Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22nd February 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22nd February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kartik saying its fine if photo frame broke. Mansi says no, I have done…. not intentionally. Kartik asks what, tell me. Akhilesh comes and says I will say Kartik. He stops Mansi and says since she heard about Akshara’s accident, she is worried, I asked her not to read bad books. Mansi cries. Kartik looks at her. Akhilesh says Naira will come in our house, if Mansi does such thing, what will Naira think, what happened, don’t you trust me. Kartik says no, there is not reason to not trust, but don’t know why, I m unable to trust you, don’t know what are you two hiding, there is something.

Akhilesh says its nothing like that, right Mansi. Kartik says don’t force her to agree, its okay. Lav and Kush ask him to come fast. They take Kartik. Akhilesh

asks Mansi not to spoil Kartik’s life, accident happened by mistake, we can’t do anything, if relations break, I can’t join it, remember this.

Naira likes the peacock design. Naitik says we have finalized this as Akshara selected this. Baisa says yes, we will manage everything. Dadi says we will have so many things that they will just keep seeing it, everything will be unique. Naira asks what’s the need to do this. Baisa says we have everything and will not give chance to Goenkas to say anything. Dadi says whatever Naira’s family does, we will do more. Naira says you taught me not to compete in show, now elders are doing this. Dadi says if we gave money, we should show shine that shocks their eyes. Naitik says we know we should not lie even then we lie, when you buy this for your children, you will understand. Rajshri asks shall we show them once. Baisa says fine.

Dadi says if everything is fine, I have no issue, I hope they did not do anything. Naira sees a silver plate turning black and shows them. She says Rajshri and Devyaani took gifts, did that also turn black. Manish says our business will get boost by this news, thanks. Kartik hears him and thinks he made life a business. Manish stumbles. Kartik holds him and asks him to take care, you would have fallen in water while showing off, its nothing new for you. He taunts Manish and goes.

Gayu asks is this palace or maze. Naira says don’t know which way to go. They find Rajshri and Devyaani. Naksh asks about the gifts. Devyaani asks what happened. Naira checks the plate empty. Rajshri asks what happened. Daid gets angry seeing black plate. Surekha asks how can they give this to us, its insulting. Suwarna says they maybe have done this by mistake. Dadi asks how can they be careless, my BP got high, order new thing, tell them we want all things here. Suwarna says I think we should talk to them once. Dadi says you join bride’s family and taunts her. Dadi says we will order everything and pay for their side.

Baisa asks did you wanted chance to show us down, we will pay for gifts. Dadi shows the blank gift. Bhabhimaa says you know us, you think we did this intentionally, mistakes happen, its wrong, we are hurt. Naksh says we wanted to gift this. Bhabhimaa says we are going to become relatives, we should trust each other, it would be better if you called us and asked us. Naira defends Dadi. Kartik says yes, confusion never ends unless its solved, its good you all met and solved this. Dadi and Bhabhimaa say we have no complains. Rajshri says we will try that we don’t make any mistake. Dadi likes the gifts. Kartik praises Naira’s beauty and asks them to apply haldi to Naira. He tells Naira that its haldi tomorrow. She jokes on him. He says just one night, then we will have haldi and marriage tomorrow, I want to take my GF for dinner tonight, then my wife will come and not let me go out with my GF. She smiles.

Baisa and Bhabhimaa hear kids talking. Baisa gets scared of ghosts. Kirti asks Aditya not to do anything in Kartik’s marriage. He argues. She asks why are you creating problems in their life. He says by coming Maayka, your voice got high. He hurts her. She cries. Manish comes and asks Aditya can I come in. Aditya leaves Kirti. Kirti wipes tears and asks Manish to come. Manish says congrats Aditya, our company merger happened. He hugs Aditya and praises him. Aditya says we should celebrate. Manish says yes. Kirti turns away and cries.

Naksh manages all the things alone. Naitik says you will fall lonely. Naksh says no, Lord gives power to brothers to manage sister’s marriage work. Naira offers help. Naksh asks her to go, I can’t get peaceful breath till your vidaai. Devyaani and everyone ask for silbatta to grind haldi. Naksh says no one told me. Gayu signs Naira. Naksh apologizes. Naira and Gayu get the stones and asks them to make this silbatta. Bhabhimaa cries.

Baisa asks her what happened. Bhabhimaa says Naira and Gayu remind me of Akshara. Devyaani says yes, they are like Akshara. They start grinding haldi. Naira thinks haldi arrangements started, how to meet Kartik. Manish tells Dadi about company merger. Dadi says its great. Suwarna finds Kirti worried and asks her is everything fine. Aditya praises Kirti. Suwarna says my heart is not agreeing, what’s the matter, tell me please, you can share it with me, you regard me mum right. Kirti cries. Manish asks Suwarna to make sweets and send to Aditya’s family. Aditya gets his mom’s call and asks Kirti to come and talk. Kirti goes.

Naira does rituals. Gayu says I will grind haldi first for my sister. Manish says explain Kirti to take care of Aditya, its her duty. Suwarna says Kirti is sensible, she is good wife and good bahu. Manish says I think something happened between them, I can feel it, we have to explain Kirti, now we have business merger too, tell her to keep Aditya and inlaws happy, her mistake can be bad for us. Kirti looks at Suwarna.

Kartik say if you don’t come to meet me, I will do something. Naira says I will try. Akhilesh asks what are you doing here. He sees someone….

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Oh no this Aditya don’t know what he will do next I’m fed up with him

  2. they are dragging it so much..
    .and aditya what’s wrong with him I jst hate him and kirti doesn’t even complain to her parents maybe suwarna can help her she should try once…and am getting very angry as they are not showing kirti and naksh scenes but I know they will as naksh is going to support kirti…!!

  3. and heyy guyz how r u rahul,Sophie di,vrushy di,and every1…!!

  4. I hope u guys read my info???

    1. Rahul96

      Yes we all have read your intro . Nice

  5. Rahul96

    A big hii my new , big and expanding YRKKH family Pat di(elder sister ) , Sachu di , Sindhu di , Sophie di , Swara di , LinTzeLing dii ( Ponkuri dii ) , Hasan Bhaiya , Fenil Bhaiya , Lakhan , Shilpa, Soumya , Aliya Khan, Pawan, Adi , Vrushy, Trisha, Riya, , Jas , Ridz , Raven, Ishika , trishi , Paakhi , Nikhil , Chanya , Shesha , Amalina , TV Fan1 , Lasyashree.10 , Pari , Trusna , Ishu (Ishwarya) , Twana , Khushi ,Claire , riyasmiles , sweetsara , irum , Raf , Tanu , 123 , Su_16 ( Suha ) , Dona , Rosa 18 , Chanpreet ( Preet ) , Reyaa , Ranu , Hales , Dhanvi , Sruthi , Naina , Sonal , Tahira and all other YRKKH fan
    and silent comment readers and new comers

    How are you guys????

    Thanks amena dii for your update !!!

    Coming to the episode !!!
    It was good today !!!
    Loved the way Naksh was arranging the marriage of Naira . He was doing the same in Anaya marriage . Loved the word of Kartik to Manish that because of small things you are losing big thing !!! Small thing means profit in business and big things means family relationship . Love the word of Naira that don’t make the marriage as a competition if show off . I remember this were the words of Akshara.
    And love the way today Naira and Kartik balance the situation between Naira and Kartik !!! Bhabhimaa words to dadi was awesome !!!!

    I am glad that finally someone , suwarna , has seen keerthi’s pain !!! And this aditya is creep !!! I want his truth to come out !!!

    Hi guys I really like suwarna !!! I think that she is playing the role of Akshara in Naira’s life !!!!
    Hi guys can anyone guess the couple name of Manish-suwarna like Suanish !!!!

    Naitik today discussing about Naira’s children !! Hahahaha
    If it’s baby girl for Naira-kartik then her name should be kaira . It means peace .
    If it’s baby boy for Naira-kartik then his name should be Naitik ( NAIra and karTIK )

    1. Rahul96

      And the bhabhimaa and Baisa was fearing of ghost , was also awesome and funny . And to be honest guys I also do believe in ghosts!!!!

  6. Hello to all new family members
    Lakhan, please forgive me I was unable to wish you a happy birthday – I hope you had an awesome day bro!!
    I’ve been busy with exams lately so sorry for not commenting

    To the episode: It was atleast good that they moved away from the wedding drag but it is still dragging which is surprising cos they took drag festivals usually but not that much – in fact, even Aksharas wedding has a lot of misunderstandings, and they did drag a little bit but then there was nothing to the amount of 3 months, which is actually starting to become a bit ridiculous and boring .. how many more dates are they going to have, do they not know that they will be spending their whole lives together after the marriage? WHy do they feel they need to always meet when soon it will come where they are living in the same home!? They keep showing Kaira craving in short term but not thinking much about long term – because they want to be with eachother and this too secretly and away from parents knowing – even the dhaba had this issue and the treasure hunt . Ok dont get me wrong, it is good to show the vast amount of love for eachother but its annoying if its to an extent where we are getting bored with their dream scenes and always being together.
    I really iike their chemistry and all, but I do think they are overdoing it a bit , sort of going with what works for the sake of TRP but people are starting to become bored as I have seen from comments.
    It’s like having a book. It could be your favourite book and you would always want to read it but then after atleast 100 times minimum, you will know the lines without even reading the book, always aware of what will happen next. I hope you understood my message but YRKKH please become more unpredictable!! I laughed at Rahuls comment of watching in front of parents and being shy but imagine the parents, they too would feel awkward LOL

    SOrry for a very negative comment but I am starting to be a bit bored with this daily drama nonsense – it’s becoming too much
    Sorry if I have hurt anyone with my comments and I hope everyone is well!

  7. Hello everyone,
    I completely agree with the fact that the writers are showing an overdose of romance. I feel so awkward and the tattoo thing was absolutely disgusting for me, Naira could instead wear a bracelet which has Karthik’s name on it. YRKKH should concentrate on the feelings of Naira. I feel really sad that Naira thinks about Karthik all the time, like when Bhabimaa was remembering Akshara and later Naira was thinking about how she is gonna stay without talking to Karthik.

    YRKKH, I think is showing a bit too much of Karthik-Naira romance, instead they could show them imagining their lives after marriage. Guys its my opinion so don’t get offended.

    Guys read my ff on Shivika, mainly based on story of YHM but in a unique way. Here’s the link:

  8. Hello everyone
    I am loving the romance between Karthik and Naira…it is so cute
    I just can’t get enough of it..
    The tattoo is goooood…

  9. Hi my wonderful Family-Rahul bhaiya, Lakhan, Twana, Lasya, Pat dii, Sophie di, Sachu di, Swara di, Ponkuri di, Tanu di, Fenil bhaiya, Soumya, Chanya, Trishi, Vrushy, Adi, Chanpreet, Hasan, Naina, Aliyaa, Pawan, Tahira di, Soofia, Shesha, Trusna di, Shilpa, Dona, Rosa, Dhanvi, Sonal & all YRKKH fans & silent readrs.

    Yess Adi, i agree with U, They r still dragging…& then Even I laughed at Rahul bhaiya’s comment yestrday..
    Hi Rahul bhaiya!!
    Y u have addressed Hasan as Hasan bhaiya?? He is younger than U na, He is just 12yrs old bhaiya. Yestrday U told him to concentrate in his studies & Today u forgt that he is youngr than U. BTW, How r u bhaiya?? Then, Y do I deserve ‘special thanks’ frm Aniket?? & bhaiya ystrday Sachu di told that she got registered on her little brother’s b’day (i.e) on Aniket’s b’day.!!
    Hi Sachu dii…
    Reallly Hamdan is soooo cute dii…I wanna kiss him. Give him kisses from my side too dii….Now how r U dii?? How iz ua hand??Congo on ua registration dii…
    Hi Pat dii & Sophie dii..
    How r u??
    Hi Tahira dii..
    Welcome to our family. Ya I read ua intro…I’m good and how r U?
    Hi Vrushy!!
    Glad to know that U r fine now..All the very best for ua exams…
    Hi Soumya!!
    How r u lil sis?? Prepare welll for ua exams. All the very best..
    Thank U soo much everyone for ua wishes.!
    Hi Tanu di, Sindhu di, Swara di, Ponkuri di, Trusna dii…
    How r u all dii?? Y not commenting from a long time?? Everything is fine na dii??
    Hi Lasya,!!
    Study welll..All the best!! Comment here if u get time…Missing U.!!
    Hi Aliyaa, Lakhan, Lasya,Twana, Soumya, Pawan, Chanya, Rosa, Trishi, Adi,Chanpreet, Naina-Study wellll Guyzz…Don’t stress yourselves bcoz of studies. I hope, almost u all have done preparations..So no need to worry!! Do wellll in ua exams. All the very very best guys!! Take care everyone!!
    Those who are ill, Get well soon guys..My prayers r with U always…
    All my best wishes to alll the students!!
    Many members r missing. Where r u all guyz??
    Welcome to all the news members-Tahira dii, Hasan, Naina, Sonal…keep commenting guyz!!
    Missing U all guyz!! Will comment after my boards. Just came to intimate this to U all..TAKE CARE EVERYONE!!!
    Bye guyz!!
    Stay blessed & happy everyone!!!

    1. Rahul96

      Well Raf he himself told that he is 21 year old ,!!! And he has written 12 by mistake . Haha read his comment of previous tellyupdates

    2. Soumya85

      Hii di,I’m fine and ya preparing that’s why not able to’s ur preparations? Best of luck to u to..I know u will do well

    3. I am feeling a bit sad…and yourself?

  10. Fenil

    Hello everyone !!

    Nice episode

    Welcome to new members.

    I’m not able to do comments regular now onwards as i have Internship, Internal exams of from 01.03.2017 to 06.03.2017, also’s final exams in May i think , CA Exams In May-2017 also

    hello Aniket Bhai , i’m sorry for not able to continue with my responsibility which is given by u as i have exams .

  11. Rahul96

    Hi Sophie dii
    I wanted to do commented yesterday , but fall asleep . And from morning busy in classes .
    Sophie dii
    Your last comment about ” keep an open mind ” . Seriously Sophie diii ??!!!
    Sophie dii , infact not only you , many others believe that those who do not feel comfortable with romantic scene , are closed minded people yaa past minded people !!!

    Sophie dii I have movies like Titanic , American snipper , American pie , Wolf of wall Street , etc !!! Now does it mean that I am person of “open minded” ???

    I have no problem with the fact that they show romance yaa not !!! But children too watches it !!!!

    And dii just because we ( including me ) feel that romance scenes should be reduced , it doesn’t mean that we are closed minded !!
    And also dii just because some people think that it’s ok to show romance , doesn’t mean that they are open minded people !!!

    Dii do you think that those people who used to tease Dhanvi on the basis language ( so much that she started to think telugu as disgrace ) are open minded ???
    People those who use to tease other people on the basis name , look , religion , etc… are open minded ???…. ( Part 1 )

  12. Hi Rahul bhaiya.!!
    Oh, When he told bhaiya that he is 21yrs old..Sorry bhaiya may b I didn’t noticed..I’m so sorry!!
    Hi Soumya!!
    I’m also preparng welll dear. Thnx for ua wishes.
    Hi Fenil bhaiya!!
    Don’t worry bhaiya.We have many elders here so they will take care of our family bhaiya. Don’t b sorry. Concentrate welll on ua studies bhaiya. All the very best for ua exams.

    1. Fenil

      Thanks Raf Dii…yup elders and lils will take care of our family and my active circle of my life.
      Thank u for wishes

  13. Rahul96

    ….( Part 2 ) …
    Hi Sophie dii and guys
    Everyone here has certain likes and dislikes regarding life actions !!!
    Some feel dislike about romance , religion , respect to elders , some thinks that only they are right !!!
    So basically niether me , nor shilpa nor my parents nor you Sophie dii no one here is open minded…. except for one ….GOD .
    And guys if you think that just because you don’t feel uncomfortable regarding romance are open minded and those who feel comfortable regarding romance are closed minded . Then let me tell you guys then you are also close minded people !!!
    And guys my intention was not to hurt anyone
    I just wanted to tell that those who feel uncomfortable regarding romance are not close minded !!!!
    Because I know most of you guys thinks that such people are closed minded !!

    Hi Soumya and my family members :-
    Last time you were asking me naa that “Bhaiya did you find out that who opened your door ” ?? Then let me tell you no !
    Actually I believe in ghosts. ??. And you know what ???
    Some researchers believe that animals particularly dog , black cats yaa any cat have special power to see ghost . So if you are seeing that a cat is staring constantly and you see nothing there , then you should better leave that place !!hahahahah
    Infact small children underage of 5 years have some special power to attract yaa see ghost. Hihihihihihihihihihihi .????
    I always wanted to meet a ghost !!!
    If I will meet one then I would interview that ghost . Hahahahahahaha .
    And if I sense ( ?? ) that he is going to kill me then I would rather call a rocket , will sit on that rocket !!! And through my walkie talkie I will tell ” Hello alpha1 this is Rahul reporting (????) !!!! Time to leave planet Earth !!! And then I will leave this galaxy and will never comeback ?????????????. Hahahaha hahahaha

    1. Open minded dosn’t mean that you want to see romance or don’t have a problem with it…
      Open minded means keeping a positive mindset and not looking for faults in everything you hear or watch…
      Open minded people are those who are happy with what the makers create and respect them
      And if you are worried about children than let me tell you…children these days know what’s right and what’s wrong….
      Watching movies with nudity or high voltage drama dosn’t make you open minded…
      Close minded people are those who have a problem with everything and can never be happy with what they get
      And if people have problem with my P.O.V than you can tell me…
      Sorry to say Rahul but your comment did hurt me alot…
      Thank you though for that long comment

      1. Open minded also means to stand up for something that’s wrong…
        Dhanvi should of made those people realise that what they are doing isnwrong…

      2. I am so sorry because I don’t want you to feel like the odd or i am targeting you, please forgive me in advance…
        Your definitions of an open mind are different to my own because we have been shown so much positivity in this show in the past which give us higher expectations of only kaira scenes on a daily basis . I personally don’t look for faults n everything I see or watch but I do state my opinion – when I like something i will happily talk about it and when I don’t I will explain constructively. We have been happy with what the makers have created in the past, but repetition eventually leads to boredom. When have we written that we have a problem with everything? There are things people like and don’t like – maybe you like a book that i don’t but if I don’t like it then it doesn’t mean I’m closed minded, in my opinion. We are standing up for what we feel is wrong so in that case we are open minded too.
        Are you the one being closed minded by not accepting other criticisms, ideas, and opinions? Because I feel that being open to different ideologies and systems makes you open minded. Our world has many religions and we are accepting of them. Likewise, this comment of open mindedness is quite closed minded.
        Sorry if I hurt you, if I did then too forgive me

      3. Sorry for a few typos in my comment:
        Like the odd one*
        In* everything
        Do* forgive me not too

  14. Hey guys hello.i got too late to comment but i m vry excited for this serial.since my exams r going to start from 27 feb so i m little coming to topic i want to say that kartik & naira scenes r going well but i pray kartik don’t create any problems in their marriage.& this mansi she is so heartless that she did accident of akshara.& naira dialogue was good.all the best Raf for ur exams.i hope u get all the wishes & blessings u should get.& Rahul bhaiya r u of 96 yrs.

    1. Rahul96

      Why do you think that I am of 96 years ???

      1. Because u have written Rahul96.m sry for misunderstanding.just like that only adi.sry too for asking this stupid Q.

      2. Because u have written Rahul96.m sry for misunderstanding.just like that only adi.sry too for asking this stupid Q.haha☺?

  15. Hey guys hello.i got too late to comment but i m vry excited for this serial.since my exams r going to start from 27 feb so i m little coming to topic i want to say that kartik & naira scenes r going well but i pray kartik don’t create any problems in their marriage.& this mansi she is soheartless that she did accident of akshara..& naira dialogue was good.all the best Raf for ur exams.i hope u get all the wishes & blessings u should get.& Rahul bhaiya r u of 96 yrs.

  16. hii guys how are you
    loved the episode
    but aren’t they dragging a lot
    kaira ki shadi kab hogi and keesh ki love story kab start ho gi

  17. Hey adi in which school u study.& u r from where i wanted to know.pls if u dont mind it.

    1. Hello, why did you want to know 🙂 I’m from London

  18. Hey adi in which school u study.& u r from where i wanted to know.pls if u dont mind it.

  19. Chanya

    Hi everyone!!I I am going to quit tu until next September coz I have prepare for my exams..Actually today I am feeling so disappointed about myself I had to take this decision abruptly..You all guys are very special for me..And the bond between our family members is really appreciated..i will miss u all n I love you all..bye guys..take care of yourself n stay blessed

  20. hey raf dii am fine and thank you to everybody for joining me too…!!
    thats a big thing for me..!!

  21. !!!!NEW SPOILER!!!!

    Itseems that post marriage Kartik (Mohsin Khan) and Naira (Shivangi Joshi) go for a short honeymoon.However evil Aditya will not approve of their relationship and hence will try to spoil Naira’s image in front of Goenkas.Aditya will get hold of Naira’s pictures from her honeymoon where she is seen wearing very short dresses.This act of Naira will irk Dadi and she will get annoyed with Naira for playing with the image of the family.

  22. and thank you soo much for involving me in your comments…
    it will be fun to read yrkkh updates and write how I feel about the update it’s great…!!!

  23. and thank you soo much for involving me in your comments…
    it will be fun to read yrkkh updates and write how I feel about the update it’s great…!!

  24. hii guys

  25. hello everyone

  26. I think there is already a ishika here
    so you can call me by any name.I am a silent comment reader.Let me give my intro-
    NAME-Ishika goenka
    Favrouite drama-YRKKH(STARPLUS),BHABHI JI GHAR PAR H(&tv),SANYUKT(Zee tv)
    so if u don’t mind can i join u???

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