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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22nd July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Devyaani asking about wine. Martha says I have got juice instead wine, I respect your traditions. Rajshri asks about the customs. Martha says we will talk about Yash and Rose. Rukmani says we could have talked at home, why did we come here. Mohit asks her to go home. Rukmani says no, I will also enjoy, I have to talk to Martha too. Bhabhimaa asks Martha to say. Martha says Rose is my best child, she is my friend, companion, cheers to Yash and Rose.

Anmol gives money and buys a bike. He tells his friends that he will answer family when needed. He goes on a ride with his friends. Mohit says I m lucky to spend my life with Nandini, I m happy Lord gave Yash a chance to spend his life with Rose. Everyone clap. Nandini says love marriages don’t get respect as

arranged marriages, but I feel if two people love each other, we should give them chance to unite forever. Gayu smiles seeing Kartik and thinks I can’t give letter myself, I lack courage. She swaps her letter with Mishti’s letter. Ishq mujhko hua hai…………plays………..

Akshara says cheers for my and Naitik’s side, marriage can be loved or arranged, but it needs love, Naitik and I had arranged marriage, we felt we know each other since births, our marriage turned into love, I wish all the couples have love and everyone get a loving life partner, Yash and Rose love each other. Everyone clap. Naksh says I left phone in car and goes.

Rukmani says now its my turn, I will say. Akshara tells Rose that Rukmani will enjoy the most. Rukmani says when Yash was not in our life, Mohit and Nandini used to be sad, Lord sent Yash in our life and we got happiness, today Yash is going to marry an angel. Yash hugs Rukmani and says thanks, I did not know you love me so much, I love you. Naksh gets his phone and sees Anmol with his friends. He asks whose bike is this. Anmol says its my friend’s bike, I will come. Naksh asks him to come soon. Anmol says I got trapped, I have to bear them for some time.

Martha thanks everyone for making this ceremony interesting for Yash and Rose. Rukmani tells Nandini that she will talk now. Mohit asks Nandini to be ready for new issue. Martha attends call and tells Akshara about arrangements. Mishti asks Naira to give letter to her BF as she is shy. Naira says no, I don’t like that frog, you send someone else. Mishti says Gayu is busy, she never refuses. Naira says I won’t give. Mishti insists and tries emotional blackmail. Naira says fine, I will give him. she goes. Gayu smiles and says thanks Naira, now this letter will reach Kartik.

Devyaani says its all so good. Bhabhimaa says yes, we are doing this for Martha’s happiness. Rajshri says but we are experiencing a new thing. Devyaani says Yash and Rose are happy. Nandini compliments them to be good saas. Naira gives letter to Kartik and says Mishti has sent this. He holds her hand and asks are you fine. She says yes, and turns. She asks him to leave her chunri. She sees her chunri stuck here. He smiles. Her earring falls down. She looks for its screw and gets under the table. He asks did she get it, and gets under table to help her. Yeh rishta kya…………..plays………………..

She finds the screw and gets hit on her head. She says don’t know whose face I saw in morning. He says you would have seen mirror. Her hair gets stuck. He says its not necessary to do all work alone and become heroine, I will help. She says I don’t need your help and gets hurt. She lets him help. She gets hurt and even he gets hurt. They both laugh. Naksh comes there and does not see them. He leaves. She wears her earring, and the letter flies by air. She throws her dupatta and Kartik holds her dupatta saying you would have got burnt. She says I don’t get burnt, I burn others. They start arguing. He says you can’t make me leave from this house. He asks where did my letter go. She says I kept it there, Mishti will kill me. Gayu wonders if Kartik read letter or not. Kartik asks Naira to find letter, else he will tell Mishti that he did not get the letter. She asks him to find it too.

Naira says its not here, Mishti will kill me. Kartik says she should, you are love’s enemy, you lost my first love letter, jealous. She says I m not jealous, tell Mishti you read letter. He says fine, I don’t know what was written in it. She says nothing much, just I love you. He smiles. She goes. He says I love you too. Yeh rishta kya……plays………..

Martha thanks Rukmani and everyone for doing this for her and Rose. Bhabhimaa says we liked it. Devyaani says we are one family now and people take care of each other’s happiness. Martha says Rose is very lucky to get a sweet family. Gayu says I hope Kartik saw that letter. The letter flies and Devyaani misses to see it. Bhabhimaa asks Devyaani to come. Akshara’s paper falls and she picks that Gayu’s letter too. Kartik get Mishti’s letter and says I love you too my GF. Gayu smiles seeing Kartik. He says my first love letter, my GF wrote for me, see, I have to hug her, where is Mishti. She says its Mishti’s letter, where is my letter.

Martha tells about some ritual to make groom and bride fight so that they don’t fight after marriage. They all smile and agree. Martha asks Yash and Rose to fight. They both start fighting. Everyone smile. Martha says all good things come to an end, dinner went well, thanks to everyone. Gayu hopes that no one else gets that letter.

Akshara sees the fake diamond ring and tells everyone that its not the real one we chose.

Update Credit to: Amena

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