Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22nd February 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22nd February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Savita’s sister flirting with Dada ji and saying he is not that old yet. Sangram, Aditya and Vikram smile. Rukmani asks Varsha about Shaurya, will he not come in marriage, ask him well, else we have to think who will do kanyadaan. Varsha tells everyone that Shaurya will come soon, he never missed Ananya’s birthdays too, maybe he has much work. She asks Savita for ritual before sangeet. Savita says yes, I will tell you. She says we do couple’s aarti with Mata chunni so that they get blessings. Everyone smile. Akshara finds Ananya unhappy.

Savita asks Ananya to get this chunni to inlaws house as well, as there will be rituals there too. Ananya says sure. Savita compliments their Jodi. Ranveer gets a friend’s call and says I will show the way to

my friends, they are coming. Naira feels someone was there. Ranveer’s friends come and ask where is his fiancée. Naksh and Naira tease Ananya. They ask is that the girl, its impossible that Ranveer marries her, she is fat, if she falls on someone, what will happen. Ranveer gets upset.

Akshara goes to Ranveer and asks are they your friends. She asks them to come, and I will call Ananya. Ranveer says no, they are hungry, I will introduce Ananya later. They say no, we will meet Ananya first. Ranveer says no, have food first, if sangeet starts, it will be too long. He takes them.

Naira says we are starting Ananya’s sangeet now, every boy has to take chits and dance with person whose name comes. She gives them the chits. Vishwamber and Bau ji smile. They go to their wives and show the names. Vishwamber gets Devyaani’s name, and Bau ji gets Rajshri’s name. Everyone smile. They dance on aaj hamare dil me………. Everyone clap. Dada ji gets Savita’s sister Baby’s name and dances with her. Naira feels someone is there and looks around. Naitik goes and brings Naira. Varsha gives Ananya’s hand to Savita. They all get emotional and clap after the dance ends.

Ranveer gets Ananya’s name chit and folds it back. He makes Naksh’s chit falls and swaps the chits. Naksh gets Ananya’s chit. Ranveer happily shows Tara’s name in the chit. Naksh and Ananya look on.

Naira coughs and goes to drink water. Someone sees her. She turns to see and gets tensed. She goes back to everyone. Ranveer dances with Tara on Salaam e Ishq….. song, while Naksh dances with Ananya. Everyone clap for them. Nandini dances with Anshu, while Jasmeet dances with Mohit. Akshara and Naitik dance along. Akshara sees Ananya alone. Akshara takes Ranveer to Ananya. Ranveer acts to slip and get hurt, to avoid dancing with Ananya. They all worry for Ranveer. Ranveer says don’t worry, I will rest, I can’t dance now. He goes to his friends and sits with them. Akshara worries seeing Ananya.

Shaurya comes home and meets everyone. Vishwamber says now we won’t let you go anywhere and hugs Shaurya. Rajshri says you made us wait a lot. They cry getting emotional. Omi asks Shaurya to meet Ananya’s sasuraal people. Shaurya greets them and apologizes as he was stuck in work. Rukmani says its good you came on time Shaurya, don’t know what were they thinking. Savita’s sister says we did not think anything, you were saying something. Shaurya hugs Akshara. She says Ananya missed you a lot, talk to Ananya well, she looked worried. Naitik congratulates Shaurya and hugs him. Shaurya thanks him for doing his duties. Naitik says its fine. Shaurya says its just you whom I can blindly trust. Savita’s sister says we will dance now.

Shaurya meets Ananya and says sorry, Ranveer is a nice guy, you will be happy. She gets sad. He asks is there any problem, don’t you like the guy. Ananya thinks to share things. Varsha asks Ananya to tell Shaurya to stay in guest room as he came as guest in final moment. He says I m sorry, I will not go till you ask me, forgive me now Varsha. Ananya says please, for my sake. Varsha nods and they hug.

Baby says if movie is over, shall we start our program, we have a party song as well. Naira give chits to Naitik and Anshu. Naitik goes to ask Akshara for a dance. She smiles and holds his hand. Naiitk and Akshara dance on bin tumhare jee na paaye…………… rishta hai ye bas pyaar ka………. They have an eyelock. Everyone smile. Naitik and Akshara dance and smile seeing each other.

Naira goes to room. Akshara asks Rajshri for Naira. Rajshri says she was here, dancing with Mishti. Naira sees that guy in her room and shouts mumma…..

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Naitik & Akshara was looking very elegant today. ?✌?????☺?

  2. I feel so bad for alanya
    I have a good plot for serial
    at the end moment let yash marry alanya to save her from humilation
    anyways rukhmani always felt yash wd do something
    alanya and yash can make gud pair anyways they aren’t cousins
    this will bring spice to show.

  3. I hope ananya to ditch that guy, not marry to him…she should get someone who will love her unconditionally not look for superficial features..

  4. Pari….yash nd ananya are not cousins but they thought of each other as bro nd sis from childhood…nd in india these type of relations are also cousins…..i think sanju will come back for yash

  5. Ananya should not marry that guy, I feel bad for her

  6. Annanya should get married with his boss abhi.nic precap

  7. Yup.. Hoping that Ananyas boss will come up again n dey marry 🙂

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