Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23rd June 2015 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23rd June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rajshri asking someone to make garlands and decorate the mandap. Shaurya talks on phone and says he knows about rain and traffic. Akshara sees everyone rushing and asks whats happening. Rashmi asks for sandals. Karishma asks her to take it from her shoe rack. Gayu says she does not have matching earrings. Naksh says he wants his phone. Varsha and Jasmeet talk that they did not decide what to wear in marriage. Varsha apologizes to Shaurya for comparing him with Naitik and says now she understood he is the best. She hugs him and they smile.

Naksh asks Naitik not to trouble Akshara. Naitik says he will not need mum for small things. Naksh acts like him and laughs. He makes him wear pagdi. Naitik makes him wear pagdi and says its time for your marriage too.

Naksh says still 10-20 years. Naitik laughs and says I will wait to pull her leg in your marriage. Naksh says fine, and asks him to get ready. Everyone smile seeing Akshara in bridal dress and compliment her. Akshara sits to wear bangles and its not fit. Sanju says she has an idea. Gayu makes Rashmi ready.

Bhabhimaa asks Devyaani about nek envelops. Yash shows his shoe size short and asks Nandini. Naksh says my hair is not getting set. Naman helps him. Naitik sees everyone busy. He asks does anyone have time for him, he will be left here. Bhabhimaa asks what happened. He says the string of the pyjama came out and they laugh. Devyaani says I will put it. Sanju makes Akshara wear bangles by making her wear plastic and says my roommate used to wear churidar like this. Rajshri says she is smart. Akshara thanks her. Dadi blesses her.

Sanju says she did many mistakes. Rajshri gets emotional seeing Akshara. Akshara cries and Rajshri asks her not to cry, she has to loo beautiful today. Anshu and Shaurya come and take Akshara’s bridal pics for the album. Naitik gets ready and poses for the album pics. He says he is tired and looking cartoon. He says everyone will joke. Naksh asks him to get pics done. Naitik refuses. They all laugh. Gayu says she made Mishti’s hair style. Bhabhimaa says they look good. Naitik gets ready and Bhabhimaa and everyone smile. Bhabhimaa blesses him.

Naitik says he has washed his face well to get the yellowness out. They ask about Naksh. Yash says he said he has some work and went. Bau ji asks what work. Naitik says its time to leave now. Bau ji says horse provider did not come. He calls him and asks did Naksh come here, why did they not send the horse. Bau ji says Naksh has gone there to take horse, he will come. He says Naitik is lucky to have a son like Naksh. Vishwamber gets a call and says what, will he not come, fine.

Rajshri comes and asks when is baraat coming. He says he will find out. He says its still time for baraat. He asks her not to worry. She says no marriage happens without hurdle, I want everything to be fine. He says if so, then we will face it together. She leaves. He says how to solve this pandit’s matter, he is ill and can’t come.

Akshara comes to kitchen and scares Varsha while she was making the cake. Akshara laughs.Varsha asks her to go and sit, its her marriage. Akshara says I m not 16 year old, its not my first time marriage that I get shy and tensed to sit at one place. Varsha says time changes person and laughs. She asks her not to spoil her cake. Akshara says I m checking and tastes it. She says she has missed Varsha and her cake a lot in Cape town. Varsha says even I missed my best friend and sister in law, and hugs her. Akshara says she is always here now.

Bau ji says where did Naksh go. Naman calls and says he is not taking call. Bau ji calls the horse provider again and asks about Naksh. He says he is saying Naksh left 1-2 hours before, with the horse and band. Devyaani says where did he go. Bau ji calls Naksh and says he is not taking call. Yash says he will come. Devyaani says its time for baraat. Yash says he has managed everything, don’t worry, maybe its traffic and rains effect. He asks them not to worry, he will come.

Akshara asks Shaurya what happened. Shaurya says pandit ji has gone and can’t come back. She says whats happening, Naksh is also missing with horse and band. Rajshri gets shocked seeing something.

Update Credit to: Amena

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