Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22nd December 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22nd December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naira crying seeing the bridal dress. The man says Akshara came to select the dress and asked me to add this patch, saying mum and daughter will be together, as she can’t accompany you to inlaws. Naira cries. Kartik says she blessed you, you will feel her presence on that day. She says I can’t take this home, if Papa sees this, what will he go through, where shall I keep this. Kartik asks the man can you keep this in boutique, we will take this later. The man says no problem. Naira asks is there payment due. The man says no, Akshara did payment. Kartik and Naira leave. The girl tells the man that Kartik is Suhasini Goenka’s grandson, shall I call her. He says its nice idea, Suhasini is our old client.

The girl calls Surekha and tells her. Surekha

says Kiran called and said Kartik and Naira came to final bridal lahenga. They all get shocked. Dadi says I said water reached the neck, society will tell tomorrow, you are asking me to wait and Naira is shopping for marriage. Manish asks Dadi to decide now. Naitik asks did Mishti’s teacher give this project. Naira says yes. Devyaani says I felt Naira cried and came home. Naira says you can’t make this. Naitik says I m trying. Rajshri says we can’t ask Naira, we want her to be strong. Naira makes Naitik smile. Rajshri says this relation is precious. Devyaani says yes, none can take daughter’s place, we four mothers could not make Naitik smile. Kartik smiles and says this is their moment of Papa and princess, I will come later.

Rajshri asks is Naira fine, when you dropped her, I felt she cried, she looked upset. He says its nothing like that, maybe she was tired, you don’t have to worry for her in my presence, tell her not to hurry for office, I will manage. He smiles seeing Naira and leaves.

Kartik’s Dadi and Suwarna comes there. Bhabhimaa says I have seen Naitik smiling after many days, he has broken within. They all see Dadi and Suwarna at door, and welcome them. Dadi talks to them. They present many snacks. Dadi says I don’t eat ghee and sugar items, I want to read my friend’s message. She reads about Kartik holding girlfriend’s hand and roaming in market. She says our children come in people’s sight, we should do something that people don’t make news, he does not listen to us, he listens to your family and does your office work, he just talks to Naira, so we were thinking….. Naira comes and greets them. Dadi says I will tell infront of Naira, I did not talk to Kartik, I know he will happily accept Naira.

Kartik says I got old, I did not give pendrive and papers to Naitik, I have to go back. Dadi makes Naira wear shagun chunni. Naira gets shocked. Kartik sees Gayu on the way. He asks her to give pendrive and papers to Naitik. She says come home, we will have ginger tea.

Gayu comes home and sees everyone. Dadi takes the shagun plate. Naira gets up and chunri falls. Naira says sorry Dadi, forgive me, I can’t do this. They all get shocked. Naira says don’t misunderstand me, I know this was my mumma’s wish, both families want this, but I can’t do this, it would have been my life’s special moment if everything was fine, I have also seen this dream, its not this day for that. Bhabhimaa and Baisa ask her to stop it. Naira says let me say, sorry if I have hurt your heart, but right now, I can’t do this.

Kartik knows my love, you all also know, but I have to think of my family before my happiness, everyone broke after mumma left, if I leave, they will shatter. I have to do mumma’s responsibilities, I can do new duties after passing old duties, Dadi don’t get annoyed, but this marriage can’t happen now. Dadi gets shocked and asks why did you go to see lahenga then, I don’t understand what’s happening, you both will meet at office and roam together, but not marry, this is not regarded good in our house.

Naira says mumma made the lahenga, we could not get that lahenga home, I was afraid Papa would have broken seeing that, we are bringing him out of this loneliness, I don’t want to marry right now. She folds chunri and returns it. She apologizes. She says I can’t fulfill my marriage dream with Kartik now, I want some time. She cries.

Dadi gives the shagun plate to Chitti and goes. Suwarna blesses Naira and goes. Lav and Kush tell Kartik that Naira is going to come here. Kartik says you are joking. They say no, Dadi went to get her home, she took shagun. Kartik gets shocked. He asks them to call Manish. They call out Manish. Manish and everyone come. Lav and Kush sign Kartik called Manish, and leave. Kartik gets angry and looks at Manish.

Naira gets lahenga. Naitik says I got this, Akshara wanted this, I want you to fulfill Akshara’s wish. Manish says from today, none will talk about Kartik and Naira’s marriage in this house.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Vrushy

    OMG !!!
    What a power packed episode !!
    Tomorrow karthik will fight with his family from naira side. Waiting for it.
    Kaira marriage on the way. Shivangi has also posted a new pic on insta where she is wearing a Saree, it’s just awesome !! Can’t wait for that scene….
    Overall yrkkh is great !! Loving kaira !!

  2. Hi mere YRKKH parivaar…Thankz Amena di for ur update…
    Aliya,Aniket,Rahul bhai,Sophie dii,Sachu dii,Vrushy, Shilpa, Pat dii,Soumya, Trishi, Chanya, Adi, Garima, Karishma, Shesha, Ponkuri, Ishika, Pawan, Riya n Ishu… How r u all???
    Ishika u can be my BFF in fact anyone here who wants to be my BFF can be my BFF… I’m soo happy to be ur BFF…..
    Even I wonder what has happened to Rahul bhaiya today… He might be busy with his exam because Rahul bhai tomorrow’s ur exam na???
    Lasyashree.10 u r welcome dr give us ur intro….
    I was in a bit hurry while reading 2day’s ep…
    Kaira rockzzz….
    Gud N8 everyone… Hope everyone is fine..
    Good Luck to all those who have exams…

  3. Hi guys. How is everyone??
    Coming to the show, What an episode! I completely undestand Naira and why she said no for the shaadi. Cant decide if dadi is good or bad. Also Vrushy dii.. I started reading your ff and it was just amazing!!

    1. Vrushy

      Thank you 🙂

  4. Hello to my dear yrkkh family! hope everyone is well!
    Hi Twana! I would love to be your bff!! Pls accept my req to be your bff!
    I really liked todays episode, loved the father daughter scene for Mishti’s project! IT was so tense when daadi came in!
    Hope everyone becomes ok soon but then also waiting for Naksh to be back which will be a bit awkward if they do the wedding without him! Unless he comes in time for the wedding or something like that! Please dont forget Naksh, he rocks!!
    I hope i am not being annoying but it’s my sisters birthday today and we had a great day!!!

    1. Adi sorry for being late… Wish a very happy b’day to ur sister… sorry for being late n ur request is accepted my BFF!!

  5. Hai guyz……… How r u ppl…
    Hai twana, aniket, rahul bhaiya, sophie di, adi, sachu di, garima di, vrushy, pawan,shruti di, soumya, trishi n alll
    I hope aniket abhi tum theek ho… Better nw na???? Sophie di what happened to u…..
    Thnx all fr yr wishes n all who r nt feeling well get well soon
    Sachu so sry fr wht happened with u may god giv u the grace to bare it. I know its vry difficult. But wht can b a Better rein fr u to be blessed wth a bare boy… Think us all as yr own.. V r mora all less of sme age…
    I know hw it feeling as I have gone through it I lost my grandparents who I was vry much close wth in a six much gap interval… Its difficult But u know u need to go forward in fact they were my life n everthin… I am a great But interested in being yr brother accept my petition
    Twana n aniket hw r u
    Rahul bhaiya y no comments sterday…
    Aniket god yr mail id
    . We well crypts grp after show ends by the way I must get an android mail fr it….
    Have a nice day all… All the best fr yr exam…
    Soumya n trishi would lubbb to hai younger sisters lyk u…. Im always younger in my hme in fact entire generation… Hahah
    Welcome all new comments ishu, ishika, chanya, riya n sry if I missed smeones name

    Sryyy Sryyy fr long cmt…
    Guyz with me luck my bio player is on today.. Seriously waiting fr it to get over….

    1. Aliyaaaa…. How r u dr??? I’M SOO HAPPY THAT U COMMENTED….. I missed ur comment…. keep joining us whenever u can… Aliya How was ur bio ppr?? Hope it went well….
      I’m fine but these days I’m a little bit busy… that’s why I’m not much frequent…
      Again Aliya I’m so happy that u joined us in the middle of ur exam!!

  6. Sry for nonsense useage of words in btn its my sisters mobile n prediction was on i saw after posting nly… Kindly forgive me… Shesha welcome to The grp…..

  7. After so many days karthik n raj shree aunty scene woh… Plz don show kairas marriage before u introduce new akshara…. It will then b a sad sad situation

  8. Bakwas ye rishta bin akshara
    Akshara ko wapas layo

  9. Rahul bhaiya happy to know u don have a sister actually u knw as soon as i read tht u don hav a sister i shouted aloud im sorry..bhaiya..double happy tht u r the youngest one in yr family…i donno wht u think but for a girl who is a single child her cousins r everything…but my maternal cousin’s mom is nt speaking wth us ….so naturally he too…
    And another cousin is my jaan..she too is 24yrs old…we r 3 girls in our cousins grp..remaining 9 r boyz..after my cousins they were close to me..but his mum being having sme prob for other reason blamed my sister to b a character less girl..i was such sad …my bros supported ofcourse they camt go against their maa….so wh. Ever i c ppl of this age i get emotional…..sry

  10. Hi YRKKH family,

    I love this serial so much. Also I read all your comments everyday. My favourite entertainer.

  11. Hi to all where is aniket is he finecmg to the episode,episode was just awesome

    1. Yeah, Here I am. Not yet 5n. How are u?

  12. A very warm Good Morning to my 20membered family! Thnks Sophie Di to pray for me! U too get wel soon! Thanks Sachu Di for accepting me as ur bro! Hi Aliya, I just dont know, even if u have final exams then also u plz post atleast a single comment everyday! Surprisingly, Yesterday neither of u (Rahul Bhai, Pat Di, U, Pawan, Soumya, Trishi, Adi) post any comment. Dont know since when, but I got habitual to all of ur 20members comments, and yesterdy my day was incomplete without the comments of u 7ppl!

  13. Hi dears. Hope all r doing well. Hi Adi my warm bday wishes fr ur sissy. May God bless her always. Sophie hw r u dear ? Aniket get well soon bro. Bring the captain of our crew u shud be fit n fine. Aliya keep commenting daily bt dont forget what I told ystrdy. Yeah Aniket said ri8 we ve become habitual reading all u r comments. Some guys missing. Hope all r fine. Get back soon.
    I loved the way how Naira is trying to support her family in the difficult time. Awesome bonding between Kaira. I wish Hina Khan had left aftr Kaira’s marriage sequence. Anyways waiting fr today’s epi where Karthik is going to support Naira’s decision.
    *Seeing some comments out here glad to know that our frndship grp is gaining fast attention.

  14. Vrushy

    Hello Everyone.
    I have observed that today there have been many negative comments , surprisingly which were not there some days ago. Seems like Some jealous people are trying to break the family and fandom.
    People trying to create a rift by using akshara or naksh’s name should stop this shit now.
    We all know that rajan shahi sir had requested hina khan to come back but she wants to move forward in her life. What is his fault in this !! He is searching for a new face for akshara and it needs time as he doesn’t want to make a mistake considering Yrkkh is his baby. He also has to fulfill all our expectations so let’s have some faith and show some patience !!
    As for naksh. He is in big boss house. So we have to wait till the show ends or he gets eliminated. The show is anyway ending in jan. Rajan sir doesn’t want to replace naksh as there have already being many replacements !! And come on would any of us would be ohkay is a new actor plays naksh ?!!
    I want to request my family to stick together against such people !! Let’s all be together and show such people out of our fandom. No matter what they do they can’t break us. We are all for one and one for all !!

    1. I’m with u Vrushy… Let’s stand against those stupid shameless jealous ppl who try to break our family n show them that whatever happens we will stand by eachother…

  15. Hi Sachu Didi, CAPTAIN OF OUR CREW!! This was the greatest compliment I ever recived! Thank u soo much didi! Well, U r ri8 Vrushy, V all should ignore those nonsense ppl, and lets remain united in every situation! Yes- WE ARE ALL FOR ONE, AND ONE FOR ALL!!

  16. I am not agree with you kuch to hua hai jisi ki vajah se sub show chod kar ja rahe hai i think rajan sir something did wrong with them

    1. Vrushy

      Lolzzz like seriously !!
      The show has been going on since 8 years. Never once for its success was rajan shahi appreciated. It was always hina khan’s or karan mehra’s hard work that kept the show running right ?!! Then why all of a sudden u want to give the limelight to the producer. We don’t even know all the inside things that happen between them. Why create chaos by blaming one or the other ?!! Hina and karan both have confessed several times that they wanted to move on thus they left the show !!

  17. Hi my yrkkh family and sorry as I can’t comment yesterday…so sorry yesterday I was enjoying with my school friends as we r in class 10 after that we will be in different classes
    I hope u all will forgive me and thank u aniket bhaiya for remembering me and how r u now?
    Wish ur sister happy birtday from me adi and thanks aliya di I will love to be ur sister di I always wanted a big sis or bro and now I get them as u and aniket bhaiya..I hope i can aniket bhaiya u will not mind as I call u as my big bro becoz I really wanted one like u….
    Coming to episode it was awsome love kaira’s bond and how naira supports her family
    Best of luck aliya di for ur bio exam and I loveing our family’s bonding

  18. Hi all, I am very sorry to say that here onwards v wil not add any member in our family. V have given enough time of 10days (14dec-23dec) to enroll the name in our family. Here onwards v wil not accept any1n now, thats cz these nonsense transgenders (Maria, Mulvey, Baby (Kaira)) can create fake friendship with us, can join our group and then ruin our friendship. Dont know y I feel so, and thats y I have decied this. What u say guys?

  19. thanks twana for excepting my proposal. even today there is no comment by Rahul. let him do his exams well. by the way how are you all? nice episode as usual…

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