Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23rd October 2013 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23rd October 2013 Written Episode, Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23rd October 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Naitik informing the family about Akshara’s accident. Naitik tells Shaurya to come to city hospital. Naksh cries and everyone are worried. Maa says lets go fast. Everyone leave for the hospital. Akshara cries in the car. Naksh wishes that nothing happens to Akshara and cries. Rashmi cries. Rama asks her not to worry in this state. Dadi asks everyone to be calm, as the Lord will surely listen to them. All of them start praying. Akshara says did the man die. Naitik says don’t worry, we are reaching the hospital soon.

The doctor asks the nurse to inform the police. Naitik wishes that Naresh gets saved. Everyone reach the hospital. Bhabhimaa is at home with the remaining family. Akshara hugs Naitik and cries. Akshara says I took

the shortcut because of traffic. Naitik says fine, I know whatever happened was not done by purpose. Akshara says I want to stay with you. Shaurya and everyone meet Akshara and Naitik in the hospital. Naksh sees Naitik and runs to him and hugs him. He asks about Akshara. Naitik says she is fine. Everyone ask about the accident. Naitik says its not her accident, she did someone else’s accident. She has hit one man.

Naitik says the man is not well, the doctor are examining her. He says the police will be coming anytime. Maa asks about the man. Naitik says he is serious. Shaurya tells everything to Varsha. Maa says shall I go to Akshara. Everyone at home discuss about the accident done by Akshara. Akshara comes and Naksh hugs her. Maa asks how are you, did you get hurt. They ask how did this happen. The doctor calls Naitik. Mohit takes Naksh with him. The doctor says the man is critical, he is much hurt. Everyone gets tensed.

He says we have to do his operation. Naksh tells Mohit what will happen now, mumma did the accident. Police comes and Naksh is worried seeing them. He gets afraid and says will the police take mumma. He says I know they will take her. Mohit says no, they won’t take her. The inspector asks the doctor and questions Akshara. Akshara cries. Naitik and Maa ask her to say. Akshara tells them what happened. Everyone are shocked.

Shaurya and Naitik get angry. She says I did not do it purposely and cries. Naitik says its fine, they should die. Such people should not live. Shaurya gets angry. The inspector says she has to come with me to the police station. Shaurya asks why. The inspector says its a case, we are not arresting her, we should take her for filing the case. Akshara says I did not do it. Naitik says don’t worry. Naitik asks everyone to go home. Naksh runs to Akshara and asks the inspector where they are taking Akshara. Naitik says we will come back soon. Naksh says don’t take her, she did not do anything. Maa explains him. The inspector says she will be back soon. Naksh says I will also come with you. Naitik asks Naksh to go home. Maa stops Naksh. Akshara cries.

Dadda ji says someone call them and ask. Varsha says they might be busy. Bhabhimaa says what will they do, will they punish Akshara. Maa and everyone come home. Dadi asks where is Akshara. Akshara’s mum cries and hugs Dadi. Dadi asks why are you crying. Bhabhimaa asks Maa whats the matter. Mohit calls Naksh. Yash asks where is Akshara. Mohit takes the kids with them. Dadda ji asks Bau ji what happened. They tell everything and everyone are shocked.

Shaurya talks to Varsha. The inspector asks for Naresh’s details. Shaurya talks to Akshara and pacifies her. She cries. Shaurya asks her not to cry as it was not her mistake. He says they should be ashamed who did this. She hugs him. Naitik talks to the manager and scolds him for not having Naresh’s details. Naitik tells the inspector that they don’t have any details. The inspector says don’t worry, we will find about him, pray that nothing happens to him. Naitik is worried and says what did we do, that too for the second time. Naitik looks at Akshara.

The inspector calls Naitik and says the man won’t be saved now, he is critical. Everyone are shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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