks did he say anything. Manish says no, he just went. Naksh says Kartik is saying right, I cheated Kirti, but I will keep this relation with a true heart, I assure you, I will tell truth to Kirti. She says no. He says what shall I do that everything get fine between Kartik and you. She says no need to do anything, just tell me truth, are you happy marrying Kirti. He says I m very happy, I will keep Kirti happy too. She says then don’t take tension, no need to tell anything to Kirti, we will tell truth to her later, she is very happy now, we shouldn’t snatch her happiness. Kirti says Kartik and Naira had some matter, Kartik called Naksh to talk about new project. Akhilesh says Kartik

is stressed about work. Rajshri says their problem will solve soon. Bhabhimaa say they can’t stay away from each other for long. Naksh and Naira come.

Naira asks everyone to have food. Kirti signs Naksh. Dadi comes to Naira. She says you are managing all duties in Maayka well, you have to manage Kartik as well, I know he is annoyed by some fight, I won’t ask what is it, but whatever it is, solve it soon, come home tomorrow. Naira says I also want this Dadi, I m trying too.

Kartik comes home. He sees the printer and switches on lights. He picks the papers and reads Naira’s apology. She asks him to listen once. He says maybe I would have forgiven you, but what you and Naksh did intentionally, there is no scope for forgiveness. He doesn’t see the paper with I love you written.

Kirti asks Naksh do you want to say something, Kartik is tensed about work. He says I want to say something, our journey is going to start today, I want to say what I couldn’t say till now. He holds her hand and says I m feeling lucky to marry you, I want to give you the happiness which I m feeling. Kartik and Naira sit sad. Maine socha bhi na tha…..plays….. They cry.

Aryan does the work. Dadi asks Suwarna about puja arrangements. Manish asks what puja. Dadi tells him. Manish says the fast which mum keeps for sons. Suwarna says I will keep fast for daughters too, I will fast for Naira and Kirti. Aryan says strange, she will keep fast for stepdaughter and bahu. Dadi asks her to pray for Naksh and Kirti, I m worried for children.

Kartik jogs in the park. Naira looks on. She recalls his words and stops. She hides. Kartik says Naira… and looks around. Lagta hai sab kuch…..plays….. Water ends in his bottle. She sends a bottle with a kid. He thanks the kid. Naira smiles. He looks for her. She comes to him. She says your annoyance is justified, just think once, Naksh really…. He goes. Suwarna asks her brother will she get packet today. He says yes, I know you keep fast for both sons, I printed pic from mobile, he is not here. She thanks him. Aryan comes with the packets. She says since he came in my life, I m keeping fast for him, Lord will understand my helplessness.

Aryan thinks I m seeing for the first time, so much love in a stepmum’s heart, Kartik is lucky. He gives the parcel and says I will open it. She says leave it, I will do. She sees Manish coming. She takes the packet and asks him to mind his own business. She goes. He says this family has anger in their blood, they all are same. She says I have to do this somehow. She collides with Kartik. His envelops and papers also fall. Kartik picks it and gives her packet back. He goes. She says I got impressions of both my sons, my two sons got one unknowingly. She cries happily.

Bhabhimaa asks Naira where did she go. Devyaani says maybe she went to meet Kartik, how was the meet. Naira says it was good. Naksh and Kirti come. Kirti greets them and says sorry, I got late. Devyaani asks her to take rest. Naksh asks Naira did she talk to Kartik. She says no, I will talk to him. Naksh says I have to go. Naira asks is it imp. He says Krishna got big order, Papa is not in office. Kirti gets Kartik’s call. Kartik asks how are you. She says I m good. Kartik hears Naksh saying I have to go, I will have food on the way. Kartik ends call and says you showed what’s the truth, you didn’t care for Kirti, if she had food or not. Kirti tells Naira that she will have food later. Naksh says I m feeling hungry, I will have breakfast. Kirti smiles. Kartik says this marriage of helplessness can’t become happy. He gets angry.

Naira picks the packet which has Aryan’s pics. Suwarna looks on from far.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Fenil

    Hello everyone!!
    Awesome episode !!
    Hope Kaira unite soon!!
    Manish was asking reason good that Karthik kept Maun Vrat.
    Nice siblings moments Naksh and Naira.
    KEERTI handles matters down stairs nicely …and what we got Kaira Kaira.
    Keesh looking at each other seeing each other tensed.
    Naira again tried via printing papers and Karthik again ignore I Love You stucked in printer…wow Karthik is this your promises during wedding during Bidaai.
    Being understanding wife KEERTI again asked Naksh if he want to share something with her he can…Naksh said he is lucky to have you as his life partner his wife and smile appears on KEERTI face that was so magical moment ??????
    Kaira missing each other then why you both are not listening each other every time.
    Ohhh CVs you can create BG tune for that chirkut Aryan but u gave us Gayu’s tune Ishq mujhko hua hain for Keesh Wah bhai Wah.
    Again Kaira looking beautiful in park ??
    Lo karlo baat Suwarna ka parcel bhi Aryan leke Aya and see mixed up with Karthik’s documents…Suwarna was happy thinking she gets both son’s hand’s touch for Pooja.

    Suspense:- Dadi is behaving like she doesn’t know anything or she is just ignored everything I was like Abhi Dadi Naira Ko kahegi mein Karthik se baat karungi.

    Wow ?????????? KEERTI in saari such a beautiful lady once again in Singhania Sadan….Naksh was so much tensed about Naira and Naira was….hnnn.

    Again Karthik misunderstood Naksh where as Naksh was dieing to eat food from Keerthi’s hand made.?????????

    Precap:- Again Suwarna’s truth and Naira’s poking nose.

  2. Shameless naira she has to poke her nose in every matter…no keesh wedding night….instead they showed sad insecure kartik-naira….keerti looking lovely in saree….they should show keerti’s rasoi rasam instead showing annoying naira all the time

  3. Fenil

    Hello friends !! Belated Happy Diwali Happy New Year and Happy Bhai Dooj !!

    @Dear Mitra and Nithisha …I did voting for bridle looks.

    @Dear Shivayaa agree CVS spoilt Karthik’s character and nature very much who was stand for Naira side by side now he is blaming Naira.

    @Dear Ponkuri sis…hello how r u ? Sorry for your wait because of New TU I was Away….agree with your last comments Karthik didn’t sensed Keerti’s happiness and pain now he is accusing others that to Naksh and Naira who always supports KEERTI.

    @krishna …CVS and writers spoilt beautiful Sherni and Mendhak’s love story…by adding immaturity and lack of understanding.

    @Yrkkh Fan…first welcome to Yrkkh family second Thank you so much for your wishes for Bhai Dooj blessed to have your wishes…agree Rohan is perfect for cute funny shade of Naksh where as Rishi is fit in every shade…Rishi impressed me from very first episode only….his dance also…same as Keerti’s dance.

    @Salma welcome to Yrkkh family.

    @Anjali …thanks for wishes…Happy new year sis.

    @Missy…welcome back. …agree with last comment…and I love peace sis…and I m not able to speak against Yrkkh or any pair but now a days I m also speaking….same days reviews were awesome and on the spot.

    @Qayanat ….welcome to TU and Welcome to Yrkkh family…I know today only you joins this site.
    @Jahmira…welcome in Yrkkh family.

    @TvFan sis…how r u ? I found u in last episode update…well they should unite Kaira and Keesh space should increase and continue with show.

    @Raf sis…how r u ? Hope u r fine…where are u ?happy diwali Happy new year and Happy Bhai Dooj.

    @Anjana…how r u ? Happy Diwali.

    @Aku…missy is true u r very straight forward and we like that.

    @munu…thanks for breaking silence.

    @Zak …welcome in Yrkkh Family….u have any YouTube channel?

    1. Aku

      Thankyou so much.. ?

    2. Happy Diwali fenil.hope you enjoyed it

      1. Fenil

        Hello Good Morning…I enjoyed a lot Anjana.what about you ?

    3. Hi, Fenil you are welcome.
      I voted for bridal looks but it seems naira gonna win it. But my vote is for kirti

      1. Fenil

        my vote is also Keerti …simplicity of Keerti’s bridle dress attracts me the most.

  4. Fenil

    • Mishti has left show I think.
    • Vishal Singh aka new Naitik is on holidays.

    In last episode how can Karthik touch Naksh like this….CVS have u losted ppls Naksh is elder and u r …shame on u ppls…

    Keesh in Thier room OUR room…KEERTI fell in Naksh’s arms??????? and that eyelock awwwww bahut balaiya li Mene …phir Unki entry for reception awww??????????????… Keerti’s dance and those mudras were so attractive and magical for eyes…when she bumped into Naksh she held a ears and ask sorry awwww such cute lady…thier mutual understanding mutual respect is outstanding bole to Aflatoon.

  5. hello everyone fenu happy to see ur comment…
    hi kaina how r u sis?
    hi ponkuri, Missy,Aku,Salma,yrkkh fan and evry1 else.
    today’s epi loved keesh scene yes fenu keerti is super understanding wife she asked u want to say something which kartik couldn’t say and he made her smile woww u can’t help loving naksh again and again but CVS should give more space to keesh they deserve it their chemistry is great but CVS always have to poke naira after keesh scenes that’s what made me angry irritated and annoyed what happened to kartik’s trust is just that namesake I think so…abe yaar jab tum dono ko pata hai ek dosre ke Bina tum log rehnahi sakte the why the hell is ur ego so big I wish to enter the screen and kill u both brutally seriously u should rot in hell kartik

    1. Aku

      We all wish the same..
      But CVs are too possessed with them and can do anything to make them feel secure even they can spoil the show which they already did.. and in case Mishti left the show it’s very good.. I wish slowly all actors leave the show.. fir dekhte hai inke pyare kaira ki wajah se kitna chalta hai show

    2. Aku

      Heya ayehsa.. how are you?I’m good and now I won’t be able to comment much as my exams are coming up.. anyways it’s good if Mishti has left the show.. waise there is nothing left.. kyunki keesh Ko th yeh screenspace denge Ni.. kaira kaira kaira..I’m just so fed up with these two idiotic and fake people

    3. Fenil

      Hello Aayesha….right ego problem…ego toh dono mein kut kut ke bhara pada hain.

  6. fenu finally ur comments are published..
    and of course they r shameless how dare he to misbehave with naksh…kartik should learn to stay in his limits he shouldn’t over react…
    and ya Bhai keesh scenes are alwayssss magical you know…no matter what…agree what u said…
    and by the way where is kaina?

    1. Fenil

      Badly missing Akshara now a days see how Goenkas is treating Naksh and Naira….

      1. Aku

        Me too.. I’m feeling bad for naksh not for naira.. she is getting what she deserves.. but naksh.. no he doesn’t deserve this.. he deserves much much much much better treatment than what he is getting.. he deserves more importance and more screenspace

  7. you know what guys I never thought that I will hate some lead pair of the show to this extent if they wouldn’t have shown this balti bhar kaira scenes which is useless,unromantic, childish,immature if they would’ve showed keesh scenes with little bit of kaira then it’s okay but they showed enough enough of kaira which irritated me to the core… keesh are unique on their own they have a lot of things to be known they could show how they develope their relationship and much more they deserve to get their screen space!!!but bechare CVS are not getting satisfied without kaira go to hell if kaira are leads so what naksh is also nakshara’s son akshara’s duggu then why the hell r u showing his story incomplete with kaira poking around them I mean give keesh some privacy also….
    and I don’t have any problem to say anything against kaira!!!!this is what I feel…!!!

  8. am fine Aku and best of luck for ur exams and plz comment whenever possible!!!

    1. Aku

      Thankyou so much ? much-needed.. and yes definitely I ll try to.. and yes I guess Rahul we all don’t hate kaira or so called shivin.. it’s just that we are done with both of them being shown again and again and again and again.. har chez ki ek limit hoti hai.. but they cross that limit it’s becomes annoying.. and that’s when you start hating them. They are trying to put on us that naira is just like Akshara.. but that isn’t the case.. naira was can and never be like Akshara.. and as far as the thing goes about naksh.. he has always been closer to all the family members especially Akshara.. after Akshara they have totally sidelined him.. infact he should be given more screenspace than that idiotic stupid immature insecure foolish and shameless naira kaira shivangi

  9. Fenil

    Hello Good morning !!
    @Yrkkh Fan-Sagrika …your comment on 18 October u were waiting for my and Rahul’s reply…well I m toh not hating Kaira or ShivIn…but CVs did very big mistake by overdosing KaIra in Keesh wedding….seriously kisiki bhi life mein Marriage ek Baar aata hain aur woh dono JEE bhar ke enjoy karna chahta hain…Kam se Kam wedding Ko achhe se dikha dete Kahan Baar Baar dikhane wale the Keesh Wedding praganecy track and entry of Aryan can be show after wedding well Soumya Goenka’s truth track also but we’ll that was perfect Keerti’s happiness got double by uniting Karthik with Manish….about insecurity I don’t care but seriously they should balance all the characters euqally .

  10. Fenil

    We are sure Dadi Goenka is behind Karthik’s locked up in room …and see selfish Dadi kahin uska true face samne na aa jaye iss liye woh khud KaIra Ko bhi separate rehne de Rahi Hain I m sure she know fight between Kaira.

    I want to say something about Keesh wedding.I really enjoy jitna Mila Keesh wedding mein Keesh scenes.

    •Dadi can do that sword rasam in Kaira wedding for cutting of Bad sights and all then why the hell she can’t do that rasam in Keesh wedding wow CVS wow….ek tarah se achha hua kya pata kahin yeh BURAI KI DEVI APNI BURAIYAAN KEESH KI LIFE MEIN DAAL DETI.

    •Naira can plan her entry on bike then why the hell she didn’t thought any specific idea for Keerti’s entry ek taraf Kaira and Goenkas Bolte Hain KEERTI ki Khushi ke liye Sab kuch karenge kuch bhi toh nahi Kiya Sab kuch Singhania ne Kiya.

    •Cvs ne limit tab cross kar di jab they introduced plane useless track ???? no single pilot will have permission to common man to enter in his front room or gave permission to handle plane until and unless he gets sure that person has knowledge this was not expected from YRKKH….aisi galti toh Ekta Kapoor bhi nahi Karti Han woh Rashmi Karti Hain …real thing was in that episode 29 October was Bhabhimaa fainted due to tension… Hahahah becahre pilots ki izzat loot li CVS ne only for Kaira no crew will gets this much panic like CVS served even I had a no experience but I can say this …..seriously @ Vivian bro ki yaad aayi thi mujhe…miss u bro.Thank God Manish was there nahi toh I m sure CVS will give lagam to Naira. See again Karthik gave credit to Naira what she did only defend Manish right very slow clap only one that also because Bhabhimaa fainted scene warna u did not deserve this also from me.

    •Naksh’s wedding I m still badly missing Akshara her Duffy’s wedding …at least happy thinking Naitik is there but CVs snatched that happiness also from me by removing Naitik also from Keesh wedding.will never forgive.
    Vishal Singh aap bhi thode dino Baad holidays lete toh kya ho jata…Rajan sir aapko itna bhi idea nahi aaya Bina Naitik ke koi Khush nahi rahega.

    •Karthik compliment Naira’s smartness during airport scenes it’s not smartness it’s common sense if we want to saw haldi has no something abnormal but obvious hain common man will pour haldi into another vessel. Slow claps for CVS for that bevkoofi bhara smartness wala dialogues.

    •Awwww Naksh sits with KEERTI in flight and Keerti’s face glows like she gets Kohinoor Naksh is himself is Kohinoor for KEERTI.Naksh-why thanks you are not expecting this ??????????

    •Hell with Your Muharat Dadi when flight was imbalance due to bad whether she is more care about her so called Muharat man kar Raha tha Abhi plane se dhakka dedu TV ke andar ghus ke.

    •Awwww most await for me was Keesh rings exchange wow they did in plane ?????? lo without Passport Aryan also in flight haha CVS will give passport to servants also.

    •If u have no any plan to do haldi in Kuldevi’s temple then why the hell are u keep chanting Kuldevi’s temple and see after landed also CVS not made them visits Kuldevi’s temple so bad and sad for me. This is only one thing which Bhabhimaa asked from Singhania side that also CVS didn’t fulfill and Goenka ki har wish fulfill karte hain.

    •Wah re Wah CVS when Bhabhimaa needed sweets where the hell those sweets and that Naira and from where did sweets came kuch bhi yaar if Dadi Goenka will get fainted na CVS will serve 56types of sweets in flight that to with Naira’s hands. ????????????????????? CVS u deserves this.

    @Sina..Just a few words …where are u guys ?

    1. Maryam_ishq

      Wow ?? !! Aaj to aap cha gaye… itne dino ki bhadas nikal di apne.
      Cv’s itne buri din dikha rahe hai ke fenil bhai bhi gussa hogaye in sab se ??.
      Naksh and keerti are just ????. He is the perfect husband and she is the perfect wife… naksh didn’t even want her to get hurt by an ant and kartik is accusing naksh of marryin keerti for his benefit. When aditya used to hit keerti where this care went ?…. u could clearly figure out frm keerti’s face tht she wasn’t happy…. and now when she is genuinely very happy thn ur finding faults in naksh.
      Naksh is the only one to handle business in the house now since naitik is also not there but still he stayed back for breakfast just for keerti… he didn’t wanna leave her upset and go.
      I want more keesh scenes… they are just magical… they bring a smile on ur face automatically. I want naksh to tell the truth to keerti so tht there’s no misunderstanding between them later on… he should tell her his situation and tht he really likes her a lot and is happy with the marriage. Keerti would be sad at first but she would surely understand him… i want him to tell her before anyone else does.
      Dadi goenka only differentiates between son and daughter… the rasams tht happened during kaira’s wedding… not even half of it was done in keesh wedding…. rasam chodo we didn’t even get to see keesh properly in their own wedding.
      Am really disappointed with Kartik’s impulsive nature. He should learn frm his mistakes but no he is repeating the same mistakes again. In his father’s case also he didn’t listen to his father or try to find out the whole matter. And now also he is not listening to the whole matter and reached to conclusions. Full time he used to give credit to naira and claim tht he trusts her a lot and loves her a lot…. ab saara trust aur pyaar kaha chala gaya ?. Even if naira opens up a bottle he’ll be like meri biwi ka kamal dekho… credit goes to naira.
      Aftr marriage they were supposed to become sensible and mature but the opposite is happening. I like their romance but nowadays it’s too childish and immature type. Hope they reunite soon… neither of them are happy without the other and naksh is also in guilt tht his sister’s marriage is in prblm caz of him.
      Take care bro.

      1. Aku

        As per the promos cz of kaira keesh will be separated and they both in order to again gain importance will take them along with them to Greece and this is how honeymoon track will happen.. what more can you expect from CVS and kaira?

      2. Fenil

        hahaha Maryam toh kya karu itne din mein sirf Kaina ke saath msg me bolta tha aaj socha yahan bhi bol hi doon.
        agreed with your points when Keerti is happy then why the hell Karthik is pulling legs of Keesh khud Naira se juda ho gaye toh kya Keesh ko bhi alag karke dum loge kya…

    2. Shrilatha

      Chill fenil bhai???itna gussa uff thuk do …par such main keerthi was really beautiful in Saree but Naira so sorry so koi begger bachi dikh rahi thi

      1. Fenil

        kya chill shri sis…hahahah well said.
        singhania sadan get another beautiful lady after Akshara.

      2. Aku

        Hahhahahahaaaa.. yeh th bilkul sahi kaha.. beggar ?? and I agree with your suggestion regarding complaint but I have a doubt whether it will work or not.. cz CVs are too possessed with Shivangi and Mohsin and these two are too insecure so we can only hope but koi fayda Ni hai.. the show is totally spoilt ab.. I think we should boycott the show.. tb shayad kuch akal ajaye in logon ko

    3. Just A Few Words

      ?? fenil! I wasn’t watching regularly. Wonderful points bro! Keesh scenes were quite natural! Things I observed from this episode
      1. Naira’s Dress ?? the costume was like a last minute one(stocking material with some fabric stick to it)
      2. Karthik also joined over acting shop and is having hallucinations ?? he is assuming things which wasn’t said and jumping to conclusion(self talk about naksh after listening to half the conversation which I am wondering how did he hear ?? keerthi has the phone closed with her hand)
      3. Naira had same water bottle like Karthik
      4. Karthik kab se running shuru kiya tha show mein? For the length he ran he drank all the water? Kya cvs much bhi dikathi Ho!
      5. U get water from anyone though it was a kid
      6. How did naira find the kid? How irresponsible the kid’s parents are to leave the kid alone in the park?
      7. No name on suwarna’s Envelope? How did Karthik know which parcel was hers? They reduced her make up ?? for that
      8. What’s with Naira and Suwarna’s hair? Looks like they forgot to iron it or current went off when they were styling them(which is mostly open hair)
      9. DG was better(not over acting)
      10. This Naksh video will come up again and everyone from both the families will get to know the truth! Hope keerthi gets to know before it
      11. How come suwarna’s bro sends her son’s picture all of a sudden when she had asked for things touched by him? Doesn’t the household where Aryan was staying have any of his things? Photo didn’t look like printed from mobile! Looked more like taken at a photo studio ??
      12. How did Aryan get to know suwarna is Manish’s second Wife?
      Is episode ka narazgi nikal diya Maine! Hoping for some good episodes with no cry babies

      1. Aku

        I agree with each and every word of yours.. but what else can you expect when Shivangi and Mohsin are thinking of others track.. th unhe th overacting krni hi hoti hai.. and self importance..unhe lagta hai ki vh bahut smart ache lag rahe hai.. but infact esa kuch Ni hai.. Puri bandariya lagti hai Shivangi.. reel mei b real mei b.. overacting ki dukan

      2. Fenil

        hahahahah dear just a few words…kya baat hain kya baat hain…badi hi barikay se notice kiya…agree Suwarna Also looks good with simple manner…in all function i didn’t like her makeup and all. Karthik also join over acting shoap lol??

  11. In YRKKH, every marriages had its own uniqueness and we as a regular viewer didn’t get bored by watching marriage ceremony every time. We had a grand marriage of Akhasara naitik many times but we enjoyed the concept and never got bored. Likewise, ansu aur jasmeet ki sadi, karishma aur naman, muskan andalok, rashmi and nikil / sameer, (2 marriages), rajbanna and devyani, daddaji and bhabhi ma,.
    Every marriages happened her was exclusive and had a good lesson in it.
    Now a days, focusing on one character has spoilt everything. I am not sure but i think the writers of this show are changed.
    I never see other serials, i have stopped watching other serials because they are not so entertaining and don’t convey positive messages to us. But, this was the only show which used to give me positive vibes. Everyday’s good thing that happened to me was YRRKH, that 22 mins was the most lovable moment for me.. cuz I got to watch this show. It became the part of my life. After Akshara’s exit, I felt entertainment went out from my life.
    Plz directors and producers, writers of YRKKH, plz focus on singhaniya sadan and try to make an elegant shows. Not These creepy, irritating love stories and fight.
    I beg you … listen to the views  and respect the feelings.Incorporate all the characters together

    1. Aku

      Arey arey there is no point in requesting CVs and producers and directors and writers.. they all have become puppets of Shivangi and Mohsin.. don’t you know they both are deciding other characters track so what else can you expect apart from them 24*7 like a Fevicol .. I would suggest go on India forums and comment on that articles which states 5 ways in which naira fits Akshara’s shoes and 2500 episodes completed.. I heard Rajan Shahi reads that forum and comments on it.. maybe then you can expect less of kaira

      1. Shrilatha

        Why don’t we guys sign a compliant or ask for a spin-off with keesh ka story and kirti ka bonding with singhania family like DOB.

  12. Two cry babies Karthik and Naira,love to Keesh,was never a Keesh fan,but loving them these days,fed up of Kaira scenes .

  13. Kaina1

    hey bhagwan ye kya ho raha oi samajha dege mujhe i mean
    Firstly why the hell karthik is blaming naksh has he forgotton that dg even after he said no for talking this matter to shinghaniyas send naira to shinghaniya for talk has he forgotton how g blamed naira for kirti leaving the house i mean yaar thoda dimag toh use karo not even in single episode naksh claimed to love kirti i mean yaar jab usne haan boli thi toh bhi yeh nahi kaha that ki wi unse pyaar karta hai all he said was yes whatever is in kirti heart is in my heart also he didnt said yes becoz i love kirti then y and yes karthik pray for ur well being becoz after what you did now even if you donate ur kidneyto naksh i wont forgive u never and i truly wish ki agli baar jab tum plane me jao toh me khud tumhe ou dadi goenka ko plane se dhaka doon bahut hua yaar naksh ko kya nokar samajh ke rakha he jo tom bologe wo karega dude he is naksh shinghaniya i mean yaar mujhe toh pure dil se gaali dene ka mann kar raha hai and i will
    and know coming to fresh misunderstanding in this episoe about breakfast bhai karthik naksh unhari tarah be-rojgar nahi hai usse pura buisness khud sambhalna hai so get lost be i loss my cool

    1. Aku

      Hey hey hey calm down.. I can understand what you are feeling.. but what’s the point of boiling your blood.. jb humhare chahne nah chahne se kuch Ni hoyega.. jh Shivangi and Mohsin chahenge Wahi hoga.. so please calm down

      1. Kaina1

        aku yaar kya karu mann kar raha hai ki cvs or kaira ko well me dhaka de doon

  14. Laveena

    i saw on instagram that kaira sleep together… hope in upcoming we will see kaira milan…

    1. Aku

      We are not interested in kaira separation and Milan.. all we want is keesh.. if cz of kaira keesh are separated then you have no idea how much more we will hate then and bang them and also to those insecure selfish Shivangi and Mohsin

      1. Laveena



    2. Aku

      Exactly my point.. I want cute conversation between them but not the whole episode on them with there childish kiddish romance every now and then.. there are other characters too. Who can have much better story line than these two ill mannered idiots

      1. Laveena

        SAME POINT…


  15. hahhaahhahaha fenu saari bharas nikal di apne kuch dinon ki well done bro.. I think in today’s page I agree to everyone’s POV each and every word is true seriously..
    kaina calm down mera bhi gali deno ko Mann karrha he bohat or tum pehle well pe dhaka dena phir men hell men OK…aj toh sab apni bharas nikal rahe hen
    Full on rage…

    1. Fenil

      hahahah nikal di aaj mene bhi bhadas

  16. and last not the least aku exactly we r not at all interested in kaira Milan or separation..

  17. Fenil

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Naksh worried and broken for Keerthi post truth revelation
    Star Plus show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai will showcase high voltage melodrama in the upcoming episode which will either make or break Naksh (Rishi Dev) and Keerthi’s (Mohena Singh) Rishta.
    It was earlier seen that Kartik (Mohsin Khan) raise hand on Naksh in the fit of rage but Naira (Shivangi Joshi) manage to stop the fight before Keerthi comes in.
    Unfortunately, the secret that Naira’s was hiding from entire family will come out.
    Both Singhania and Goenka family will start fighting and blaming each other for the guilt.

    On the other side, Naksh will be completely broken and worried for Keerthi.
    Keerthi will be seen in great state of shock and will not be able to believe her eyes.
    Keerthi will be seen going straight towards Naksh and confront Naksh before everyone.
    Keerthi’s support for Naksh shocks Kartik and Naira
    Naksh will reveal the entire truth before everyone and also confess his real love for Keerthi.
    Shockingly, Keerthi will support Naksh and accept his love proposal.

  18. In this show they is no negativity.

  19. I can’t understand why karthik overreacting

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