Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23rd June 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23rd June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yash asking Rose to check everything. Rose says my passport isn’t there. Yash, Naksh and everyone look for her passport. Mishti says I know Naira Didi you have Rose’s passport. Varsha asks Ananya is she not going to meet Rose, she is leaving. Ananya says yes, I m going there. Varsha asks for her chain. Ananya says I removed it and kept in room. She hides the chain and gets sad. Everyone does not get the passport. Naira says maybe Lord does not want Rose to go. Yash asks did you hide her passport, everyone is sad because of this marriage, return her passport. Naira returns the passport. Rose thanks Naira and says I will never forget you all.

Akshara gets Nandini home. Yash asks whats all this. Akshara says Yash and everyone have to know the truth, why

Nandini refused for marriage. Rukmani says she said their kundlis did not match. Akshara says truth is something else, Rose don’t feel bad, your family is responsible for this, Rose’s mum and dad were not married, Rose’s dad left her mum, and Rose does not have her dad’s name with her, this is the truth, because of which Nandini did not wish them to get married. Yash says I did not expect this from Maa, I told this truth to Nandini, but you used this truth like this, did you not see Rose’s truth. Naksh says whats Rose’s mistake in this, we should see her heart. Nandini says we stay in a society, everyone will joke of us.

Naira asks what justice is this. Akshara says Nandini is right, if its seen by her view, Rose I m sorry, this does not happen in India, children get punished by parents’ mistake, we all thank you for preparing us for the tomorrow. She cries and says we will also get this problem, when we all will stand on one side, and our daughter Kuhu will be in your place, its not Kuhu’s mistake, but what will we explain about society, we have to do what society tells us, even if Kuhu is a nice girl, but she can’t erase the stain on her forehead, such children don’t have right to stay happy, and get a good family, I know you all love Kuhu and getting hurt hearing this, but showing pity and accepting person is different things, I think Nandini’s decision is right. Naira says I thought you will understand me, but you are not supporting Yash, don’t support Nandini. Akshara apologizes to Rose. Yash asks Rose to come. Rose greets Nandini. Nandini cries.

Rose starts leaving. Nandini stops Rose. She says whatever I did was for Yash’s happiness, now I understood his happiness is in you. Everyone happily cry. Nandini makes Rose wear shagun bangles, and says you proposed me with the ring, today I m proposing you with this bangle, will you become my bahu, will you become part of our family. Rose nods and smiles. Yash and Rose hug Nandini. Everyone smile and clap for them.

Naira asks Nandini how did she agree suddenly. Nandini says I understood it slowly, your Maa has this way to explain, she does not say anything directly. Akshara says sorry, and thanks for keeping my words. They hug. Nandini thanks Akshara for stopping her from doing this big mistake. Akshara says congrats. She goes to Naira and says we won, thanks for supporting.

Ananya and Ranveer come home. Ananya asks is Rose not going. Naksh says no. Yash says its all Akshara’s magic. Ananya gets a gift for Rose. Rose likes the beautiful earrings. Ranveer asks Ananya when did she buy this, did Maa give this. Ananya says no, I managed it myself. They all decide to dance. Naira says we will dance together. Gayu says no, we will dance separately. Naksh thanks Akshara and says you tried so much at my time too, but my love cheated me.

Akshara gets the form of dance academy and says its last date is today. Chitti says sorry. Naira asks the time. Akshara says its 3pm, just some time left. Naira says I will go. Naksh says I will drop her. Bau ji says you have pain in your leg Naira, how will you go. Naira says I will manage, this form is imp. Naksh drops Naira to the place. She sees the notice about the venue changed for dropping applications. She says its nearby, I will go. Kartik comes there and they argue. He asks where are you going, are you running away from home again, sorry, I will drop you. She says no thanks. He says I will drop you, this form maybe imp, we will fill this before counter closes, come sit. He races the bike. She sits behind him and they leave. She does not hold him. He sees her in mirror. He drives over the speed breaker. She falls towards him. He says sorry, I did not do that intentionally.

Naira asks him to stop the bike, I have to go there. He asks did you have to come to this hotel to fill form. She says yes why. She starts going and worries seeing too many stairs. Kartik gives his hand. He says don’t feel special, its just because you got hurt because of me, we can go our ways after filling form. She says I don’t need your help, go your way. He gets a stick and asks her to atleast take this stick’s help, I don’t want foot swelling to increase or you fall. They hold the stick’s either ends and climb the stairs. She smiles and thinks why does he look so worried. Kartik looks at the hotel.

Naira asks will anyone say what happened. Akshara smiles. Naira gets surprised and smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. i hate love triangles… please cv’s gayu ke liye accha sa ladka bhejo…and let kaira be

  2. Yes..gayu is so cute so please any other for gayu.

  3. I read updates that naitik will quit yrkkh…plz don’t do this

  4. Yes CVS please gayu ke liye accha ladka bhejo bcoz I like karthik and Naira love story start Karo please please please please please kaira chemistry marvellous love story

  5. it is kaira.they r so cute.their love story is developing so beautifully.loving them so much.also akshara-naira won wohoo

  6. I think this hotel belongs to karthik’s dad that’s why he was worried not to be exposed! As he is sukanya’s bro and wants revange on singhanya’s that is why he’s working with them to ruin them ! I guess ! It’s my personal view!
    And by the way what is wrong with ranveer! Is he a miser or he is financially broke , why is he always lecturing an anu for money!!

  7. Priya, about naitik leaving the show, i guess its best for him as a person in real life, because recently he has not been keeping well healthwise. he has been taking imuunity injections to be able to act, and doctors are advising him rest. he has promised to return to televsision after he recovers.
    but defenitely, naitik akshara is a favorite pair, and even seeing him go to nigeria made us fans miss him.

  8. I will also miss him so much…akshra and naitik is my favorite couple..

  9. I also think kitties is saying right it can be possible…kartik may be sukanya’s brother…

  10. There will be two new entry

  11. Possible Hussain kuwajerwala…plays naitik role…

  12. akshara and naitaik are best couple they r rocking from nine years plzzzzzzz dont change them plzzzzzzzzz naira and karthik must b couple no gayu should come between them plzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!

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