Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22nd February 2014 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22nd February 2014 Written Episode, Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22nd February 2014 Written Update

The episode begins with Devyani asking Babhima to rest as her legs are paining and she also tells Akshara not to bend in this condition, she says she will do all the work. She starts to make snacks and seeing her Akshara says she is hungry and indirectly shows her how to make it so that everyone will like it. At that time Naksh Naitik and Rajbanna come home. Devyani tries to serve food to Naksh but he refuses to eat from her and takes the food on his own. Babhima asks them if they going to Akashara’s house for dinner she tries to make them understand. Rajbanna says he will go if all of us go together.

Devyani is in her room trying to pick what to wear for dinner Akshara sees her struggling and helps her to choose what to wear. Devyani is happy

with her choice. Rajbanna then come to the room to take out his clothes, Devyani offers her help but he doesn’t take it.

Akshara is angry on Naitik for eating those special tablets that Devyani made for her. Naitik denies taking them and blames Naksh for it, but when they ask Naksh he refuses taking them, Naitik feels that Akshara took them and is blaming him on purpose.

Back in Mimbai Anshu is shown worried as Jasmeet and Naman haven’t come back yet. Muskaan asks him to eat as it’s getting late and also says that she doesn’t know when they will be back, but he refuses.

Back at SS, Babhima is asking Maharaji to stay with Daddaji and to call her if anything goes wrong, All of them head towards the car. Devyani sits at the back seat and seeing her at the back Rajbanna says he will sit at the front and asks Akshara to sit at the back as it will be safer. Naksh insists on sitting at front with Rajbanna. He agrees. After everyone sits down they leave.

At Maseshwari’s house all of them are eager for them to arrive. They are shown talking about them when they come, Babhima is happy to be back at her maternal house. Rajshree welcomes Devyani by doing her tikka and aarti, seeing this Naksh questions her as to why she welcomed her in such a manner she explains that since she is coming her for the first time she wlecomed her like this. Hearing this he is not happy. Anayana gives a gift to Devyani seeing this Naksh is not happy. Anayana tries to explain to him to accpet Devyani but he doesn’t listen and refuses to accept her. They both go and sit near the stairs away from others, Anayana again tires to explain to him but he doesn’t listen. He offers her some chocolates. Naksh and Anayana are called to have milkshake Naksh makes a noise and hearing it they ask him how come he made such a noise as he hasn’t eaten all day, Naksh doesn’t know. He shows them the special tablets that he has been eating it turns out to be that one that Devayni made for Akshara, hearing this he gets angry.

Next they start to serve snacks, they serve Devyani her favourite snack, seeing it she questions them as to how they knew they tell her that Akshara told them it was her favourite. Naksh is angry as he feels no one made his favourite dishes, but they tell him that they made pasta hearing this he becomes happy. Devyani gets a call from a patient who is not very well. She seems tensed seeing her tensed Akshara come and asks her if she needs to go but she refuses saying it’s nor necessary and that she will give the instructions over the phone. Naitik teases Shaurya over his grey hair. Anayana is pretending to be very ill so that she can get those special tablets from Devyani, she is happy to make them for her, Naksh is not happy to see her blinding like this with others.

In Mumbai Jasmeet and Naman are coming out of the lift, Naman is supporitng her in waking as she hurt, they come in the house and Jasmeet sees Anshu sleeping in the sofa, she wants to go and talk to him but Naman advises her to come to his room and put the medicine on her leg first. Anshu sees them going to his room and he gets angry.

After a while Jasmet comes out to talk to Anshu but he is very angry. She tries to explain to him but he refuses to listen to her, Anshu tells her that he came to Mumbai for her but she doesn’t seem to care, they have a small fight, Jasmeet is very upset and she leaves from there.

Back at Mashewari’s the men are shown talking about election and Rajshree is talking to Babhima as to what gift to give to Devynai she tells her to give her blessings, after she goes and talk to Maharaji on the phone about Daddaji. Naitik’s phone is shown ringing but he doesn’t notice it Devyani sees it and tells him about it,she calls him beta. Naitik goes and takes the call. Devayni is seen upset but Akshara comes and consoles her saying she didn’t do anything wrong.

Precap: Anayana is giving a gift to Naksh but he refuses to take it saying it’s used toy. Devyani tries to explain to him but he taunts her saying he is not like her to take used things from others, he tells her that the necklace they gave her as gift belongs to Varsha. Akshara is angry on him.

Update Credit to: Ritu

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