Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23rd February 2018 Written Episode Update: Kartik and Naira pretend happy

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23rd February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naira and Kartik cooking together and pretending. Dadi looks on and thinks they just had to pretend in front of Jiji, why did Naira get Kartik in kitchen, she always does what she wants. Suwarna looks on and thinks while pretending, they will have a true moment. Priyanka messages Naitik and asks did you talk to anyone. He replies no, I m tense thinking about Naira and Kartik’s issue. Naksh gets tea for him. Kirti comes and says I spoke to Maasi Dadi, she sounded happy.

Jiji asks what are you all doing. Naira and Kartik have a sweet talk. Kartik praises Naira. Naira asks him to taste kachori first. She feeds him. He says superb…. yeh rishta kya….plays…. Dadi asks Kartik to come, staff will serve the food, you come out. Jiji says Naira

is also there. Dadi says Naira is used to it. Jiji says you didn’t change, your think is still primitive, there is no difference between husband and wife, they are equal, there is balance in life if they walk together, we will play a game, finish work and join us, I will be part of Naira, Kartik and Suwarna, I heard you both never lose when you are together, even when other team tries hard to defeat you. Suwarna says you heard it right, they have always won. Dadi asks Jiji to come with her.

Kartik and Naira see the corn and look at each other. She slips in his arms. Dadi and everyone laugh. Naira asks Jiji will she have anything. Jiji says no, I have to leave tomorrow, I didn’t attend your marriage, I got a gift for you two. Kartik and Naira open the gift box. They find a dagger and get shocked. Dadi says this…. I mean we don’t gift sword and knife in gift. Jiji says you didn’t change, times have changed, its imp to trust someone’s thinking, its not necessary that what you feel not right is wrong, many people regard this good, giving one weapon means fight with the world with single weapon, you won’t be able to fight with each other, because there is just one weapon, no person having self respect will fight an unarmed opponent, you own everything, Bubbly will get what you don’t have, so I got this gift for you with a well thought. Naira and Kartik see each other.

Aryan gets angry and says Kartik is great, don’t know when will my turn come. Suwarna gets client files and says Kartik is busy, will you see this, he says yes. She says don’t mess up. He says I will manage. She says all the best. She thinks mum knows the best what children needs, Kartik wants time for his relation and Shubham wants work. Aryan says one day I will ask for it rightfully.

Dadi says the day has passed, one day more, Lord manage it. Surekha says Naira will handle it. Dadi says yes. Surekha asks what about Kartik, they are not talking. Dadi says yes, I didn’t intend to do this, I wanted them to live as everyone else. Surekha says both of them are angry. Dadi says once Jiji goes, I will see what to do. Kartik and Naira argue.

She cries and says we don’t need any weapon. He says we are fighting without any weapon. She says we should pretend well, Jiji may know if you sleep in kids’ room. He says no one will know, I guarantee. He knocks door. The knob breaks. He says Lav and Kush irritate me. Suwarna and Jiji smile, standing at the other side. Kartik taunts Naira on her snoring. Naira jumps and occupies bed. Kartik rests on ground. Suwarna thanks Maasi for coming on one call. Jiji says its my responsibility to help you, this time doctors gave me permission to travel.

Dadi says where is Jiji, its time to sleep now. Suwarna says don’t misunderstand Dadi, she isn’t wrong, none of us can explain her, I m younger to her. Jiji says this is the problem of middle generation, the generation gap is so wide. Suwarna says I can’t bridge these two generations, I regret I can’t keep Dadi and Naira happy. Kartik doesn’t get sleep. Naira says we fight for space, he is restless even when there is enough space. He pulls pillow and falls down. Jiji says Dadi will never want anyone to see her family’s flaw, I know my sister well, she has seen a lot, she has grown stubborn, she doesn’t understand that mother wins by children’s love, not fear. Suwarna says I hope children stay happy, we have to get their love back. Kartik pulls blanket.

Naira pulls his back. She asks do you think you are smart, you snatched pillow and now blanket. Jiji says we will make this lie into truth. Suwarna says I hope this happened. Jiji says Naira received me at airport, Kartik and Naira are in same room, I m stubborn, I m no less than Bubbly. Suwarna hugs her. Naira snores. Kartik hits head to pillow. Naira says I see, you have a problem with my snoring, now deal with it. She snores loud. He says I could have slept well in kids room, I can’t sleep here, better to sleep in bathroom. Naira thinks to do something, she can’t see him worried. Suwarna sees Dadi. Jiji says if she has seen what we did. They hide the bolted door.

Jiji says I feel you and Naira have some problem. Dadi asks Naira and Kartik to participate in best couple competition. Naira and Kartik participate.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  2. So, one who comes from abroad all the way will leave in 2 days, just for locking these kids in one room??

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