Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23rd November 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23rd November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bau ji saying he can’t decide so soon. Dada ji says yes, take time, that’s why I did not file case on Naksh. Naitik says its good you did not do case. Akshara says we will not do this relation. Dada ji says he is not talking to her, men should talk to men, don’t talk in between. Naitik says we take decisions as family member, not man or woman, she is Naksh’s mother and has right to take decision. Dada ji says right, but women are weak by mind and does not take right decision, whereas man thinks well, you discuss and tell me, its good if you agree happily, else you know I want Tara’s happiness, so I will take your approval. Akshara says no need to talk to him, Naitik.

Mishti comes. Dada ji asks her to beat him, but explain them. Naman and Karishma

ask Mishti to go to room. Devyaani says we will think about this proposal. Naitik says no, we will not think, please go from here. Dada ji says you are groom’s family and have right to scold us, we will not say anything, we will wait and sit here. He asks them to think of children’s happiness. Dada ji and his grandsons stand to wait.

Naman says they got after us. Akshara says Naksh and Tara are young, they should study, its not their time to marriage. Naitik says yes, they are pressurizing us. Naman says they are threatening. Girja gives them water. Dada ji refuses to have. Akshara says we have told you we are not ready for this marriage. Dada ji says I understand men’s words, send them to talk to me. Naitik says decision is same, we don’t accept this proposal.

Dada ji says I thought you people are educated and good family, but you decided to punish Tara, I broke that Roka, Tara will be ruined, she will be unmarried all her life, she did not do anything, she is without parents, have some pity, she is nice. Akshara says maybe you are right, but we are not finding girl now, I request you not to find guy for her, she is young, educate her and make her independent. Dada ji says Tara has done enough education. Naitik says its your choice, but my son is young for marriage. Dada ji says he is not young for love. Naitik says no need to argue. Sangram says I told Dada ji its waste to come here, give shagun and end this matter.

Naitik asks whats this. Sangram says they will force them if they don’t agree. Dada ji says Sangram gets angry, he loves Tara a lot, he said he will take revenge for Tara’s tears and was complaining about Naksh, but I stopped him, Tara is crying and said he loves Naksh, don’t you have sister. Bhabhimaa asks Naitik and Akshara to come to her and talk.

Tara calls Naksh and asks how is he. She says why are problems coming on us. He says challenges come in love. She blames herself and says I should go far, then everyone would be happy, how will we be happy hurting everyone. He asks will we be happy living without each other. She says she can’t hurt anyone, He says I can bear anything. She says you have to bear. Mishti comes and says Dada ji has come again. Tara hears this and worries. Naksh says I will talk later and ends call.

Bhabhimaa says Naksh wants to marry Tara, why are you both refusing. Bau ji says yes, don’t know what will they do with Naksh. Akshara says they are doing wrong. Bhabhimaa says what will we do if Naksh takes decision. Akshara says Naksh will not decide anything wrong. Bhabhimaa says I have seen world, he is right, if Naksh and Tara take wrong step then…. Its better we accept their proposal. Devyaani and Bau ji agree with Bhabhimaa. Naksh comes downstairs. Dada ji sees him. Akshara worries.

Dada ji asks Naksh how is he and apologizes to him. Bau ji says Tara’s Dada ji got Tara’s proposal for you. Naksh asks what. Dada ji says I was mistaken before, Tara said you both love each other. Sangram and Vikram apologize. Dada ji asks Naksh to inform Tara that Dada ji brought her proposal and your parents took time. Akshara asks Dada ji why is he blackmailing Naksh. Dada ji says I m telling him as he is the solution, he is over 18 so he decided to love, now take decision for marriage, tell me do you agree to marry Tara, did you love her or not. Akshara asks Naksh to think wekk, its big decision.

Dada ji asks Naksh to listen to his heart and keep his promise to Tara. Akshara stops him and says let Naksh say. Vishwamber says Akshara did not come till now. Rajshri asks Nannu why did he eat flowers than fruits and sweets. They all laugh. Varsha says I will call Akshara and ask when will she come. Rajshri worries. Dadi says maybe someone came there.

Naksh says I don’t find anything wrong in this, mumma I love Tara and want to be with her all my life. Dada ji smiles happily. Akshara says such decisions are not taken in hurry, marriage is commitment, you can’t decide like this. Dada ji says I know Naksh, he is a man and will not take his step back. She says he is a kid. He says for parents, children remain a kid always. He gives shagun silver coin to Naksh. Naksh says till mumma does not agree, I can’t accept this, please wait. Dada ji says fine, as you say, I have to follow your commands, we will sit here.

Naitik says you are elder, I fold hands, please leave at this time, give us some time and we will tell our decision. Dada ji asks Naksh does he want same. Naksh nods. Dada ji says fine, we will leave. He says he has left coins plate there, accept it and inform us. He leaves with his grandsons.

Dadi says whats wrong if Naksh and Tara like each other. Akshara says my heart is not ready for this, how can I agree Varsha, they will keep more demands. Rajshri says once relation joins, they will change.

Update Credit to: Amena

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