Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22nd July 2015 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22nd July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Devyaani saying she is going out. Nandini comes and Devyaani asks her to stay, she will come soon. Nandini tells Akshara that she wants to talk about Yash and Sanju. Sanju tells Yash that she will come to take movies. Yash says no, mum is not talking to me well. Sanju says whats the big deal, tell her that I m your GF. They see Naksh sleeping in canteen. Naksh says I slept again in the class. Yash asks him not to ignore studies, else Naitik will not leave him. Sanju says your mum will not support you. Naksh says he has meeting with an investor, he is genuine, I will leave now. Sanju reminds he has to submit project tomorrow. Naksh says I forgot, thanks for reminding.

A lawyer comes to Naman and says Naitik called him in regard of POA. Naitik asks Khanna

to come to his cabin. He gets Akshara’s call and says he will call her later. Naman gets thinking. Naksh talks to investor. Naman informs Karishma about POA. She says what, Naitik is taking the business, I will ask him when he comes home. He gets angry and thinks. Naira comes home and is glad that Gayu has got admission in school. Gayu says they will perform together in dance. Naira says don’t know how it will be here. Gayu says it will be fine. Naira says she did not submit form till now. Rashmi asks them to practice together. Akshara says their neighbor is dance teacher, she can teach you both.

Naksh comes home. Akshara asks him did it not happen, she knew this. He smiles and says he has to sign and get cheque tomorrow. He shows his project and she gets glad. She thanks Lord and says she is very happy for him and dad. He says he will surprise dad. She asks him to do his project. Naitik comes home and Akshara talks to him. He says he has some imp work, its done and everything will be fine. He asks her to send kids after dinner, he wants to talk to elders. Naman and Karishma hear this.

Rajshri sits sad in the house temple. She shares her worry with Dadi. Dadi pacifies her and asks her to see Gita, she will get her answer. Rajshri does so. Dadi says Shri Ram has many troubles, but brother’s love did not change. She asks her not to worry. Rajshri smiles. Akshara sends kids to room after dinner. Bhabhimaa asks whats the matter. Akshara says Naitik said, he looks worried. Naitik joins them. Bau ji asks why did he call lawyer, its good, you and Naman manage business now, I have two sons. Naman says why are you saying 2 sons Bau ji, one is enough, you retire and Naitik will take your place, I m an outsider and there is not any place for me.

Bau ji asks why is he saying so. Karishma says you want Naman to keave his rights, so you called lawyer, Naman has right on business. Devyaani asks Naman to stop it. Naman says its plan against us, and whats this happening Bau ji. Naitik stops him, and says Bau ji does not know anything, I did what I felt is right. He asks him to check the file and leaves. Bau ji takes it and gets shocked reading the file. He says Naitik has named his property and business to Naman. They all get shocked.

Bau ji says how can Naitik decide this alone, he did not take anyone’s advice. Akshara says I will talk to him. Bau ji says no, I will talk to him. Bhabhimaa asks Naman to tell them what happened, why did Naitik do this. Devyaani asks Naman to tell the truth. Bhabhimaa cries. Rashmi takes her to her room. Karishma checks the file and shows Naman. Bau ji comes to Naitik and asks him the reason of doing this. He says Dadda ji and I gave you this share, you should have asked us once, why did you do this, and gets annoyed. He leaves. Akshara tells Naitik that this will affect our family.

Naitik says don’t know how Naman and Karishma are thinking this, if I can stop family breaking by giving business, its okay, I don’t want home to divide, when he said yesterday…. She asks what happened, tell me. He asks does she trust him. She says yes. He says I want your support, we know Naman managed business well and will manage ahead too. She hugs him. Devyaani scolds Naman and Karishma. She says Bhabhimaa and Bau ji are feeling so sad, you should have thought about elders, you both can’t bear happiness. She leaves annoyed. Naman gets sad.

Karishma says I m sorry to say, mum has scolded us, what if Naitik gave his shares to us, its not any great thing, you totally deserve it, Naitik left this before too, and went again, whats the big deal, I think its his plan to get sympathy and then he will take shares back from you. Naman asks her to just shut up, do you think this is an acting, you think its not a big deal, I spoke to him badly. She asks him not to get guilty, this is your right, you are working for company’s future. He says its waste talking to you, and leaves. She gets worried. Naitik and Akshara see Devyaani crying. Naitik hugs her.

Naksh says he will final the place today. Akshara says fine, but focus on studies, submit project today. Naksh does not submit complete one and teacher scolds him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Karishma & Naman are sooo evil my gosh naman’s dad has his own money Naman should go and beg for a share there disgusting they are to claim a right over whats not yours they aren’t even Singhania’s ? … This twist in yrkkh is so sad if gaytri was alive this wouldn’t have happened

  2. Uhhh katishma u r doing too much……..plz dont do this othrwise evry1 will hate u nd great akshara wil become more great in evry1’s eyes…….even ur hubby nd daughter wl not be supporting u…….nd devyani…shame on u………just to act that u r a gud mothr nd a gud step mom u r not spprtng ur own son nd bahu……..

  3. we all know what is going to happen
    karishma and naman are going to keep asking for rights and akshara and naitik are going to be the gods of the show and give up everything for them
    karishma and naman will make some type of business mistake and get stuck and not know how to get out
    naitik and akshara will come up with a good solution and fix everything
    then everyone will praise akshara and naitik
    karishma and naman will apologize to akshara and everyone else and beg for forgiveness and then akshara will give a speech about family and togetherness
    Happens all the time and will happen again because naitik and akshara are superheroes that always know the right thing to do………getting tired of the same story and character outcome

  4. its all stupidity of naitiks father. stupid fellow wants a wife even in old age and is making gayatris children. naman nad karishma are characterless right from the begining. its better naitik leaves the house with his family

  5. Y they are dng this

  6. How can Raman and karishma demand any right they are out sider and naman has his father and property

  7. how can you react like this karishma you r disturbing all the family members i didnt expect this from you and you are shameless

  8. Karishma u r disgusting….

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