Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23rd January 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23rd January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone encouraging Akshara as she is going to participate in the race. Naira calls her and wishes her all the best. Akshara says I forget to take medicines. Maya says but I did not forget, I mixed medicines in water and gives her. Akshara drinks the water. Naman and Karishma look on. Naman says I have work in office. Akshara says we will leave now. They all leave. Maya smiles. Karishma asks why is she smiling, she has to take care of Akshara, don’t divert mind in other thing, and don’t come in my room without knocking. She scolds Maya. Maya says sorry. Naman asks Karishma to come, I m getting late. They leave.

Rajshri, Varsha and all Maheshwaris are also on the way going to support Akshara. Rajshri is worried. Vishwamber asks her not to worry. She

asks him to drive well. Varsha asks Rajshri to support Akshara. Vishwamber says atleast don’t discourage her. They reach the place. Rajshri asks Akshara to take care. Naitik asks her to wish Akshara all the best, there is nothing to worry. Akshara says I will win and come, and asks Rajshri not to worry. Rajshri takes her to Tara’s Dada ji. Dada ji blesses Akshara. Naitik takes Akshara. Everyone smile.

She slips and Naitik holds her. She thanks him for making her big problems easy. He asks her to go and sit. He guides her. He wishes her all the best and says I love you. She says I have to be strong and win the race for my family. Maya is also there and talks to someone. She says I m waiting here, race is starting, come soon. She hides her face. Dada ji sees the ladies worrying and asks them not to worry. Vishwamber says we got tired of explaining them, its better they go home. Rajshri says no, we came to support Akshara. They all cheer for Akshara.

Naitik gets Naira’s call and talks to her. He says race did not begin yet, I will call later. Akshara wishes that she gets good driving partner, it would be good if it was Naitik. Sangram sits in the car. She greets and says I m Akshara Singhania. He greets her and she says Sangram. He says yes, I m your driver. She thinks was her dream signing about this. She tries to open door, and he locks the door, as race is beginning. She gets worried.

The man tells the participants names and the drivers. The families get shocked hearing about Sangram Singh Shekhawat, being Akshara’s helper/driver in the race. Tara looks at Dada ji. Naitik gets shocked. Akshara says if you try to do anything wrong, I will not forgive you and will not hide from anyone. He says don’t worry, this time no mistake will happen, I will take you to right place. Naksh says no need to worry, mumma is in safe hands, Sangram will drive well. Naitik goes and man stops him. Naitik says I want to meet her once, and the man says race is starting.

Sangram says race is starting, are you ready, if you sit quiet, who will guide the route. She wishes her fear is proved wrong about Sangram and she wins the race. The race begins. Naitik worries.

Sangram asks Akshara about the route, left or right. He asks her not sit quiet and say the route. She tells the route by following the route map. Everyone see the car race on live camera feeds. The man says Akshara and Sangram are leading. Naksh gets Naira’s call and tells her that Akshara is leading. Mishti asks them to cheer for Akshara. Naitik sits worried.

Akshara asks Sangram to take left. Maya hides and stands far. Tara asks Dada ji to come and talk with her. She asks him did you know this. He says no, else I would have not let him go, don’t worry, he won’t do anything, he does not have courage to intentionally hurt Akshara, else I will kill him. Naksh says Dada ji…. Tara worries. Dada ji and Tara make excuse. Naksh says its fun that Akshara got Sangram, now no one can stop them from winning.

Sangram asks Akshara how did she remember all routes. She guides him. He takes a turn. She asks him to drive carefully and where did he turn the car. He says our way is different. She says you think you will do anything if I can’t see, take car back. He says no, you have to go on the way on which I m going. She says Sangram…. And worries, as he drives in high speed.

The man tells about the last car. Naksh asks where is mumma’s car. Naitik says even I m thinking same, where is Akshara’s car.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Terrific episode!!!!!!

  2. Children should behave as children,they don’t understand the undercurrent going on within the family.bcos of selfish Naman n karishma’s selfishness poor Akshara has to suffer,if nakhs n Naira had not behaved so badly in past forcing the parents to relocate to India,nakhs falling in love with Tara,her villian brother Sangram added more fuel.

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