Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22nd October 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22nd October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Akshara, Bhabhimaa and Devyaani talking about kanya pujan. Akshara says she has learnt everything from them. Naira thinks this is perfect time and goes to get makeup kits. She hides it seeing Devyaani. Devyaani asks what are you doing here. Naira says I was studying here and I forgot my notes. She hides the makeup kit and asks her not to tell Akshara about this, else she will scold her to keep things on place. Devyaani says fine and leaves. Naira says sorry mum, but no one will make fun of me now. Akshara tells Naitik that Naksh did not come till now. Naitik asks her not to take tension, she is always after Naksh.

She says there is something fishy. He asks her to cool down. Girja says she got this from Naksh’s jeans. Akshara says see this hockey tournament

entry ticket, he lied to us about college. Naitik says maybe he has gone to see hockey, this does not mean he has GF. She says he is going against his likes, I m feeling this strange, I will ask him. Naksh comes and asks for his shirt. She asks whats going on in his life. Naitik asks him to say if there is any girl in his life. Akshara asks Naksh not to lie to her.

Naksh says you are right, I m in love, there is a girl in my life. Akshara gets shocked. Naksh says I wanted to tell you, I m in love, I was afraid you will get annoyed, I know I did not grow up, but love just happened. She asks what is he saying. He says I know, I asked this same thing to myself. Love is a strong feeling, you can understand me, as you loved dad. I feel I have come India for her. She asks who is she. Naitik smiles seeing Naksh. Naksh winks and says I don’t know, I feel I can’t live without her. Akshara sees Naitik smiling and signing Naksh in mirror. Naksh asks Akshara to accept his love. Akshara scolds them for fooling her. Naksh says dad told me, else you know me. Naitik says I did not do anything. She beats both of them with pillows. Naksh goes. Naitik says sorry Akshara. Naksh says thanks dad for saving me, but it was all true, don’t know when will I get courage to say truth.

Tara lights diya and sees her parents’ pic. She cries and hugs the pic. She says she has got away from them, and talks to the pic. She misses her parents and shares her problem of convincing Dada ji for her hockey competition. Aditya asks her not to worry. Akshara tells Naitik that they can serve fast food in Navratri. Naira says she is going. Naitik asks her to call after reaching her friend’s home. Akshara asks her to come soon. Naitik asks her not to have anything cold. Akshara asks what does she have in bag. Naira says art kit, her friend kept some theme, its surprise. Naira leaves.

Ananya says she will look for some other job and does not tell Varsha the reason. Akshara talks to Naksh’s pic and says she knows everything, there is something. Ananya makes Varsha’s phone fine. Akshara calls Varsha. Ananya asks her to talk and goes. Akshara says I m getting mad. Varsha jokes on her and says sorry. Akshara says she has doubt on Naksh, I feel there is a girl in his life. Varsha says even I felt Ananya is getting strange, she wants to leave office or anything like love. Akshara says it means we are in our parents’ place, they did not complain ever. Varsha says its responsible work to become mum. Varsha asks her to tell her if she knows about the girl and teases her.

Akshara looks for the chunri. Naitik says there is something important. She asks what. He shows br*ast cancer awareness program and asks the women to take care of themselves. Rara massages Dada ji’s hair and he laughs. Sangram is angry and says loan people call many times all day, and when I called them, they did not take call. Tara gets a call from hockey association. The man says congrats Miss Nayantara, you are selected. Sangram is angry and takes the same phone line to call. He gets the call on mobile and keeps receiver back. Tara says thanks, but my form.. The man says I got the form. She ends the call and lies to Dada ji. Her friend comes and Tara tells her that form is submitted, who has done this. Her friend says I did not, maybe Naksh did this. Tara asks what?

Naksh asks Tara to say sorry or thanks. She says no thanks and sorry in friendship. He says it means we are friends from today and gets happy. Akshara looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Raunak

    I didn’t like that part when Devyani ji asked Naira that what is she doing in her (mom & dad)’s room… Y Devyani ji will ask such a stupid question.. Don’t the children have any right to go his/her parent’s room..?? Now this is ridiculous. I hope the director will note about this and in future they will not show something like this..

  2. Kandy

    Unique episode. They show the awareness of br*ast cancer today. This is very important topic in our country. Women feel very shy to talk about this.. But they have to understand the importance of being a healthy citizen.. For the betterment of their health, every women should go for a routine check up twice in a year.

  3. divya

    good episode with good message
    but i feel naksh to not hide his love story in family, reveal it soon naksh.
    tara is much better than first episode of her, though they don’t look good together they are cute very cute.

  4. Sonya

    Raunak yes children have the right to their parents room but the grand ma also had the right to ask what the child it doing there since she looks so suspicious. Lovely episode, good family story.

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