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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22nd July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Akshara bringing kada for Naitik and asks Juhi will she have anything. Juhi praises them. Akshara is impressed by her and teases Naitik. He asks her to go and she pulls his ears. She kisses him and says now you know when you tease me infront of everyone. He says go and smiles. She leaves. Juhi asks Naitik to check her work. He says very good Juhi. Bhabhimaa talks to Devyaani and asks her to keep everything good as Rukmani should not be annoyed. Devyaani says I will consult Akshara as she knows about this. Naksh comes home and looks happy. Akshara asks what happened.

He says I did good work, on time, I liked riya from first grade, so I decided I will marry her and I proosed her today. Everyone smile. Naksh says Anshu also did this, so I also fixed it now.

Riya also said yes. Akshara asks Naksh to go and change. Naksh asks her to keep Riya’s size bangles, he will give her and it will be fixed. Akshara says Naitik will be laughing knowing this. Muskaan says Riya’s parents can complain. Akshara talks to Devyaani and says she will do everything. Juhi says she will leave as the work is over. Bhabhimaa says she is a good girl.

Devyaani is doubtful about Juhi. Naksh talks to Yash and Ananya and tells he proposed Riya and now it will be confirmed if mum gives bangles. Akshara tells this to Naitik. He says your son is in full speed. He says its good, till he grows up, arranged marriages will not be like this. He asks her about Naman’s first day. She says no, it was fine. He gets closer to her and holds her hand. She says be away, you have cold. He gets romantic and she sneezes. He says now you also have cold, no need to go far now. They smile.

Devyaani asks Akshara will it be over now. Akshara says yes, I will manage everything. Devyaani goes with Muskaan out. Naitik asks Akshara to come with him to office. She says no, I m busy. Bhabhimaa comes and he tells the same, asking Akshara to come as Bau ji is also not at office. She says I will come in some time. He says come with me. Bhabhimaa says you go with him. Akshara says fine, tell Devyaani, I will try to come soon. Some relatives come to meet Jasmeet as they could not come for marriage. Jasmeet comes and Kaki introduces her as her bahu. They look at her.

A lady says she is very pretty. Kaki thanks them. Kaki asks Jasmeet to touch their feet and Jasmeet gives them tea. The lady gives her Nek. Kaki keeps signing but Jasmeet does not understand. Devyaani comes back and Bhabhimaa says Naitik insisted and Akshara went with him. Devyaani says how will I manage, she knows everything, I don’t know what to make. Bhabhimaa says don’t worry, she will manage everything and come back. Akshara does work and says she has to go home for helping Devyaani.

Naman comes and Naitik asks him about the file. Naman says I m still reading the files, as I got them today. He lies and Akshara hears this. She asks Naman to talk to Neeraj, who is responsble and knows deadlines. Naman says enough, I know. He gets annoyed and leaves. The client comes and takes their signs on it. Devyaani tells Muskaan that she is worried, I don’t know what happens in kitty party. Muskaan asks her to go and get ready. Muskaan says wear some other jewellery.

Muskaan says all this is light one, don’t you have something rich. Devyaani says no. Muskaan asks her to ask Bhabhimaa. Bhabhimaa brings it and asks her to wear what she likes. The guests leave from Kaki’s house. Kaki asks Jasmeet why did she not touch their feet. Jasmeet says I did not knew, you should have told me. Kaki says I signed so many times. Jasmeet says sorry. Dadi asks Jasmeet to come with her. Kkai is angry on Jasmeet and Rajshri asks her to give her some time. Varsha says yes, she is new here. Rajshri says don’t worry, Varsha will explain her.

Rukmani asks Bhabhimaa why is Muskaan still here. Bhabhimaa excuse herself and thinks if I tell her now, she can make a big issue, I will tell Devyaani to be careful. Girja says Dadda ji is calling you. She leaves. The kitty party starts. Rukmani has high expectations. Devyaani serves them cold drinks and snacks. She gets tensed. Rukmani asks her to sit and today she is looking Singhania’s bahu. Rukmani says there will be many games and asks Devyaani what did she keep. Devyaani looks at Muskaan.

Naitik asks Akshara to come with him to factory. She says no, I have to go home to help Devyaani. He says what about work. She says take Juhi. He says fine, will teach her the work. She leaves. Muskaan makes the ladies play some games and says Rukmani wins this game. Rukmani is very glad and Muskaan gifts her. Naksh comes and asks Devyaani how many she won. She says nothing. He says shame shame. Rukmani says we will leave now. Devyaani asks Rukmani was it all fine. Rukmani says you should have made better arrangements. Devyaani says its first time.

Akshara comes and hears Rukmani taunting her on family supporting her less. They leave. Akshara says sorry. Devyaani says if you came on time, I would have nit heard this, so I did not wish to become a member, our family got insulted. Naitik calls Devyaani and says his car broke down and he called a taxi. He is with Juhi and is stuck. Shaurya says Anshu will be late. Everyone tease Jasmeet and Dadi tells her story. Anshu comes home and everyone smile seeing him. Devyaani gives Naitik’s message to Akshara. She says he will come late, you go to bring him. She says no, I have work. Devyaani asks her to be alert, as she is telling this by her experience and Naitik is with Juhi. Akshara is puzzled. Devyaani leaves.

Akshara asks Juhi why is she here at her home, she should be at office at this time. Juhi says Naitik misbehaved with me. Everyone is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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