Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22nd December 2015 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22nd December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naitik thanking Nandini for explaining Akshara. She asks him not to thank. Akshara recalls Nandini’s words and gets up. She cries. Nandini asks Naitik to give some time to Akshara and support her. Naitik goes to room and sees Akshara. He asks her what does she want, he is with her. Bhabhimaa talks to everyone and cries for Akshara. Rukmani says what can we do, just Lord knows Leela, Akshara’s accident and then this new problem, I understand your pain, your daughter was handicapped and now your bahu. They all get shocked.

Devyaani asks Rukmani what is she saying. Rukmani says whats there to feel bad, Akshara can’t see, she has become blind, I can understand how we feel if there is any problem in our bahu. Nandini looks on. Mohit asks her what is

she saying. Rukmani says I m saying right, Bhabhimaa has experience to manage Nandini, I had problem with her, but I had to manage, but Nandini is fine to be physically handicapped, but blindness is too much. Rajshri shuts her ears. Mishti gets angry and throws toy at Rukmani.

Mishti says you are very bad, I will tell Lord to put your eyes to Akshara. Rukmani scolds Mishti. She says I m seeing everything, no one is telling anything to Mishti. Mishti says Akshara is sleeping, don’t disturb her, get out of our house. Rukmani fumes and asks how dare you. Mohit asks Rukmani to stop it, just see herself. Rukmani says you will always support the inlaws. Nandini cries. He says I m supporting right. Rukmani says I just said true and everyone felt bad, whats wrong if I said Akshara got blind. Bhabhimaa slaps Rukmani. Everyone get shocked.

Bhabhimaa says Rukmani you did not say this right, you did not forget Nandini’s problem and taunt us always, we bear it silently, but not about Akshara. You made me realize I was so wrong to let you speak all these years, I just heard you, I can’t stop you from saying anything to your bahu, but you won’t say a word against my bahu, there is limit to say anything, you crossed all limits, that’s why I had to cross my limit, my bahu is not handicapped, and not even my daughter, you are handicapped by your thinking. Akshara will be fine soon, you just see. Rukmani angrily leaves. Bhabhimaa cries and apologizes to Mohit. Mohit says its not needed, and goes to Rukmani.

Naitik brings Akshara downstairs. Everyone smile seeing her. Naitik makes her sit. Akshara asks is everyone here. Mishti says yes, everyone and names them. Akshara greets them and asks them to sit. She says Naitik would have told you all what doctor said, I will be fine, its matter of few days and my vision will be back, sorry o trouble you all. Naira says mumma will be fine. Naksh asks them to have tea. The tea falls on Akshara as she could not see. She asks Mishti is she fine. She asks NAitik to see Mishti and Naksh. She cries and says she can’t take care of anyone. Naksh gets angry on that man who made Akshara get in this state. He thinks of not leaving that man.

Naitik gives water to Akshara. Naksh says sorry, it was my mistake, I did not see you held the cup or not. She says its okay. He says we will not let our hardwork get waste. Naira says yes, we will make Akshara have tea which we made. They make Akshara have tea. Maharaj says he got these things from doctor. Karishma says It will be her medicines and checks. She shows eyedrops etc and then a walking stick. They all get shocked and sad. Naitik asks Karishma who ordered this. Karishma says I did. He asks why, I did mistake to accept your help, I told you just to get medicines. Akshara asks him what happened, what did Karishma get, why are you angry. He says nothing. Akshara asks Naman, Naksh and Naira. Karishma says I really sorry, I did not mean to hurt anyone, I thought like medicines will help, maybe this stick will also…. Naitik stops her from saying. Akshara cries.

Devyaani says we all are here to help Akshara. Karishma asks them to think practically, we can’t be with Akshara always, I thought this stick will help Akshara. Bau ji tells Naitik that Karishma is not wrong. Naitik apologizes to Karishma and says my wife does not need any help. He holds Akshara’s hand and says till I m here, she does not need anyone, I will be with her, when I was in coma for 4 years, she did everything for me, she became my voice, can’t I become her eyes for few days. They all smile.

Naitik says my Sita has given many tests, its time that I become Ram for her. Vishwamber and Rajshri happily cry.

Naitik holds Akshara and asks why did she not wake him up. She says I thought I can try. He says I meant what I said, I m doing this for my love.

Update Credit to: Amena

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