Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23rd February 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23rd February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naira and Gayu getting emotional. Everyone sing and grind haldi. Yeh rishta kya kehlata hai…..plays…….. Baisa makes Naksh grind some haldi. Gayu applies him haldi and says you will get next haldi applied. Naksh says no, I don’t have time for all this, I have much work. He goes. Naira sees Kartik. Kartik signs her to meet. They give flying kisses to each other. She signs him to go. He signs no, and waits for her. He puts light on her by mirror. She signs him to go and smiles. He writes a letter and throws to her. Baisa gets letter and says what’s this, everyone is here. Baisa reads tonight is last night, and says its ghost pic, who wrote this.

Mansi asks Naksh is he marrying. Naksh says no, why, Gayu applied this haldi, its not getting

off. Suwarna says it means its your turn now. Kirti says its said so. He says you guys started now. Suwarna says your sisters are lucky to get a brother like you. Kirti says yes, I thought I m lucky sister to get Kartik, but Gayu, Naira and Mishti are lucky to get you. Suwarna says your life partner will be lucky. Naksh smiles and says its too much. He goes. Aditya looks on and stops Kirti. Suwarna and Mansi go. Aditya gets angry on Kirti and asks why are you praising Naksh, what’s the matter. She asks him to think and talk. He says I heard you and Naksh come here together. She says its wrong to help anyone, you think so, what’s this, you change your perception. She cries and goes.

Kartik and Naira hold hands across the wooden wall. He asks her to come on date, as a fiancee, it not GF. She says I will try, I can’t promise. He says you know we can’t meet after haldi, do something. He does shayari. She asks him to go, anyone will see. He says if we meet at night, none will see us.

Naitik asks Naksh about Pagdis. Naksh says its in truck. Naira gets tea and asks them to take break. Naitik says we don’t have time. She says yes, its my marriage tomorrow, I will be busy, we will not be able to see each other, so I m asking 5 mins, don’t I have that much right. Naksh says you take 50 mins, but stop this drama. Naitik says talk now, we are listening. They drink tea and talk.

Dadi says I will keep everything here, else Surekha will forget. Kartik gets the food and gives her green tea too. She says you here at this time. He asks where will I go. She asks did you not go to meet Naira. He says I came here to meet you and you are taunting me. She asks really. He says your place is just yours, I can’t say after marriage, everything and my love will be divided. Naira says my love will nt be divided. Naitik and Naksh say what can we say. Kartik and Dadi laugh. Dadi says you will forget me after marriage. Kartik says no, else Naira will make me like before, for her, nothing is imp than family, she will never want me to change. Dadi hugs Kartik.

Naira says you both don’t have anything to say, fine I will go. She sees them getting emotional. She holds their hands and says even if you both don’t say, I understood, I love you both, none can make your place. Naksh asks your frog prince. She says not even him. She cries and goes.

Its night, Naira gets ready and goes out. Akhilesh meets someone and asks what are you doing here, I told you, let Kartik’s marriage happen, after that…. see you don’t trouble me, else it will be bad, go from here. The man goes. Akhilesh turns and sees Baisa. Baisa removes headphones and asks who was here, you were talking to someone. Akhilesh says no, I was talking on phone. She asks sure, why did I see a man then. She thinks what happened to me, its good Mishti has put Hanuman Chalisa in my phone. She says there is ghost here and goes.

Akhilesh wishes the marriage happens, then I will manage everything. Bhabhimaa says we have Naira tonight, tomorrow her baraat will be leaving. Gayu cries. Rajshri asks them not to cry in front of Naira, else she will also cry. Naira comes there and asks why are you all laughing. Karishma says we thought something and laughed. Mishti says Bhabhimaa has many stories. Gayu says yes, we decided to talk all night. Devyaani tells about diya rasam. Rajshri says Naira does not have to say. Mishti says I will tell Naitik and Naksh. Baisa comes. Mishti asks what happened. She jokes.

Naira messages Kartik. Gayu asks are you not going to meet. Naira says I want to stay here and go there, don’t know what to do. Naitik says its our daughter’s marriage tomorrow, you wanted to see Naira in bridal dress, life is strange, it does not let us manage life our way, when Naira grew up, we could not understand, today she is getting married, she will go inlaws, I will get lonely, its that day when Kartik will take her, bless her Akshara.

Naira comes running to meet Kartik. He opens arms. She hugs him. Yeh rishta kya….plays…… She says I wanted to come but, I was in dilemma. He says no more talks of that matter, you came, I don’t want anything else, this night will never come back in our life. She says that’s why I have come, Bhabhimaa had to do diya rasam, I got time and came running, I told them I will come in 10mins, let me go. He holds her hands. He keeps the sandclock. Kitte jaun re….plays…… They get close. She runs away. He looks for her. He holds her and hugs. They have a romantic moment. She holds his hand and stops him. He lifts her and hugs.

Pandit says this puja got completed, now take elder’s blessings. Kartik takes Dadi, Akhilesh’s blessings. Lav and Kush push him towards Manish.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. That was the most sizzling and intimate moment of kaira !!!
    I loved it!!!

  2. Hi Rahul,vrushy,sophie,chanya,soumya and all yrkkh fans hope all are fine
    Naksh and kirti marriage happening soon
    Loving the kaira scenes

  3. hello guyz rahul,Sophie dii,vrushy dii,raf dii,pat, Rosa,twana, sachu dii and every1….!

    cming to the episode well it’s nice but they are dragging anyways tomorrow they are going to marry I hope and I jst hope that aditya doesn’t do anything stupid…!!

    he is already married and he is keeping eye on naira who is already getting married he is such a coward…!!

    and I also hope that they don’t drag the show anymore pleaseeee….!!!

    1. Hi tahira I agree with you
      Where are you from

  4. please dont drag the show and remove afitya from the show. hes spoiling the whole clean show. hes mad. should be removed from the serial. his truth of hurting kirti and naira should come infront of goenka family soon please.

    please bring akshara back. we miss her aloooootttt.

  5. Soofia Bhatti

    Hey I’m soofia I can’t for naira kartik wedding day tomorrow plus naira kartik wedding will be the most best wedding ever I’m so happy for kartik naira wedding day it’s going to be the most beautiful wedding day I really hope that stupid aditya doesn’t mess the wedding up tomorrow

    From ur number one fan soofia Bhatti

    1. Dont have to give your info and btw yrkkh makers doesnt check our cmnts bcz they don’t have time. And this is a written update site not a message to the makers site.

      1. Rahul96

        Hahahaha your reply made me full of laughter !!

      2. Rahul96

        I mean Su_16 your reply!!

  6. hi hasan how are you?
    am from Pakistan but am living in Swaziland from 3 years…!!

  7. and I really want that kirti and naksh marry soon I jst love them so much they are perfect and I really love the new naksh he is great

  8. Soofia Bhatti

    Hey I’m soofia I can’t wait for naira kartik wedding day tomorrow plus naira kartik wedding will be the most beautiful wedding day ever I’m so happy for kartik naira wedding day it’s going to be the most best wedding day ever I really hope that stupid Aditya doesn’t mess up the wedding for naira kartik wedding day tomorrow

    From ur number one fan soofia Bhatti

  9. ahh where’s my comment???

  10. Disgusting romantic scene of kaira yesterday.This was a appreciatable serial for showing traditional family and rasams.couldnot digest to see too much adult scenes in serial.akshara,naitik romance was shown pleasantly,pls try to do same with Laura.

  11. Rahul96

    Hi Sophie dii and guys
    Hii Sophie diii and everyone I am extremely sorry for my comment regarding open minded . I am extremely sorry for my comment Sophie diii . Actually dii I totally misunderstood your comment of 22 February and for this I am extremely sorry dii.

    But Sophie dii whatever I said was totally based on my experience !! Dii I am living in hostel for 3 years . Dii whenever I watches some romantic scenes in movies yaa serial I become shy yaa uncomfortable or something like that . My friend then used to advise me be open minded bro , don’t behave like 1980’s !!!! 2 of my roommates are having gf , to whenever I use to ask them will you marry them ??? They say No !!! Then I used ask them why keeping her gf ??? They just used to smile ( I hope you understand dii ) . I used to tell them you will break her heart !!! They use to tell me she also know , be open minded dude , grow up ,!!!

    1. Rahul96

      Dii I am extremely sorry !!!!!
      One of my friend has 6 gfs !!!! ( I don’t know how he handle all 6 gfs ) . I asked him that your gf Know that you have 5 more gf ?? Ans say No !¡!!
      Dii my friend’s opinion and my opinion quite vary regarding love .
      They think that love is all about _______ ( dii I hope you understand my blank space ) .
      But I think differently . It’s spiritual . I discussed same thing with them. They used to advice me to be open minded Bhai , you are still living and in 1970’s !!
      And because of this I feel alienated from my group of friends ,!!!
      Dii it just that here my friends think that those who are not ready to accept s*x*alism are closed minded !!!!

      Once a video come in which it was showing few Muslim boys were beating a man . And alongwith with that video a highly poisonous comment ( against Muslim ) was also written .
      And now the so called my “open minded” friend started teasing 2-3 Muslim boy ( of my hostel ) . Dii I am telling the truth I was the first one to took stand for them .
      And in return I received the best compliment of my life from my that Muslim friend . He told me that bro you are too good and unique and told me people like you are rare !! He also suggested me to read Quran , Whenever you will get time !!! I promise him !!!

      1. I am very proud of you, Rahul Bhai. This is called humanity! In my pov ‘open minded’ means you don’t have anything bad on your mind and you have two religions 1) *What ever is your religion* 2) Humanity…

        And abt the reply to Soofia Bhatti cmnt, yeah it was kind of humour. Pls don’t mind but I can’t stop my laughter on that some people can’t even see the differences between message to the makers site and written update site. And whats the point of saying ‘I am soofia’ bcz your name is already written before the cmnt in bold.

    2. Your freinds with all those GFs and your friends who only care about them are called Narrow minded people…and these type of people have thr wrong mind…
      I am proud of you for taking a stand for your Muslim friend…
      And no need to say sorry…I am fine…
      I am sorry in yesterday’s comment if I hurt you, I only said that because my comment was misunderstood… which was not cool…

    3. Rahul96

      Sophie dii
      I hope you understand that my comment regarding open minded was totally based on my experience !!!

      And Sophie di this is also one of the reason that why I always yaa frequently keep on saying that
      “If you are not able to find good people then become one ”

      And dii this is one the of the major reason that why I failed to understand your statement !!!!
      Sophie dii when you tell that keep an open minded and when you reply that out of 6 all 6 episodes should have romance , I think that just because we are not ready accept to accept romance you are telling us that we are closed minded people !!!
      Because people do usually think like this !!

      But I am extremely sorry diii it was all my fault , that I misunderstood your words !!!

      And Sophie diii
      After properly reading my comment regarding open minded I realised that there was some typo error in my comment:-

      The 2nd yaa 3rd paragraph of my comment . There is some typo error there , the actual sentence is :-
      Now *if* I say that I have *watched* Titanic ,……………….,. I am person of open minded ???
      Truly speaking other than Titanic I haven’t watch other films , but my friends tell me about this.
      And also I have realised that in my comment was sounding bit rude !!! While typing I didn’t realise this . But dii in my next comment in soumya portion I was in funny mood in ghosts !!! So dii I was also in calm mood while replying too you dii and my intention was to involve in discussion with you regarding open minded and not to hurt you diii .

      1. Romance is a way of potraying true love…and people these days don’t understand what true love is….
        If you think postively than you will realise what the makers are trying to present…
        They are not trying to make you feel uncomfortable or shy…all they are trying to show is love…

        (I am not saying you so this because you don’t) People keep on comaparing Kaira with Naitik and Akshara…why don’t you understand that they are four different characters so they cannot be the same…so stop expecting so much…

        When I say that I want to see 6/6 of romance is because I love the bonding that these personalities have…

        And it is not about accepting romance…it’s all about watching and enjoying…

        The audience should not think too much about serials….I am sure they have better stuff to do…then think about serials 24/7

        And people keep on repating the same thing again and again “too much romance” “too much romance”…please stop doing that because it is getting really annoying….it feels like people have a problem with everything and anything…

    4. Rahul96

      And Sophie dii soon after posting my comment I went out for attending my class !!! So I don’t get time to read my comment !!!! I am extremely sorry dii !!! Sorry dii for posting a bit rude sounding comment and sorry dii for misunderstanding you !!!

      Dii as for the children!! I need to go now for class so will do comment later on !!!

    5. Rahul96

      And Yess guys I forgot to tell you one thing !!!!!
      “Happy Mahashivratri to all my Hindus friends , Indian friends , friends , silent comment readers , and all YRKKH fans and family !!!
      May lord Shiva and goddess Parvati bless your life with happiness and makes your life tension free !!! And makes all your wishes come true !!!!
      This is the day when lord Shiva saves the moon !! And put the crescent moon for the first time in his head !!!

      1. Soumya85

        Happy Mahashivratri to u too bhaiya

  12. Akshara ko bhi lao
    Show trp me 1st num par aa jayega

  13. I think there is already a ishika hereso you can call me by any name.I am a silent comment reader.Let me give my intro-
    NAME-Ishika goenka
    Favrouite drama-YRKKH(STARPLUS),BHABHI JI GHAR PAR H(&tv),SANYUKT(Zee tv)
    so if u don’t mind can i join u???

  14. I think there is already a ishika hereso you can call me by any name.I am a silent comment reader.Let me give my intro-
    NAME-Ishika goenka
    Favrouite drama-YRKKH(STARPLUS),BHABHI JI GHAR PAR H(&tv),SANYUKT(Zee tv)
    so if u don’t mind can i join u???

  15. Fenil

    Hello everyone !!

    Happy Maha Shivratri to all my friends !!

    episode was cool.

    1. Soumya85

      Happy mahashivratri to u to bhaiya

    2. Soumya85

      And all the best for ur exams

      1. Fenil

        Thanks Dear Dii

  16. !.HAPPY MAHASHIVRATRI.! to all of u.! May lord Mahesh(Shiv) n Parwati Mata bless u with all the happiness.! Hey Sachu di, I am ua bro only na. Y r u saying that u were regarding me as bro. Instead u shud say- I WAS SAYING THAT ON MY BROTHERS BDAY- LAKHANs BDAY.! I know I cant fill in ua real brothers shoes, but atleas I can try. Keep me as ua brother.! Hey Raf, today was my last practical. All practicals were good.! What abt urs?

  17. Hi Bff, y do u think that I am upset on u? Not at all yar. Koi apne bff se naraj thodai rehe sakta? Hi Aliya, good to c ua big wala msg.! ya u r my 1st virtual bff.! Thnks 4 ua wishes.! Hi Adi bro, dont b sorry. Thanks 4 ua wishes.! Hi Fenil bro, its okay if u r busy in ua studies. All the best.! and all of u, just see that both Ishika r same. C the comments n its timing. Both r same. well, ishika y do u want to introduce ua clone by saying that u live in London? We can accept u even if u live in Delhi.!

  18. Rahul bhai n Adi bro- Being open minded is not when u start speakng big things. Its when u start understanding small things. How can u expect the ways of living of Kartik n Naira b similar to that of Naitik n Akshara. Time changed Generation changed Ppl changed Problems changed and ways to solve those problems are also changed. Sophie di saying to b open minded was for those who keep on complaining about everythng.! Dont pls misunderstand her.!

  19. hiii lakhan i dont know about that ishika.
    timings may be coincidence

  20. Hey fenil , stop your drama of respecting every younger and elder person here. Just to seek attention u r doing this ok nothing more than it.

    U are calling Lasyashree as Lasiii….who the hell is give u right to spoil her name …blo*dy idiot. U are like Aditya u also had bad eyes on vrushy and lasyashree.

    Cheap third class ppls u are.

    1. Hey Robin stop your freaking drama. You blo*dy idiot, you don’t even know that Lasyashree sis likes that name lasi, haven’t you heard of *nickname/pet name*. I think you are not even sensible to know that bcz you are stupid as a donkey.

      And third class people like you don’t even know the meaning of *third class*, third class people are not about how poor they are but how narrow minded they are. Idiot now I think I taught you a good lesson. So get a life.

  21. Fenil if u are in front if eyes na then i will surely slap u hard tight across your face.

    Hey vrushy and other ff writer , be careful from him he is commenting on your ff only to ….u know what m i trying to say

    1. Shut up you cow, go and get a life…

  22. Rahul96

    Hahahaha and after few days Robin will apologies . Saying sorry with following reasons :-
    1) guys I am sorry it was all my cousin yaa any different person fault commenting From my mobile . ???????
    2) guys I am sorry I was having a lot of tension in my personal life so that’s why I commented a lot of negative comment here !!!???????
    3) guys I have recently been discharged from a mental hospital , but I am still on treatment !!!! So that’s why I commented such words ,!!!?????????

    We are waiting for your reasons also Robin !!!!!??????

  23. Rahul stop dreaming and support fenil.

    And abt apology , its under my feet. I am Robin and robin never say sorry to other but make speak sorry from other so better to stop talking nonsense.

    Where are u fenil ? If u has gut then come here and talk your puppets are not capable before me.


    1. You blo*dy, shut up…
      I agree with Rahul bhai, very true.

      You should’ve said “Third class people likw me never apologies bcz we are arrogant, and we are like fake news reporters always spreading rumours and believe I am worse than blo*dy heck Donald Trump”

      If you said this cmnt then it would’ve been a great entertainment for us.

      1. Rahul96

        Hi Su_16
        Glad that you stand up , but Su_16 just for some random strangers don’t make your mouth bad( ??????? ) . Make some funny comments like I did , it will make all of us full of laughter!!!!! Or if you are busy then ignore all such comments !!!!

  24. hahaha rahul your reasons wala comment made me full of laughter srsly and very true well said bro.
    and robin you are just trying to gain attention right by telling fenil to come and talk and every1 knows very well who is talking nonsense here and we don’t have time for people like you who try to create misunderstandings in family and tries to gain attention we all have exams and we are busy you don’t have any work maybe that’s why you are wasting your time to write about your opinion we don’t care about your opinion so keep it with you only…!!

  25. and we also never say sorry to the wrong person but they themselves say soryy…!!

  26. Hi Tahira n Hasan welcum to the family. Tell ur date of births pls. Hi Chanya, if u r disapointed then pls dont take any discusion. bcoz scientist say that decisions taken in sad situations r 99percet wrong. think once again n pls dont quit TU. Pls sister.!

  27. hey tahira and rahul see i don’t want to fight with u both….but u should think about my point.

    Hey tahira , u are new here i m here from old days and reading comments all day…he is just like whore .

    If he is so good then why he didn’t forgive Nithya till date…Mayra ke saath bhi arguement kii thi on Vrushy’s FF and Keerti ko bhi bahut kuch sunaya tha….

    See if he is so good then vrushy is not replying my comments as she feel also same. Right vrushy ?

    Fenil pls come and answer your puppets that yes u are like that.

  28. And Fenil your FF ” Endless Love Everlasting Family By Fenu” is totally garbage .
    Vrushy and other commenting on your ff becoz u are commenting on their ff .

    What is Sweet Rosa Dii ? like u tested her…

  29. Hi Tahira, good to c u taking stand 4 Fenil bhai. Rahul bro as usual, ua comments make us have a belly laughter. Well, just ignore the stupid comments from stupid ppl. Dont entertain them by repling them. Fenil bro, dont worry, We all r with u. Guys just ignore them, coz ignorance is the best insult.

  30. Hi guys I hope u get who am I.! Yes, u r right. I am Robin. Actually I want to share a sad story of my life. I am mental. Dont laugh. Its true. So ignore my stupid comments as I think in stupid sense. Pls ignore my comments. Like u did to Maria, same u do to me. I am sorry. I hope u get who am I.!

  31. hey ishika last time you said you are 24yrs and now 27yrs if it was a mistake???

  32. hi lakhan I was born on 26th Feb 1996 and what is yours?

  33. and what is this is robin doing a drama I think and guess rahul your num 3 point is correct same do you agree he is doing drama??? and robin didn’t you see how keerti was insulting Sophie dii she was even calling her characterless and still you are trying to support her that’s enough of us to believe who you are

    please get a life….!!!

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