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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22nd January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naitik talking to Akshara. He says you have to participate in car race. She asks car? He laughs and says I was teasing you, but this is serious. She asks what is this. He says its really there, your music competition organizers are keeping charity event for blind people, please participate. Ananya gets ready and wishes Abhi comes in café, as she is dressing up for him. she turns, and sees Varsha and Jasmeet. They start teasing her and smile. Jasmeet asks where are you going, you are going on date right. Varsha says yes. Jasmeet and Varsha ask her why did she not tell them. Ananya says there is nothing like that, I was bored at home, and thought to write from café ti get new ideas. She leaves. Varsha tells Jasmeet that there is something. Jasmeet says she will

tell us. Varsha says if guy is nice, we will get them married. Jasmeet says we don’t know anything yet and laughs.

Naitik says its real car race. Devyaani says its risky. Bau ji asks why did you plan this. Akshara looks on. Naksh says mumma gets hyper as speed increases, we should take care of her. Bhabhimaa says no need for this. Mishti says hear him once. Naitik says thanks Mishti, its special race, I want Akshara to participate and show her spirit, she does not have to drive, and just navigate, someone else will drive. Bau ji says its more dangerous, they don’t let men drive and make them panic. Naksh says yes, Bhabhimaa and Tara do the same. They laugh. Naitik asks them not to worry, safety measures are there, I checked, do you all think I will send Akshara like this. Akshara says I don’t want to do. He says for me, you always say to make weakness a strength. She says I don’t want to make them worry. Mishti asks them to agree. They all agree and laugh. Akshara thanks them. Mishti says I will tell Naira. Naitik says Naira would be on her school trip now. Maya thinks race, I won’t miss this chance.

Tara talks to Naksh and says I will surely come. Aditya asks her why is she smiling. Tara asks where is my coffee. She gives him coffee and tells him about Akshara participating in charity car race event, she is amazing, I was shocked too, Naksh praises her right, I m thinking to go there to cheer her. Aditya says we all will go. He asks when will her eyesight come back. She says doctors are hopeful, Naksh said it can come anytime, once she gets fine, then I will tell truth to Naksh, I can’t hide truth.

She goes and says I felt someone was here, was it Sangram. Girja collides with Maya and says Akshara’s coffee would have fell down. Maya asks her to get vitamin biscuits for her. Girja goes to get it. Maya adds some powder in coffee. Girja takes it.

Mishti tells Akshara that Naira asked her to send dresses pic and she will finalize it. She says you have to go today for navigation. Girja asks her to have coffee. Akshara takes the mug, and Mishti talks to her. She says I also want coffee. Akshara says kids don’t drink coffee. Mishti insists. Akshara says fine, take one sip. Mishti takes it. Maya worries. Mishti stops and says it has hair, see Girja. Girja says sorry. Akshara says its fine, Lord did not wish Mishti to drink coffee, so this happened.

Maya messages someone that work did not happen. Karishma gets message and worries. Ananya is at café and waits for Abhi. She hides seeing Rukmani. Rukmani sees Ananya and says I often come here for coffee, did you come with someone. Ananya says I came alone. Rukmani says I also came alone, coffee is costly here, I m society head and get some lady along. She says waiter knows my fav, will you have it. Ananya thinks maybe Abhi won’t come and says I will leave. She stops seeing Abhi and smiles. He greets her. Rukmani asks what happened, he is asking something. Ananya sees the waiter and says sorry, I don’t want anything. She says I will leave, and sees Abhi again. She drops the purse and picks it. Abhi takes the parcel and goes. Ananya thinks she could not talk to him.

Naitik asks Akshara to listen to them carefully, her victory will depend on her, driver will not know route and she has to guide driver. She says if I forget it. Naitik says he will explain you. The man asks her to remember route map, she won’t have phone with her. Naitik says I m sure Akshara will win.

Naman says race… Karishma says we should not miss this opportunity. Naman says our next plan should not fail. Maya comes and smiles. Akshara says I learnt the route. The man says congrats, all the best. Akshara asks Naitik can’t he become the driver. He says its race, not a date, they will keep good drivers for safety. She says yes. He says everything will be fine, don’t worry. She says come. He says I love you. She says its racing track, not place to romance. He says what if I got love, come.

Nannu plays at home. Kaki asks Rajshri did you ask Naksh about surprise. Rajshri says no, he said we will know tomorrow. Ananya asks Nannu to drive car there. He says girls can’t drive. Ananya says Akshara will participate in car race and win. Rajshri asks what. Ananya says I told Naksh told you all, Akshara is going in race, Naitik convinced her. They all worry. Ananya says he wants to boost Akshara’s confidence. Jasmeet says maybe he thought well.

Sangram comes in Akshara’s room at night and says Madam ji…. She wakes up and panics. Naitik gets up and asks are you fine. She says I felt there is someone. He says it might be your dream, there is no one, tell me what did you see. She says nothing, it was strange. He asks her to rest, and not worry for the race. She thinks why did such dream come to me, is this any sign.

Akshara wishes she gets a good driving partner. She greets the driver and Sangram greets her. She gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Pls director do not let anything happen to Akshara . Pls get rid of Naman , Karishma and Maya . Pls do not ruin the show . Everyone loves this drama a lot

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