Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23rd July 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23rd July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone dancing. Bhabhimaa says we have to do ring exchange ceremony. Rukmani says I need to say something, I have seen that after exchanging rings, the couple do that… Martha asks what. Rukmani tells indirectly. Mishti says you mean when couple kisses. They all smile. Rukmani says this does not happen here. Martha says we did this as per you, this is our tradition. Rukmani says we can’t agree to this. Ananya says I have a solution, Yash can kiss on Rose’s cheek. They all agree. Yash and Rose take the rings. Rose makes him wear the ring. Yash takes ring for Rose and it falls down. The diamond falls out. Mohit asks how did diamond come out. Akshara says this is sample, fake ring. Rukmani asks where is real ring. Martha says this is not a good sign. Rukmani

says even Martha knows its bad sign, how can Akshara do this to keep fake ring, if this was Naksh’[s marriage, would you do this, such a big cheat.

Naira defends Akshara and says maybe its someone else’s mistake. Akshara says maybe I got this fake sample in hurry, I m sorry Martha. Martha says I did not mean that. Rose says it does not really matter. Yash says yes, we won’t talk about this, its bad to think so about Akshara. Akshara says don’t worry, I will go home and find the ring, this won’t affect your wedding tomorrow, I promise, Yash you make Rose wear my ring, they are my children too. Everyone smile. Yash makes Rose wear the ring. Everyone clap.

Akshara thinks how did I do such big mistake, I will find ring. Naksh asks her not to worry. Martha asks everyone to pray, it will come true. Yash wishes Rose and her relation stay strong. Rose says Yash and I stay together always. Gayu wishes Kartik has feelings for her. Kartik says don’t know when will Naira feel what I feel for her. Naira wishes Naitik comes soon. Gayu thinks where did her letter go, no one should get it.

Martha says its over now, you can go home. Rukmani says we should have sung and danced. Martha says lets do this. Everyone like the idea. Mishti asks Kartik to stay back. Naksh asks Kartik to take his car and leave. Kartik says thanks, I will go myself, I have to sleep. Ananya and Ranveer ask Kartik to stay back. Anmol asks Raj to take bike today. Naira asks Anmol why did his face turn pale seeing him. Anmol says no one trusts you. Naira says it means something is fishy, I will find out some day. Gayu thinks I got saved, I will tell Kartik myself. Nandini asks Gayu to come with them in their car. Naira sees Kartik, and other car leaving. She sits with Kartik, Ananya, Yash and Rose, and they leave. It rains.

Yash and Rose hold hands and Naira smiles seeing them. The car stops. Kartik says I think car punctured. Ananya asks them to go and romance in rain. Yash says I will help Kartik. Ananya says you are the groom, this chance won’t come again, go.

Naksh sees Anmol coming in car and asks about his friend’s bike. Anmol lies to Mohit and Nandini about the bike. Mohit says if I know you are lying, then see what I do, Rukmani can’t save you. Anmol gets angry.

Kartik changes the tyre and asks Naira to hold umbrella well. She moves umbrella away and jokes on him. They both argue. He says you are liking a frog. She looks at him. She stumbles and he holds her. Yeh rishta kya…………..plays…………..

Akshara tells everyone that she did not get the ring, manager sent he has sent right ring. Bau ji says manager knows well. Naksh asks her to recall where she has kept ring. Rukmani asks her to check Chandu and Pungi’s bags. Akshara says don’t blame others, its my mistake, they are poor, not thieves. Rukmani says fine, then keep on searching for the ring. Yash and Rose romance in rain. Devyaani says I have Muskaan’s imitation ring to Pungi. Rukmani says it looks real. Mohit asks Rukmani is she satisfied now. She says I did not doubt anyone.

Kartik sees Naira and asks her to give tyre. She is sitting over the tyre. He holds her hand and they take the tyre. Bolna mahi bolna…………plays……….. Kartik and Naira get close and have a romantic moment. His imagination ends. He changes the tyre. Everyone wait for Yash and Rose. Akshara says Ananya called and said trye punctured, they changed it and are on the way. Yash, Rose, Kartik, Naira and Ananya come home. Kartik and Naira sneeze. Rajshri asks them to dry hair, else they will catch cold. Gayu gets towels for them. Kartik thanks him.

Anmol tells Rukmani that he is bored and wants to go. She says even I m staying in this acting. Martha asks her not to call this acting. Rukmani and Martha argue. Akshara asks them to stop arguing. Rukmani says I won’t come in marriage tomorrow.

Nandini asks Anmol is Naira saying true. Anmol denies. Naira says I heard him saying this on phone. Akshara slaps Anmol.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I read on one of the sites never allow anyone to address your kid as his/her gf or bf. It is not proper. Found it happening in case of Karthik and Mishthi.

  2. Sarayumane

    Mishti is like 10 year old kid and karthik is like 25 year old young man so I think there is no problem in it

  3. Shivi u r so gud in every emotion…hope u will rock in mom- daughter relation… And with others too.just give ur 100 percent..lots of gud wishes..

  4. Only people with dirty minds will have a problem with it, if your mind is pure then it’s no big deal.

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