Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22nd June 2015 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22nd June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rashmi being annoyed with Bhabhimaa. Naitik says life is short and asks her to be happy, forget past, the 10 years can never come back, why to waste more time in annoyance. Naksh meets Sanju and she assumes its Yash, as they both wear same sherwani. She says she has seen love in his eyes. She says I love you Yash. Naksh turns and she gets stunned seeing him. Ananya and Yash are behind and Sanju turns to see them. Naksh says they are smart and did not let them know about the love story. Yash says so you made me wear similar clothes. Naksh says Sanju did not tell me, very bad. Sanju says I would tell you, but you are so busy. Naksh says I have time for such things.

Sanju says I was not sure, I could not realize. Naksh says liar. Ananya asks about Yash, he

looked so obedient and was after Sanju. Yash asks her not to tell anyone. Naksh says fine, tell me when and where you proposed her. Yash says I have to propose. Naksh asks her to take flower from the pot. Yash proposes to Sanju and sits on his knees, giving her a rose. He says I love you Sanju. She accepts his proposal and says I love you too. Naksh and Ananya clap for them. They all hug. Akshara comes and asks whats happening. Naksh says nothing, we are happy for your marriage, we will not tell the surprise. Ananya says its going to be special and sends her. Naksh asks Sanju and Yash to be here, he will manage everything.

Devyaani is worried because of the rains. Even Maheshwaris are busy in arrangements. Sanju talks to Yash. He answers her and she says she had many BF. He gets thinking. She says she does not know to call them BFs or not, she did not feel for anyone before. She holds his hand and says he is really good. He smiles. Bhabhimaa shows the necklace and slips from the stairs. Rashmi holds her and they all rush to care for her. Rashmi leaves her. Bhabhimaa says she wants to be with them, and asks them not to stop anything. She wishes she gets well soon.

Naksh tells Naira about Sanju and Yash. She gets glad. Naksh tells his idea to Naira and Ananya. They like it a lot. Ananya says its perfect idea. Akshara says I liked it too, awesome, its such a great plan, well done, everything will be shocked too. Naksh and Naira ask her to leave it, this is mum’s trick to know our idea, but we are her children and more smart than her. Akshara says fine, tell me the plan. Naira says I will say and does not tell her. Bhabhimaa talks to Nandini. Karishma scolds Girja for spoiling her blouse and everyone calm her. Mishti sees the blouse and takes it.

She brings the blouse and says she has cut both sleeves. Karishma likes it and says thanks Mishti for her help. Devyaani says kids are better than us. Girja kisses Mishti and thanks her for saving her. Naitik talks to Akshara. She reminds him to deposit the cheque. He has the cheque in his hand and says thanks for reminding, I forgot. She says I understood what you mean, you remembered it. She applies face pack. She asks about his yellowness on face. He says I will make video call and laughs seeing her. She says kids are making some plan. He says yes, they are more excited than us. She says Naksh has become mature, he is managing everything, help him. Naitik says he is not taking anyone’s help, even my Naira has done much work. She says she is enjoying a lot.

She asks about Naira’s admission. He says principal is out of city, and asks her to her medicines. She says she has to think about Naksh’s admission in college. He says we will become romantic couple like before. Rajshri comes and asks Akshara to wash her face. Devyaani asks Naitik to get ready and have some food. Akshara waves bye to Naitik. He smiles and ends call.

Bau ji calls the horse provider man and asks did Naksh come there. Rashmi says where can Naksh go with the horse.

Update Credit to: Amena

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