Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22nd March 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22nd March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Akshara finding that letter. She asks Mishti about it and Naksh hears her. Mishti says I don’t know and goes. Naksh thinks is mumma finding this letter. Yash takes Naksh along and Naksh keeps the letter in his pocket. Akshara looks for letter. Akshara applies mehendi to Kuhu. Kuhu misses her mum. Akshara hugs her. Naitik comes and Akshara says I have to talk. Naksh reads the letter and thinks who is Kuhu’s mum, is she related to Papa. He drops the letter. Yash asks whats in letter that you got shocked. Naksh says I have imp work and goes. Akshara gets letter and thanks God that no one has seen it.

Everyone talk about Naksh, that he would have gone without telling anyone. Tara thinks Naksh should have told me atleast. Ananya gives credit to Akshara for

her happiness. Akshara blesses her.

Later at night, Akshara asks Naitik what is he hiding from her. He says what will I hide. She checks his trust and confronts him. He says I trust you. She asks then why is not telling her everything, he can share things, they are good friends, they shared everything and now whats the problem that he is not able to tell her the truth. He says its nothing like what you are thinking. She asks how much will you lie, don’t say truth, don’t say you are not hiding anything. He is about to tell her and Naira comes. Naira takes him to show something. Akshara cries.

Its morning, Rashmi tells Bhabhimaa that she came to attend Ananya’s marriage. Bhabhimaa says we finished this work. She asks Akshara why is she worried. Akshara says Naksh did not come and called till now. Naksh comes and says phone battery ended. He hugs Rashmi and says sorry I had to go for urgent work. Akshara and everyone ask what happened, did he not sleep all night, what is the urgent work. He sees Naitik and Kuhu. Naitik asks Naksh where did he go, he would have told them, everyone was worried. Naksh says whats new, they are already worried, not because of me, there are others too to make them worry. He taunts Naitik and leaves. Naitik asks what did he say. Bhabhimaa says leave it, he got irritated. Naitik says I was making Kuhu sleep, and slept there, Akshara please, none is imp to me than you. He leaves. Akshara thinks to make him admit it today, so that his problem ends. Bhabhimaa says we will leave for haldi rasam now.

They all reach Maheshwari’s house. Rajshri says haldi came from Ranveer’s house. Akshara is worried. Varsha says I told you, I will ask. Akshara says I tried. Varsha says I know you would be scared to face the truth. Akshara says this can’t happen, I trust Naitik, I don’t want to hurt him. Ananya comes for haldi. Everyone compliment her. Naitik pacifies emotional Shaurya. He sees Akshara worried. Tara looks at Naksh. Naksh is worried seeing Naitik and Akshara.

Kuhu takes flowers and fixes like Ananya. Naitik says you want floral jewelry like her. Kuhu smiles. Naitik makes her wear a floral tie. Naira likes it and says Kuhu looks so cute. Dadi asks them to start haldi rasam. Rashmi and Jasmeet tease Ananya. They all are happy. Kuhu gifts a toy kitchen set. Kaki says Ananya got a good gift. They all laugh.

Akshara and Varsha ask each other to apply haldi first to Ananya. They all apply haldi to Ananya and are happy. Naitik goes with Kuhu. Akshara messages Naitik and is sad. Varsha asks how long will you wait.

Naitik comes to Akshara. Varsha looks on. Akshara confronts him and asks why is he hiding Kuhu’s truth, who is she, whose daughter is she. She asks whats this letter. He reads it and gets shocked. She says I m not doubting on you, but answer me, I know her mum is Sneha, tell me who is her father, please why are you not telling me, who is your friend, what father is he, he does not care for his daughter, I feel is there anyone or not… Naitik sees Varsha there. He asks Akshara to wait for some time. She says I can’t wait, tell me truth. He says I can’t say anything, we will go home and talk. Varsha says I will go out. He says nothing like that, we came here for Ananya’s marriage, Akshara and I can talk at home, give me some time. Varsha asks why does he not say, matter will end here. Naitik says sorry Bhabhi, I can’t say anything. He leaves. Akshara cries.

Naksh sees Naitik. Vishwamber takes Naitik for some work. Naksh says what do you think Papa, till when will you be saved from saying truth of Kuhu’s father.

Naitik sings Tenu leke mai javanga….. and sees Akshara.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. anyone knows the repeats timing of the show?

    1. 12:30 pm afternoon

  2. Kuhu might be NIkhil’S (Reshmi’s 1st husband) daughter i guess.

  3. I think so naksh also know shaurya is kuhu s father…..

  4. Kuhu is shaurya’s daughter..

  5. Kuhu is shaurya ‘s daughter
    And it will be soon revealed

  6. I think kuhu isn’t natik’s child but someone else.
    May be sneka is right about kuhu is nikhil’s daughter but i think if kuhu is nikhil’s daughter so her mom will be sneha only but not rashmi

  7. It’s so baeeee the farther is shaurya

  8. Shaurya is kuhu’s dad,so only naitik dont say who is kuhu’s dad,bcas he thnks ananya’s marriage is happen wit out any trajedy,naksh pls believe ur dad

  9. Shaurya or natik is the father of kuhu.

  10. Dimple Rajesh

    Tanvi this show will again repeat st12:30 on in the afternoon.

  11. Shaurya maybe the father. Varsha will be shattered. and so will akshara. But ananya will support her father. Hope Kuhu wont be punished.

  12. Why Tara is showing so much attitude instead of empathising with Naksh? Naksh always supported her.

    1. I read on one if the sites that Tara will gradually become a negative character.

  13. Guys do u know,our naksh(rohanmehra) quit his luv wit his real lif luver ukthi kapoor,so sad to hear
    Some Viewers want naksh tara breakup in reel,bt it is happen in his real lif

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