Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22nd May 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22nd May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Akshara feeling Naira’s presence. Sone chudiya…..plays………. Naira and Akshara are close and something blocks their sight. Naira does not have their number, as the paper gets torn. She says there is no one who came from other city, everyone are locals here. She thinks to go back to ashram and talk to Negi. Varsha looks for Akshara. She calls out Akshara. Naira turns. Varsha goes to Akshara and asks what are you doing here. Akshara says I felt strange as if Naira is here. Varsha says I can understand, no one came to take us, come we will go out and see. They leave. Naira also leaves from there.

Rajshri and everyone are sad. Kuhu asks them to discuss what they are do when Naira comes back. They all say what all they would do for Naira, once Naira comes

back. Rajshri cries and wishes they get Naira this time. Naira is close to Akshara. She calls Negi. He asks her why did she not come with guests. Naira says don’t know they came or not. He says they have come, I gave your number. She says my phone is lost and I don’t have their number. He says I will check again, they have come from Udaipur. She asks what, did you see Udaipur. He says no.

She says don’t lie, you said Udaipur, no need to give me number, I won’t go to get them. Someone steals Akshara’s purse. Akshara shouts thief. Naira runs after the thief and passes by Akshara. Akshara feels her touch and gets teary eyed. Akshara too runs after the thief. Kartik is on the way. Akshara comes between his way and says sorry, that thief has stolen my purse. He asks her to sit on his scooty, and tells her about Rishikesh. He says I learnt driving one day ago, but I drive well. She asks what. He asks her not to get afraid.

Naira catches the thief and scolds him. The man says you fool people. She says its my hardwork, I take money from those who give by wish, the lady will get in problem, give it. She snatches the purse and does not see her and Akshara’s pic. Police comes there and inspector asks whats happening here. She gets nervous and says he has stolen madam’s purse. Inspector says thanks, you can leave. She goes from there. Akshara and Kartik reach there. Inspector returns her purse and asks her to check, is everything fine. She says yes, where did that girl go.

He says she has gone. Akshara sees the girl leaving and says I could not thank her, who is she. Inspector says she is local guide Tina. Chandu comes and says Tina is a big thief, she does wrong things and gets commission, maybe she got your purse. Varsha comes here. He asks did you come in city now. Kartik says they came just now, you take them along. Chandu says I m Chandu, top guide, I will show great places. Akshara thanks Kartik and he jokes. He sees the pic in her wallet and asks is this your daughter, she is pretty.

Negi goes to Naira. Naira cries and says I will not keep any relation with Udaipur people. He asks her to forget everything, be strong. Naira says I will do anything to save the ashram.

Naksh and Gayu take care of Bhabhimaa. Bhabhimaa and Devyaani wish that Naira comes back soon. Karishma says if Naira does not come back, heart will break. Naman says its many years now, I have less hope. Naitik shouts and says Naman, I told you many times, say or do anything, but don’t say I won’t get my daughter, I can’t bear this. Devyaani says Naitik, Naman did not mean this. Naitik says you should explain him, not me, atleast you should realize this, Naman and Muskaan did not stay with you for many years, did you lose hope, no right, then why are you saying this, there is hope to get Naira till I have my breath. He goes angrily. Devyaani cries.

Chandu shows the Dharamshala to Akshara and Varsha. He says Tejani Seth is a famous man. Kartik says even I m staying here, I will send someone to help. Akshara thanks him. Chandu introduces Tejani. Tejani says this Dharamshala is the best. Akshara says we have to do a Daan. Chanda asks what do you want to do. Akshara says daan puja in ashrams. Tejani says great, I help people.

Tejani removes Sparsh ashram’s paper and gives the list of ashrams which require donations. Naira goes to ask donations for ashram. The lady scolds her. Naira says we really need help. The lady asks her to go. Naira says everyone believe liars, I m saying truth and no one is believing me. Chandu takes Akshara and Varsha. Tejani says I will take donation from them, its good I removed Negi’s ashram papers, I will take that ashram. Naira goes to pray at Ganga ghat and says you have to send someone to help us.

Negi tells Akshara that kids are working hard to save ashram. Akshara sees Pungi wearing Naira’s dress and tells Varsha that its same dress Naira worn when she left home.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. 2day I like the furious avatar of Naitik. For the very first time in #YRKKH, the cvs shows us an angry Naitik. Well done Karan Mehra. You rocksSs today… ?

  2. Naira’s chasing to catch the thief was awesome.. BTW today I didn’t like the act of Varsha. Is she real accompanying her best friend Akshara to find Naira or she went to rishikesh for photo shooting(taking selfie carelessly, while Akshara’s bag has been hijacked. Varsha should have been with Akshara only as she know very well that her friend mental state/health is not ok).

  3. Naitik angry look so cute

  4. Naman deserves a tight slap from Naitik everyday.
    Naman had seen Naira escaping from the house but he didn’t inform Naitik n Akshara. Naman is such a cheater of the family.

    1. Yeah…. I m agree wid u… He proved that he’s a step brother..?

  5. Rajshri’s crying was so realistic. I felt very sad while watching this scene. I have to admit that there are some true gem/brilliant actor n actress who play the characters in “Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai”. That makes the serial fabulous.

  6. I loved Naitik’s angry look. It was very cute !

  7. Yeh rishta kya kehelata hai will never end .

  8. i liked the scene between kartik n akshara..gave proper saas-damad feels lol.

  9. Episode is so heart touching Angry look of naitik is so good..

  10. Naitik is really cute in anger also, I’m glad atleat now he is getting to know true colours of naman..but eager to see old sweet n romantic naitik back, karan mehra rockzzzz…

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