Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22nd November 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22nd November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Akshara assures everyone that all the arrangements of wedding will take place in a good manner. Naksh comes there, he was excited and asks whose wedding are they talking about. Akshara tells him it is Karishma and Naman’s wedding. He says his winter vacation are also approaching. Akshara asks him to get ready, Bhabi maa tells Akshara to get ready too as she has her check up. Naitik asks Akshara to discuss about Alok’s project. Muskaan stops by, and asks Naitik who is Alok. Naitik says he is their client, and a good man.
Karishma gets Akshara’s card, in the morning. It said she must enjoy her wedding plans well. Karishma thinks Naman’s family, isn’t that bad either.
The family was ready to go to hotel for breakfast, Rajshri gets Bhabi maa’s phone about Naman’s

wedding. She gives the phone to Deviani, when she comes there. Ananya plays with the phone, and it fell on the floor. Deviani keeps on saying hello, then thinks she didn’t want to talk to her. She leaves the phone in the lounge. Varsha keeps trying it through her number.
Akshara and Naitik discuss that everyone is waiting for the baby, like they did for Naksh. Naitik says it would be so exciting to have, firstly Nandini’s baby, then their owns and in a while Jasmeet’s too. There will be so many children in the family. Akshara says that Naksh will be their team leader. Naitik gets worried, who will be managing the designs and consignments when Akshara will be busy with the baby. He find Akshara lost, and asks what it is about. She says it is nothing. There was a gol gappa stall, she insists on him to stop the car.
Rajshri, Varsha and Jasmeet ask the men what they want from them. The men say that they want them to inspect their hotel well. Anshuman says that a lot of guests are house wives here, and they aren’t giving a positive feed back.
Akshara comes to the stall, the owner had gone somewhere. Naitik says she can have ice cream, but she says she has to eat gol gappay only and turns to leave. Naitik calls from behind, that she must have them. He makes the plate for her, while they both enjoys the gol gappay. Alok was passing by the stalls, and steals a pic of Akshara. The stall owner comes there, Naitik hands him good amount of money, that makes him happy. They sit in the car.
Akshara comes home, Bhabi maa and Deviyani were discussing that they must invites Suresh as well. Bhabi maa said that Karishma’s parents said they must talk to Jasmeet’s family. Akshara fears what if Deviyani knows Karishma lives there. Akshara shows them the ultrasound, and says they must invite Suresh too. She calls him, he says angrily, she will come there.
The ladies give suggestions about the hotel, Jasmeet says they must prepare a children play area.
Naksh comes to Akshara’s room; Naitik asks is he still angry with them. He says no, he isn’t. They invite him, for a surprise. Naitik hands him a torch, and asks him to roll it on Akshara’s tummy. The ultra sound video plays on the laptop, Naksh goes excitedly. Akshara asks how he did it, he says he brought the CD from the doctor, and arranged the things so that Naksh doesn’t miss anything.
The pandit says there is one date in the present month, they get worried that it will be too late. He says that the next date is six months away. Bhabimaa worries about the preparations. Bauji says they must keep this date. Karishma arrives, and is excited. She says her wedding planner will see to all the other arrangements. They all say she can do anything on her wedding. The planner says they can select any venue for the wedding. Naitik says that Karishma can select any theme, but the wedding will take place here in Udaypur. She ask why. Naitik says Akshara is pregnant, and dada ji also stays ill. They also have to do the arrangements, but after the wedding they can go anywhere. Deviyani supports the idea, but Karishma leaves annoyed. Naman goes after her.
Naman stops Karishma, she says all her friends had theme weddings, she is getting married in a big family still it is so simple. Naman says the family is right, but Karishma says he is supporting them even before the wedding.
Rajshri announces that Naman’s wedding has been fixed, after one week. Ananya is excited and asks Jasmeet to prepare her lehnga. Varsha says she will buy her from market, as Jasmeet will be busy preparing her best friend’s dresses. Jasmeet says she will prepare Ananya’s lehnga, if her mother doesn’t have a problem. Rajshri says Deviyani could have waited a bit, as Nandini and Akshara both are pregnant. Bauji says how could Nandini have enjoyed the wedding with a little baby, and after a while Akshara will be in the same state. This would have delayed their wedding, life goes in one’s own way. Rahshri says one has to try a bit, but Deviyani wouldn’t have. Akshara and Nandini both have problem.
Akshara asks Naitik why he said it abruptly, Karishma has some dreams too. Naitik says he can’t risk with her life, so the wedding will take place here, and that’s final.

PRECAP: Akshara tries to convince Naitik, that they must try to solve this problem.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Stupid show. What is rajshri’s problem she has to make a stupid comment on everything. She turning into a horrible character. It’s always about whats good for her can’t do anything wrong daughter. Will this show ever come to an end. Star plus really has gone down the drain.

  2. instead of this show bring new show plssssssssss
    its tooooo boring

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