Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23rd December 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23rd December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Manish asking Kartik to talk to him. Kartik asks what did you do that I remember our relation, why did you go to Naira’s house. Dadi asks Kartik to listen. Kartik says no, I will talk to him and none will talk in between. He asks why did our family go there, tell me. Manish asks whats this question, you don’t know it, you think we don’t understand you and Naira, you can’t live without that girl, we went to make your problem easy, don’t you and Naira want this. Kartik shouts no, we don’t want this, you always force your decisions on others, you forgot what others want, everything has a time, there is time to say something good, you should have thought what happened there, someone dear’s death ….. you don’t care for it, you can’t understand

if anyone dear goes away, you maybe stone hearted, we are not, you can move on easily, we can’t, you maybe not caring for anyone’s death. We do care, we are not like you, even years ago… a death happened, you forgot that death easily, but we can’t forget. Manish shouts Kartik.

The family looks on. Kartik says you always used to shout and make me quiet, not anymore, I will question and you will answer, I m not a kid. Manish says I was a father that time and even today I m a father. Kartik asks him to understand meaning and become father, atleast become human, what did you prove by marriage proposal that we don’t care, or were you waiting to keep marriage after I come, to keep lavish parties to show off your money, I m sorry, I will not let your bad wish get fulfilled, its my and Naira’s marriage, we will decide when to marry, and till then none will talk about it. Manish shouts okay if you want this, you always threaten and make us agree, you all listen it carefully, from today, none will talk about Kartik and Naira’s marriage in this house, if this is what you want, you got it. Dadi, Suwarna and Kirti cry.

Naira says this lahenga here, I asked you not to send. The man says no, we got call to deliver it. She says he is lying, I will call store and find out. Naitik says no need, I got this here, Akshara wanted you to wear this lahenga, she wanted your life to move on. Dadi says Naira returned the shagun, its big abshagun, don’t know what she thinks of her, she has no quality like us.

Surekha says Kartik should have not spoken to Manish like that. Dadi says Kartik has relation with just Naira, we will not leave right on him. Naitik says we have right on you, don’t stop life, if Akshara was here, she would have united you and Kartik, she was happy when she went to buy lahenga, she said she will surprise you, she wanted you and Kartik to stay happy, respect her wish.

Dadi says its good Naira refused for marriage, I wish she gets away from his life, if Lord wills, the relation can break. Suwarna says Maa ji please…. Naitik asks Naira to understand and move on in life. Rajshri says we will not let Naira go in past. She asks Naira to keep the traditions and make relations strong, else it will be big mistake. Suwarna says we did mistake to hurry up, I said we should wait for some time, about Kartik, I don’t think Naira told him to fight with us, maybe she said normally and he got angry, Naira did not give him annoyance. Naitik asks Naira to fulfill Akshara’s wish by her happiness and knowing Kartik’s wish.

Kartik goes and apologizes to Dadi by holding his ears. She turns away. He sits on the railing. She stops him and says I will die of heart attack, don’t sit there. He hugs her. He says Manish made me angry, I came back home just for you. He asks her to promise he will not be annoyed with her. He asks her to promise she will not support Manish. She asks how did you change. He says I changed into good, because of Naira, she is so good, lovely, if you know her, you will also love her. He tells a lot about Naira. She says let us know and understand her. He says see her by my sight. She says my bad sight will affect her. He jokes. She hugs him and smiles thinking its good if bad sight catches her.

Naira cries in her room. She talks to Kartik on call and asks can we meet tomorrow morning. He says no, I can come now itself, meet me in backyard. Kartik runs and comes to meet Naira and hugs her. Wahan yahan…..plays… He asks her to say what is it. She says sorry, and thanks for coming, I took a decision, I want your approval. He says always, no need of formality. She says its needed. She sits down on her knees and proposes him. He holds her hand and asks where is the ring. She says I don’t have. He says our love story can’t be normal. She jokes on him. He smiles. Yeh rishta kya…..plays……. He says this frog is prince.

She says I m also princess. They have a sweet talk, and start arguing. She says I m talking of love and marriage and you…. He holds her and says stupid girl, I was doing this so that our love does not catch bad sight, I can’t believe this can happen in my life, like the universe planned to get us closer. She asks what do you mean. He says we will marry now, we will exchange the garlands of arms. They hold hands and exchange arms garlands. Yeh rishta kya….plays…. They smile. He says now groom will fill sindoor in bride’s maang. She says wait for some time for that. He says its injustice like taking kids to candy shop, making them think of candies and not letting them eat, you are very sweet. They hug.

Bau ji says forget the past things and bless children. Naitik says its father’s request. Manish says even if we agree, this relation can’t happen now. Naitik gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Vrushy

    Naira’s proposal was soo cute. She really is different from all other girls. Straightforward and bold.
    We atleast got to know that manish and Karthik have a problem because of his mothers death. The fight between them was so intense !!
    Read in a spoiler that naira will recreate one of karthik’s dream. Love is in the air !!

    1. Hi Vrushy, please tell me what happened to Anshu, Muskaan, Chikki? Thank you

      1. Vrushy

        Anshu and jasmeet live outside india. Their son nannu had come during dussehra celebration but then he also went back. The actor who played anshu has got a new serial so he won’t be coming back to yrkkh.
        As for muskaan she also lives with her husband in a foreign country !!

  2. Very nice epi..

    Hello everyone

    What happened to Chikki, Muskaan, Anshu?

    Please reply

    1. Someone please reply

    2. They have left the show . Or they might be replaced

  3. A big hiii to my new YRKKH family.
    Hi Aniket, Pat Didi(elder sister), Shilpa, Soumya , Aliya Khan, Pawan, Adi , Kajol , Vrushy, Trisha, Riya, Sruthi, Has , Shopie , Divi , Aarti , Ponkuri , Ritz, Sanjana , Heshani , Sachiu , Riya , Karishma , Raven, Ishika , trishi , maria and all other YRKKH fans and silent comment readers.

    Thanks amena dii for fast update.

    And guys really sorry for 2 things:-
    1) For not commenting on these two days . I am really sorry guys as I was busy in exam . Now I have got a little bit time as my next exam is on 23rd.

    2) Guys I do comment here by name of Rahul but Rahul is not my real name guys . I am really sorry as actually I was not sure , insecure and nervous to reveal my near name. But seeing your guys are of such a good nature , I am really feeling sorry for not sharing my identity earlier, really sorry. But rest of my details are same.

    My real name is Indra . My hometown is Patna , Bihar . I studied in Patna till class 7 and then shifted to Delhi . I studied there till class 8-10 . Then I studied in Kota , Rajasthan in class 11 ,12 . And then again one year in Delhi and from past three in years I am studying in Kolkata. I am doing Marine engineering from college and I am in 3rd year . I have also studied in Dehradun , Uttarakhand for 1 month.

    My DOB is 6 October and I am 20 years old.

    And welcome all the new family members.

  4. Lasyashree.10

    OMG… #excited
    Can’t wait till tomorrow.. convo between naithik and naira was emotional..and today’s KAIRA scene was awesome

  5. Hii and very heartily welcome from my side to all new family members , as you have already been welcomed from other family members.
    Welcome Paakhi , Nikhil , Chanya , Shesha , Amalina , TV fan , Lasyashree

    1. I mean Lasyashree.10

  6. Hi guys it’s shesha. How is everyone??
    Really liked the fight between karthik and his dad. Finally they said something qbout his actuql mother. I also really loved her prososal.
    Also I reaslised that I haven’t given a full introduction of myself so here it goes:

    My real name is Sivasree but my nickname is Shesha. I was born in Georgia, America and currently live in Connecticut, America. My DOB is August 1 and I am 11 years old.

  7. Welcome Ishu also . Sorry that I forget to mention your name.

    And thanks to Sachu di , Sophie di , Twana , Aniket , Ishika , Adi , Pat di , Ishu , Aliya and all others for remembering me and wishing me best of luck for your exam.

    1. Sorry if I missed anyones name here.

    2. Hi Aniket I read your last comment of 20 October and yesss we will surely create a group . I also got your Email

    3. No need to say thanks Rahul..we want you to do you best and for you to be able to that you need motivation…

  8. Actually in this family all are welcome but only with positive and good comments and positive and good thinkings for everyone .

    Negative thinkings and comments against any member of this family will not be tolerated . And I am really sorry guys I was not there when negative comments from Negative peoples were coming. But was glad to see that you guys did take stands for each other. I am really happy with this may be this thing has made me more comfortable. But guys you all are awesome

    1. agreed..

  9. Hiii guyz…I m Pari Frm Guwahati…I m a silnt cmmnt readr…Maine almst 6 mnth pehle se hi aaplogo ka cmmnt prhna strt kiya…nd tabse leke aaj tk aaplogo ka ek v cmmnt miss nhi kiya…Hmesha sochti thi aaj cmmnt krungi, aaj cmmnt krungi…Bt fir sochti thi xm k bd krungi…Q ki mere xm k liye kuch hi din baki hai…bt aaj kA episde itna awwsm tha ki aaj khud ko rok nehi payi…Aur cmmnt kr dia…
    guyz,, maine kuch din pehle prha tha ki aaplogo ka yaha ek special group hai…Xo if u all dnt mind can i join ur group ?? plzzz..
    bdw 2dy’s episde was rocked…Spcially kaira’s moment was jst awwwwwsssssmmmm….Nd i loved it….So romantic…nd my sinu bby (i mean mohsin) was looking so hndsm…Waise to wo hmeshA mujhe hot hi lgte hai…Ovrall vry vry vry beatiful,romntic,cute episde…Really enjoyd it…Bdw plzz guys accept me… as ur group member nd alxo a Good frind…Plzzz…gud nyt guys…Swt dream…

    1. Hi you are welcome pari , most welcome

    2. welcome dear…

    3. Vrushy

      Welcome pari.
      It feels great that because of our bonding you were forced to comment !!

  10. Hi Aniket,
    l read your last comment of 20 October and yesss we will surely create a group . I also got your Email.
    Hi Ishika ,
    It would be my pleasure to become yours BFF.
    Hi Aliya ,
    All the best for yur exam and I am extremely sorry for not wishing you early. And one thing I didn’t get is that (hahahaha?????????) why did you get excited ???? when you come to know that I have no sister and I am younger in my family. But I would have been really happy if I would have my real sister but I don’t have real sister . But I have cousin brothers and sisters , infact I guess I total have 20 cousin brother and sister from my father side ( I mean from my father’s brothers and sisters) and only 3 are smaller than me and rest are elders. Out of these 20s cousin brother and sister only 3 sisters are closer to me and they are 28 , 19 and 18 years old and rest are married and live in other cities. And including my real own brother only 4 brothers are closer to me and they are 24 , 23 , 23 and 17 years old.

  11. Hi Aniket I really liked your idea of DOB . And till now so far :-
    Myself :- 20 yrs , 6 October
    Shesha :- 11 yrs , 1 August
    Sophie di :- 24 yrs , 1 January
    Chanya :-16 yrs , 26 December
    Twana :- 17 yrs , 11 April
    Riya :- 14 yrs , 8 October
    Trishi :- 16 yrs , 4 July
    Soumya :- , 8 June , class 10
    Adi :- 19 yrs , 6 January
    Sachu di :- 29 yrs , 29 October
    Vrushy :- 16 yrs,
    Ishika :- 20 years,
    And more guys can share your DOB only if you guys want and feel secure. And Aniket DOB wala idea was yours , so you also mention your shelf DOB.
    Hi Aniket and Sophie di I just hope that you guys are well and please do take a good care of yourself.
    Hi Aliya how are your exam going??? Sorry for my late wish but all the best for all your upcoming exam.
    And sorry once again guys for not commenting in previous 2 episodeds as I was busy in exam

    1. thank you rahul..i completely fine now

  12. Hi bff Twana and all my favourite yrkkh family

    Thank you so much for standing up for me because of that Mulvey girl. At first I felt insecure but because of all your kind hearted words and defending, I no longer feel that way. This is what makes our family special, we stand up for eachother whenver and however we can.
    I hope everyone has enjoyed their day. Aniket, I read your comment of stopping accepting members and I agree, we have a tight knit family now and a good number of people too. Indra, you have a really cool name, thanks for your intro bro!

    Anyway, to the episode — I loved it! It’s obvious that we would miss AKshara, but I am loving the turn this show is now taking to develo greater relations and to show how conflict is nothing compared to the love and commitment of a family. WHen the wedding does take place, I do hope that they involve Naksh because we never got to see Akshara, gayu, naira, naksh naitik as one happy family! First Naira disappeared, and then there were some sicks from AKshara, then Naksh had to go and akshara came back. After that, naitik went missing so it left gayu naira and akshara only. Pls show the relationship of naitik gayu naira and naksh and maybe akshARA if she comes back…

    Patricia, I miss your insightful comments! Where are you!?

    1. Hii mere BFF…. How r u??

      1. Im great thanks! How are you?!

  13. thank you Vrushy for the information you gave me about akshara i am working so i dont usually get the time to come on as often as i would like i am a doctor and i normally comment on saath nibhana saathiya when i get the time i do hope they get some one who can take the place of akshara cause she was a good actress thank you once again enjoy the holidays bye

    1. Vrushy

      Your most welcome !!

  14. Hii guyz…if u dnt mind…cn i join ur group…???

    1. You are welcome Trusna

    2. Vrushy

      Sure. Welcome to the family 🙂

  15. Tvfan1

    Can I join ur little chat here? Because I love kaira and yrkkh too

    1. You are welcome Tvfan1

      1. Tvfan1

        Thank you so much pleasure to be here

    2. Vrushy

      There’s no need to ask. Its a open forum. You are most welcome !!

      1. Tvfan1

        Thank you so much pleasure to be here

  16. Hi all,
    Yesterday was the best day of my life..
    I read all the comments yesterday…here are my answers..
    Hi asked what happened to me….well I got admitted to hospital, but I am used to that..because this happens every week…as I was suffering from skin cancer…but yesterday i found out that I am recovered full…I am sooooo happy I can’t express my feelings..I AM GOING TO LIVE…Thank you to everyone who prayed…
    Sachu di, I am absoultly fine and happy…how are you..
    No need to say thanks…..everyone’s prayers and rest can only cure you migraine…any how are you now…feeling better?
    I am so happy I found a family like you… I lost my parents two year back….and they were the only members of my family..I didn’t have anyone else beside them…thank you so much..
    Coming to the episode
    Amazing work by all the actors..
    Finally KaIra think about their marraige…the proposal was so cute
    Loved the fight between Karthik and dramatic
    waiting for the wedding track..

    Thank you guys again and sorry for the long comment..but you know i need someone to talk to me

    1. *No need to say thanks Aniket….,.everyone’s prayers and rest can only cure your migraine…and how are you now…feeling better?*

    2. It is really a good news that you have recovered fully. I am really sooooo much happy for you. So sorry about your parents.
      But we are a family here and you can share your pain and sorrow here and we will always be with you.

      1. Thanks Rahul

    3. I m really happy for u di….that u recovered I know it is very dangerous disease but very happy that u have won over that disease….and ya di u can share anything with us as we r a family now

      1. Thank you Soumya

    4. Ohh Sophie diii I’m more than happy for u…. Glad… I mean more than glad to know that u hv recovered fully…… That means our prayers worked!! And my punch has worked na???? ??
      I’m very happy Sophie dii…
      Ur story brought tears to my eyes…
      Felt so sorry abt ur parents….
      Yeah sophie dii eventhough we live far… we can share our happiness n pain here……
      Sophie dii we r always there for u dii don’t worry

      1. Thanks Twana

  17. Hi PARI TRUSNA TVFAN1- I am very sory to say but v hav closed entries of our group. And whatever u said Pari- that tu khud ko rok nahi payi and all, so let me clear u, since last 10days such comments r being posted but dont know how u woke up just now! Well, Sorry to say u cant b the part of our group!!

    1. Vrushy

      Don’t do like this !!
      They are genuine people who want to join us by seeing our bonding.
      There are people who are trying to create a drift by posting negative comments and thus we can’t let them be a part of the group.
      But those who really wish to be a part of the yrkkh family should not be treated like this. There might be some problem due to which they couldn’t comment when you had asked them to so don’t behave like this with them.
      All of us love yrkkh so the more members in the family the more support yrkkh would get !!

    2. Aniket why can’t they join our group??? Just because of few haters We can’t say no to others. I totally agree with Vrushy.

    3. Tvfan1

      Aniket I am so sorry to hear that some of us are not welcomed here. I think everyone has the right to comment and share their opinion here. And I might have not commented but I hav watched and read yrkkh for a long time now. And it’s okay if you don’t want to chat with us..i will chat with the people who actually want to chat with us..thank you everyone who welcome the new ones it’s my pleasure to be here!!

  18. Hi Soumya, I am very sorry dear! Dont know why but it always happens, my reply to ur comment was not posted yesterday! Well my reply was- I would love to have u as my sister dear! Yes u can call me Bhaiya, I will not mind! Hi Adi bro, Same prblm was with the reply to ur comment. It didnt got displayed yesterdy. Well, heres my comment- Hi Adi bro, convey warm wishes frm me and this family to ur sister!!

    1. Thank u bhaiya and I want to ask u that u r making a group in emails to?

  19. Wooo Sophie Di, glad to hear- Ur cancer is no more now! Congratulations! Well sad for the last part of ur comment, but yes v all r there 4 u, anytime anywhere! U r always free to talk with us dii! Never think twice to say anything to anyone(20members) here, cz v r family!! Hi all, Why are many people absent? Pat di, Pawan, Trishi didnt comment since very long. Also Riya was missing yesterday. Hope all is well with them!!

    1. Thank you Aniket….it means a lot dear…

      1. Thank you Aniket….I am happy to know that all of you are here for me…

    2. Hi Aniket I have already emailed you. By telling

      Hi I am Rahul yaa Indra from YRKKH.
      Yours email is [email protected]
      Mine is [email protected]

      Please check your inbox

  20. Hi Rahul bhai, Its ok if u dont want to reply my comment that I Posted on 20dec updates. Good to hear ur name- Indra! But calling u Rahul bhai is ok 4 me! Well, yes D.O.B. wala idea was mine but i dont like to share my D.O.B. (since childhood, no any specific reason)!

  21. And yes I agree where are other family members
    Aliya , Riya ,trishi , Pawan , pat dii , Twana , Sachu di and other family members???? Where are they????

  22. Its okay Vrushy and Rahul bhai, If u want doors of our family to b open even now, no problm! Actualy I had a strong negative feling that those jobless ppl wil create fake friendship wit us and then ruin the strength of our family! Just I fear that- My idea of creating a family group should not backfire that a day wil come where cz of that dumb ppl v wil hav to dissolve our group! Thats it! I rest my case here!

    1. Aniket..its ok if u dnt want to be a part of yrkkh family… Thanks vrushy and rahul

      1. Hehe! This is what u came for!! I am glad that my fear turned into reality so soon! This was the reason why I cant compare u with my 20memberd family! Last time when I said- Either Maria, or I will b the part of group, at that time my family members were worried for me, and tried to make me stay here. (Remember Sophie di, Soumya, Twana). And today when I didnt spoke a word about exiting the group, u r saying its okay if I wish to exit I can! Its very sad that my family members want u such ppl in our group!

      2. I m really sry ankit that its a mistyping over there…i wanted to say if u dnt want me to be a part of yrkkh family

      3. Aniket*

      4. Dude we welcomed you…and now you are saying that Aniket can leave if he wabts to…seriously…
        Aniket please ignore this…and don’t even think about going anywhere

      5. Sry sophie it was a mistyping…i m really sry for that…

      6. Sorry trusna for the sudden outburst…and please dont go againt Aniket…he is a really nice person and I am sure you are too…Aniket please aacept trusna and all the other members…i am sure they will bring more happiness to this group…
        Thiz a request…the rest is up to you…?

    2. Listen… I m not here to agrue wid u…but cn u explain me…wat do u mean by “such people like u”. I really wanted to be part of this family..bcoz i m watching this show from day 1. At that time i was in std 6 and now i am in college….i m biggest fan of yrkkh….From last few day i was reading ur comments n thought u r nice person but….
      I dnt know why u r so mean to me…
      I said its ok if u dnt want me to be part of dis family bcoz it was idea of making a group over here…so its ur choice u me to be in it or not…
      Atlast i want to say sry if i hv said anything that hurts u….

  23. Hi Soumya, no sis, I am not creating any group on emails. But when the show ends, it wil b possibl 4 me to contact u all and then I will create a group on hike. Hi Anna and Sophi di, dont b thanks yr. V r family, and saying thanks u r turning me as a stranger! Hi Rahul bhai, I posted 2 comments on 20dec. 1 was of email and other was for u. I hav no issues if u didnt saw. Just forget it!

    1. No dear…of course you are not a are my brother….I was just showing a bit of gratitude…love you bro! Always

  24. Dont know how my dp got changed all of sudden! but dont worry guyz thats me only -Aniket.

  25. Hi my yrkkh family members….how r u all?
    Episode was awsome love naira’s confession to kartik….I m super excited for kaira’s marriage….
    I have made a page on Facebook name KaiRa ShiVin the undefined love story …so whoever is in Facebook pls like it and I have an idea that we can be friends on Facebook too…just a suggestion
    Pls like my page…
    welcome new members and best of luck who have exams

    1. Vrushy

      I will like the page surely. What is your ID on fb to send you friend request !!

  26. Hii Guysss I’m late today na??
    I was enjoying a sleepover at my friend’s house… sorry guys
    How r u all??
    Aliya when do u hv ur other pprs??
    Aniket how r u? R u fine now??

    1. Hi di how was ur sleepover??I hope u have enjoyed a lot..we r fine and how r u?

  27. Yeah Soumya Indeed a good idea! But sorry yr, I deactivated my account in june (when I entered 12th) and now wil reactivate in may (after my NEET exam). Till then u ppl carry on! I wish u get thousands of like on ur page! Hehe Sophie di, Love u too sister! Arey that was just a kind of emotional atyachar! dont plz take it seriusly! Hey Twana, U sleppy head, Wake soon, I am adviced rest for 7 days and thats y I am so frepuent on the site as I have nothing else to do! Where r other ppl! Love u my 20members!!

    1. Thanks aniket bhaiya but I think no one is interested in it…when will ur NEET exam will end? Bhaiya I have send u a mail so pls check it

  28. thnk u so Mch guyz.I m glad to be here.Xully meri prctcl ki xtra clsses strt ho chuki hai nd fir tuxn xo time hi milA aaplogo k cmmnt ka rply dene k liye.So sry.
    sophie di congratulation.Its really a gud news.Im vry hppy fr u.
    Tv fan im totally agree wid u..Aniket/Aniket bhai, if u dnt wnt to chat wid us then no prblm.Bt i wnt to infrm u tht we arent like tht cheap prsn.We dnt hv any negative thoughts fr YRKKH.infct we r Yrkkh nd kaira lovers.thts all.Nd i knw Tht negative thinkings nd cmmnts against any membr of this fmily will nt be toleratd.Xo im alxo sry.Frgive me.Nd im
    vry hppy to C tht u guys take stnds fr us.Spcially Vrushy nd Rahul bhai thnx fr supporting us.i m pleasurd to be part of this awsm fmily..Thnx once again guys..

  29. Hi Soumya, Oficial declaration of NEET examination is not yet done! But there was a news 4months ago that it wil b conducted on 1st sunday of May, and there was a update 2 weeks ago, that NEET exam is portponed but they didnt mention date. Dude actually it seems no one has seen ur comment so they didnt replied. Dont worry, its a good idea, all wil like it! Yes I wil go thrug all emails once I get out of bed! Also tell me how many of u have sent me a mail, so that I can get its u or some fake person.

  30. sorry guys i am very late today.hiii yo yrkkh team.i love the episode..truely fantastic…

  31. rahul its ok.hii to indra from now. thanks for becoming my bff. hey and good luck for next exam.waiting eagrly for next episode..

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