Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22nd October 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22nd October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kartik refusing to help Naira. Naira gets sad. Kartik says you should hire a consultant. Gayu says yes, we will need any expert advice. Naitik says yes, how much will Kartik work alone, he has to manage Zurich work and our office work, we will hire someone, it will be overload on him. Kartik says yes, I can’t work. Naira asks why won’t you do my work. Kartik says I m not an expert. Naira says I don’t agree, tell me if there is any other reason, you are my friend, you always helped us, why not now. Kartik starts leaving. Naira asks are you taking revenge when I refused you. Everyone look on. Naira realizes what she said.

Kartik says I m not like that, you shouted on me, so I won’t help you, I m not such person, I did basic work, you need expert

advice who can help you in legal matter, I wanted to say this, nothing else. Devyaani says he is right. Naira leaves. Rajshri asks Kartik not to feel bad of Naira’s words, she is sharp tongued but good hearted. Kartik says no, its okay, I know. He leaves. Gayu goes to Naira.

Akshara says I told you Naitik, there is something else Naira won’t do this. Naitik says yes, she did not tell us. Akshara says maybe she will tell Gayu, she can say her as she can’t say elders. Gayu asks Naira whats her problem to talk to Kartik like this. Naira says he is my friend and fight happens. Gayu says friends do not fight infront of everyone, you fought with him in Zurich too. Naira says I will handle my friend. Gayu says he is something for me too, I mean he is something for all of us, please tell me what happened, I promise I won’t say anyone. Naira says nothing and goes. Devyaani asks why did Naira get angry. Naitik says we all know her. Bhabhimaa says we used to hide Naitik’s mistake, now Naitik and Akshara are hiding Naira’s mistake. Kuhu says Naira will get normal till evening. They all talk. Mishti says I won’t be here to help anyone tomorrow. She gets sad.

They all go out. Varsha says we will wait for some time, Shaurya and Kartik went out for some special work. Gayu asks who will burn the idol. Akshara says look, Ram ji has come. They all get surprised seeing Nannu back. Nannu dresses as Ram. Kaki hugs him. Kuhu says no one told us. Shaurya says see this is special. Nannu thanks them as they helped him in getting rid of drug addiction and now he has come back. Vishwamber asks him to always be determined. Nannu asks did you forgive me. Dadi says you are part of my heart, my child, and hugs him, its imp to kill Raavan inside us. Rajshri says I got my Choti back and hugs Kaki. Everyone smile. Mishti asks where is Kartik. Shaurya says Kartik’s friends stopped him. Naira thinks he did not come because of me, I m stupid. Nannu burns the raavan idol. They all clap.

Kartik gets Mishti’s call and says I was calling you, I felt you slept. She says I m feeling very sad. He asks her not to cry, you are brave girl. She says even brave girl’s heart breaks, I could not explain Naira, even your heart broke. He says its fine, its Naira’s choice. Mishti asks did you not feel bad. He says I feel bad for your leaving, but its good, see the benefits. She asks what. He says hostel life is fun, its strange in beginning, but friends become family, when your schooling ends, you will be a changed person for a good. Mishti says some people turn bad like my Papa. Kartik avoids talk and says I will talk tomorrow, go and sleep. Akshara hears Mishti. Mishti says no, Naman did something, mumma and Dadi hide and cry, so I m sent to hostel, I will be away, they will get hurt. Kartik says I will call tomorrow.

Akshara cries and tells Naitik that Mishti is crying a lot, why can’t we keep her, she took care of all of us, why are we sending her, house will miss her, please do something. Kartik gets Naira’s voicemail. She says sorry, I overreacted, I could not accept you can’t help me, sorry for misunderstanding, forgive me. Naira hugs Mishti and makes her sleep. Kartik replies its okay, good night.

Its morning, Varsha asks Kuhu not to cry. Shaurya says you can’t stop Mishti, I will take you to meet her. Nannu says you will be fine in 2 days, Mishti will cry there, I m here, shall I go back or stay. Kuhu smiles. Rajshri says sometimes siblings do work which parents can’t. Kartik says everyone fate does not have this.

Naira says this is not fair, I will go and talk to Karishma. Mishti says no, its okay, mumma is upset. Naira asks Karishma to think again. Karishma says its for her future and good. Naitik and Akshara agree with her. Devyaani gets her bag. Bhabhimaa asks where are you going. Devyaani says I m leaving. Karishma asks why, this is your house. Devyaani says yes, but Naman was my son, I don’t have right to stay here. Karishma says I should get punished, not you, I knew whats in his mind and did not say anything. Akshara says let her go if she wants. Naitik says maybe Devyaani’s upbringing was wrong. Bau ji says we all knew children did not stay with Devyaani. Karishma asks what’s Devyaani’s mistake. Akshara asks Karishma what’s Mishti’s mistake.

Naitik says yes, this is acting to explain you. Devyaani says yes, Akshara explained me we are punishing each other, I know you broke relation with Naman when you knew all truth, I forgot your sorrow, forgive me. Karishma says no, my sorrow is too less infront of yours. They hug. Akshara hugs Karishma. Naitik says don’t think you are alone Karishma. Akshara says then we can fight with every problem. Mishti asks why did you not do this before, I would have not cried like tv serial heroine. They all smile. Akshara hugs Mishti. Mishti says now I m not going anywhere.

Naitik asks Gayu and Naira to get ready for office, we have to discuss things. He tells Akshara that Kartik will be there too. Akshara asks him to try to talk to Kartik, and take care. She asks him to go. He says you gave me everything, you forgot one. She asks what, charger, I have put in bag. He kisses her and asks shall I come soon. She says no, come very soon. He smiles and leaves.

Kartik is at office and gets Mishti’s message that she is not going. He smiles and thanks Krishna ji for giving Mishti. Naira comes to him. He sees her.

Kartik says what will I do of your memories, I have no right on this. He gives a box to Naira.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Anika

    Though I am feeling bad for both Kartik and Naira, but I am happy that Misti is not going anywhere.She is jaan of this show.
    I hope Naira understand her feelings soon.They both are deeply hurt and can’t share anything with anyone.
    Poor Naira, she is already so confused and every single member of the family is scolding her, criticising her. ?

  2. Feel so bad for Karthik so much pain he is going through .he has no one to share his pain KAIRA ko Ek Karo plzz

  3. Vrushy

    Why is gayu always shouting at naira ?!! she could have polietly made her understand but no every time she has to scold naira. she doesnt even want to know what has happened between kaira, she has just assumed that naira is wrong !!
    Sometimes i feel naira is more mature and understanding as compared to naira !

    1. Oh obviously Naira is way matured than gayu ,gayu is just blinded by infect untied for Karthik that she just assumes of Naira is wrong poor girl is misunderstood by Everyone in her family she is already going through so much and now she has lost her only best friend in life.
      Gayu giving gyaan on love was the best irony she herself fell for Karthik like instant Maggi in two minutes and she is saying slowly slowly we should fall in love …she doesn’t understand she should not come in between friends and more than that is she was mature can’t she is how much a fight between KAIRA affects Karthik .intially people felt sympathy for gayu now seriously she has lost it

  4. Now Naira will realize her love for kartik .I am very excited for upcoming episodes..I hope that this drama will not close their love story it will take Naira and kartik so close and their love for each other will make a strong bond between them….
    So excited……

  5. Sethidisha002

    kaira ko ek kro

  6. happy for Mishti

  7. guys did u get the news that naira is going sacrifice karthik because of gayu

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