Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22nd April 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22nd April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naitik saying we will resume all the marriage arrangements. Rashmi and Gayu join them. Rashmi says Sameer went abroad, he wanted to come. Naitik says we decided we will not stop now. They all smile. Dada ji and grandsons are checking arrangements list. Dada ji says three brothers of Tara and all are useless. The village guy offers help. Sangram asks Vikram to give list to him. Vikram and Aditya say they don’t have list, and asks Sangram to check his wallet. Sangram gets the list. Dada ji gets sad. He asks them to manage work. They all leave.

Dada ji sits thinking about Tara. Vaswani comes there and meets Naitik. Naitik introduces his legal advisor to Akshara. Naksh comes and greets Vaswani. Vaswani says you were so young and today you are marrying. Preeti

calls someone and says yes, I made payment to Vaswani. Vaswani hears his name and says I felt like someone took my name. Naitik jokes that maybe his wife is missing him. They laugh.

Shaurya asks Varsha to stitch his shirt’s button and gets sad. Akshara says I will stitch it. Naitik thanks Naman and Karishma for coming. Karishma is annoyed and says thanks for inviting us, we thought we will always be guests. Bhabhimaa calls Naitik and Akshara. Akshara asks Bhabhimaa did she call. Baisa says I called all of you, there is one tradition, when new bahu comes, we give nek to all old bahus. Bhabhimaa says I forgot this at Naman’s marriage time too. Baisa says I will give nek to every bahu this time. Akshara asks Bau ji for a nek. She asks him to let Naman and Karishma to come back home. Bau ji says I m happy that Akshara is asking something which I can give her. Akshara hugs Karishma. They all smile. Akshara gives nek to Devyaani and hugs her. Bau ji sees Naman and smiles.

Akshara asks Naitik did he talk to Tara’s Dada ji about pandit. He says no, I did not know this. They argue. The kids laugh seeing them. Vaswani says seeing your fight, I don’t think you are becoming saas-sasur, tell me is Naksh’s love marriage or arranged. Naitik says both, what happened, is there any tension. Vaswani says I m glad seeing you are modern, I did not know you will do this, but its good, there will be clarity, if there are situation like divorce, then its easy. Akshara and Naitik ask what is he saying. Vaswani says don’t you know, maybe Naksh and Tara did not tell you, they made pre nup papers, its agreement between guy and girls, it had conditions for their marriage, and if marriage does not work, then what will they give each other, its legal and very common these days.

Naitik says I think its misunderstanding. Vaswani says no, check this, Preeti has registered this on our site, I saw Naksh and Tara’s name, its not big thing, many times children don’t tell parents, talk to Naksh, till then I will hold on these papers. Akshara says Preeti registered, maybe Tara wants this. Naitik says maybe Naksh wants this, Vaswani is our legal advisor, whats the need, we will talk to Dada ji. Akshara says maybe they have hidden it from Dada ji too, we should talk to children first. He agrees.

Naksh wears the sehra and smiles. Tara wears dupatta and smiles. Naksh says finally we are marrying Tara, we will tackle any problem together. Tara says we will not have any problem to weaken our relation. Pehla nasha……plays………… Rajshri tells Dadi that Shaurya did mistake. Dadi says yes, but Shaurya and Varsha love each other. Rajshri says I m worried for Varsha. Dadi says we should send them somewhere, they can come close, we will send Kuhu to her grandmum, I got to know her grandmum is ill. Varsha hears them.

Akshara makes Naksh wear sehra. Naira asks for nek. Naksh says take this nek and be happy. He gifts her expensive one and she gets glad. Akshara asks Naksh why did he spend so much. Naksh says I have just one sister. Naira takes nek from everyone. Bau ji gives money to Naira and says your siblings have share in this too. Naksh takes everyone’s blessings. Mohit asks him to practice to bend infront of wife. Yash teases Naksh. Naira hugs Naitik and they all take family selfies.

Naitik and Akshara tell Naksh about Vaswani. Naksh says I did not consult Vaswani, what happened.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Ohhh Tara is looking wicked.. She can’t even go near the gorgeous Akshara… Naksh is blind to fall in love with such a selfish and mean girl.. I wish this marriage breaks and naksh gets a better girl like Sanju…

  2. Pls let marriage happen and I don’t understand why stupid Akshara asked for permission to bring Naman and Karishmsa home .Preetis truth should come out ASAP and as well as Sukaniya . These two along with Karishma are always ruling the show . Karishma is so selfish . Don’t like her at all . Sukaniya and Preeti are trouble makers . Should be out of the show soon. This is getting too boring now . Do something director . Do not ruin the episode .

  3. Pls help director

  4. Let marriage happen regardless


  6. Plz ab marriage krvado yar it’s getting to much longer Tara and naksh pls marry come soon

  7. Naira ko v koi wedding dress phnni chaiye thi

  8. Why does akshara always blame naira. Pls don’t make naksh and naira gets angry because of this. Make two of them more closer.

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