Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22nd June 2018 Written Episode Update: Naira learns Kartik’s positive view

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22nd June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naira asking Dadi not to worry, nothing will happen to her. Kartik runs out. Tanvi asks him to listen, she has to say something. He says sorry, I can’t talk right now. He leaves in the car and says see what happened because of your stubbornness Naira. Naira gets Dadi to hospital. Doctor asks her if Dadi has any allergy or medical issues. Naira tells him about Dadi’s medical issues. She says she has no allergy as far as I know, I can’t say if anything happened in past two years, you can talk to her family. Doctor says no, she is fine, wound is not internal, don’t worry. Kartik says I will not spare you if anything happens to Dadi. Dadi gets conscious and sees Naira beside. She leaves her hand. Naira asks how do you feel now. Doctor says she got you on time,

she knows your medical history as if she was your nurse. Kartik comes and sees Dadi. Doctor says relax, she is fine, thank the girl. Kartik gets angry.

Doctor asks Dadi to relax. He says we have to keep her under observation for some time. Kartik says just family will stay back, outsiders can leave. Naira asks Dadi to take care. Kartik takes Naira out. Naira asks what are you…. what’s your problem. He says you are asking me, this happened because of you, Dadi got injured because of your stupid protest. She says Dadi is fine, she didn’t get injured because of me. They argue. He says I know everything. She says it doesn’t matter to me. He says I don’t matter to you, Shubham too didn’t matter, so you have hidden that big thing from us, you don’t care if anyone loses life, I want to tell you, this protest may harm your friend, like my brother was harmed, think about it. The man says Mrs. Goenka is calling you. Kartik goes. Naira cries.

Naksh calls Naitik and gets number busy. Naitik calls Naira and wonders where is she till now. Naksh calls on landline. Naitik asks Naira where are you, I m worried for you. Naksh hears him on call and throws his phone. Naitik asks Chitti whose call was it. Chitti says don’t know. Naitik asks him to cook food for Naira, I will call Naksh and talk to him. He calls and says now what happened to his phone. Naksh sits sad. Manish gets coffee and apologizes to Suwarna. She says I was tensed, else you know I don’t disturb you, I was worried for my son, you scolded me. He says sorry. She says it was my mistake. He says its my mistake, I wish to get my old Suwarna, who had a smiling face, who used to stay awake so that I don’t fall asleep and I complete my work, who had magical solution for all my problems, if you meet her, tell her that I really miss her, if she didn’t support me that time, maybe I would have shattered.

She says I will try my best to give you old Suwarna back. He says yes, you are my children’s mum, but I have first right on them, don’t worry for Kartik so much. Naira sits near the pool side. Tanvi comes and asks how is Mrs. Goenka. Naira says she is fine, she will come home by tomorrow, what happened, why are you looking scared. Tanvi hugs her and thanks. She says you are a great friend, but now I m going. Naira asks where. Tanvi says very far from here, my parents learnt everything, they are scared for their reputation, they also feel its my mistake, so they are sending me away. Naira thinks of Kartik’s words. Tanvi says I m taking my complaint back so that my family’s reputation doesn’t suffer. Kartik comes and looks on. Naira says I faced a similar situation but my family supported me, you should overcome your fear. Tanvi says maybe I can’t do this. She goes. Naira sees Kartik. He says you should have shown sensibility before, it happened what I told you, tell me now, you can’t go all the time. He holds her. She asks him to leave. They fall back into the pool. She holds him and hug. Morey saiyyan….plays…. Someone records them. Aahatein….plays…..

Naira gets away. Kartik holds her. She hugs him. She goes out of the pool. Its morning, the girl talks to Naira on call and says some students will be rusticated, Kartik must have instructed to execute this, your name is on top of the list. Kartik asks Dean how can you do this, you should have told me, we are not going to rusticate anyone, this will hurt the students, situation can get worse. Naira thinks what revenge is he fulfilling. Naitik says its not done, you should go and talk to them. Vaidehi looks on. Investors meet Naksh and offer him help in his resort project. The man says can we join hands, we can work out terms and conditions, project will be all yours, we shall start the work. Naksh asks what, I can’t believe it, thank you so much. Kartik says we will be taking the decision, we have one agenda, to expose and punish the culprit, don’t worry for money and outcome, we have to support Tanvi, her parents are making her leave studies. The girl sees his positive side and makes a video. She shares it in group. Naira says I told them just to post imp things in group. She checks the video. She thinks is this Kartik’s view.

Naira and Kartik get shocked seeing their video. Someone asks them to forget Tanvi’s case, else everyone will discuss about professor and student’s love story.

Update Credit to: Amena

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