Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 21st September 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 21st September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kartik cheering up Naira and applying color to her face. Yeh rishta kya….plays……..She smiles. Rajshri cries and says I had to lie to Dadi about Naitik. Vishwamber says yes, its tough for all of us to lie to Maa. Mishti is sad that Naitik did not come. Naksh cheers her. Mishti says Papa may also go again, elders don’t understand our emotions. Naksh hugs her. Karishma is angry and tells Akshara that Naman is like he is still there, he is always working, he has no time for me, its good Naitik did not come with pending work, Naman got a call and run away as if there is emergency. Akshara thinks there is something Naitik and Naman are hiding, is there any problem, Naman would have not left Naitik like this.

Gayu goes out and stops Kartik. He jokes.

She smiles. He says its good Naitik’s daughters are smiling, else I would have made project to make you guys smile. She asks shall I come office with you. He says no, I m not going office today, I had other work, you stay at home and cheer Akshara and Naira. She says yes and goes. He calls someone and says I m coming there, wait.

Shaurya tells Kuhu about her brilliant result. Everyone get glad. Kaki says Nannu was so good in studies, I think someone pushed him in bad habit intentionally. Rajshri asks her why did she think they are saying against Nannu when they praise Kuhu. Kaki says I feel everyone is happy here and he is alone there. Rajshri explains her to encourage Nannu and be happy. Kaki says my heart is hurt thinking of him, everyone wants to show we are responsible for this. Vishwamber asks who said this. She says no one tells on face but we understand it indirectly. Rajshri says if this goes on, our family will break, hearts will get distanced. Varsha says yes, our family caught bad sight, Akshara is upset there and we are upset here.

Naira says Mishti’s mood is off and we got her here, why did Papa do this, he did not come on last time. Gayu says don’t know, we will make Mishti’s mood good first. They cheer up Mishti. Naira goes to get icecream. She hears some men saying about cheating Naitik, he is in Kenya and our boss said Naitik won’t know anything, I have to give this envelope to boss so that money comes in my account. Naira says who is their boss, what are they saying. She sees the man shaking hands with Kartik and giving him envelop. She gets shocked and says Kartik…. but he said he is going office and he has much work, what is he doing here, this man works for him, I could not imagine Kartik would do this, Kartik got calls from Kenya yesterday, he did not answer as I was there, what was he doing in Papa’s cabin.

She says it means Kartik is against my dad, no this can’t be…. Vishwamber gets a call and asks everyone do they know this matter. Shaurya asks what. Vishwamber says Sunaina went to get Nannu from rehab, when they refused to send Nannu, she tried to bribe them. They get shocked. Rajshri says I will ask her. She calls out Kaki and asks her did you try to get Nannu out of rehab. Kaki says no, why will I lie, why are you blaming me. She goes. Vishwamber says why will they lie to us. Rajshri says don’t know whats going on in her heart, I m her elder sister, I will not lose before explaining her.

Akshara talks to Naitik and asks where is he. He comes home and jokes that he won’t come, he has work. He hugs her and surprises her. He says my work got over after Naman went and then I took next flight. He lifts her in arms. She says leave me, anyone will see. He says so what, let them see. Her imagination ends. A man comes and asks is Naman there. She says no. He says I had to give something to him, he asked me to call and come, he told not to give this to anyone. She says you can give me, I m his Bhabhi, he may have said that as there are children at home. She takes parcel and sees the office stamps. She says stamps were made recently, why is Naitik’s name made again, whats happening.

Naman says it means Kartik is that guy in our office who is passing info to Naitik, this means Naitik doubts on me. The man gives the envelop to Naman and says I was waiting for you and collided with Kartik, he is giving all info to Naitik. The man tells how envelop fell and Kartik picked it to give him. The man leaves. Naman says Kartik was troubling me since start. Naira sees Naman with the envelop and asks who was that man, how do you know him. Naman lies to her. Naira says that man is cheating my Papa, he is with someone, I will tell truth to everyone, when Papa knows Kartik is doing this, he will not leave Kartik, Kartik did not do this right.

Naman lies to her and says Naitik and I had doubt on Kartik and now its confirmed, I got proof against him, we don’t want to alert Kartik, we want to know what info Kartik gave to others. She says I don’t think so, he is not such. He says I know, we could not think this, he fooled Naitik, think why he came home for a small work, he wanted to get friendly with everyone, he was planning to cheat us, he helped Akshara, he was in Rishikesh at the time of interview, he played charming games, we all thought he is a good boy, think at personal level, he stayed at Rajshri’s house as tenant, he became Mishti’s best friend. She says I don’t think he spied on us. He says he is good, and won our trust, tell me you trust him more or your Papa. She says Papa.

Naira is finding the papers. Kartik says its not safe to keep papers here. Naira comes there to his room.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I knew it kartik vl nvr think to cheat singhania family he’s a true gentleman ? and I hate dat blo*dy naman ?

  2. 1st of all ..thank to amena for update…
    Nyc episode of today…I think naman is wrong n something doing wrong with Naitik’s trust …n he also blame on kartik ..bcz naman say to naira abt kartik, is totally different…I hope kartik doing best for his boss Naitik..n save from this type of blame..

  3. I knew it kartik vl nvr think to cheat singhania family ? he’s a true gentleman ? & I think every gal deserves a boy like mohsin khan ? ??
    Hate dat blo*dy naman wo ni sudhar skta ?

  4. Always knew and said Karthik is never negative …but today Naira seriously giving u benefit of doubt how could u even think Karthik is wrong how could u get trapped into namans plan .once u should have retrospected ur self before concluding it ..impulsively u thought its Karthik but other side ur not wrong as u have seen fishy behaviour of Karthik in office ,Kenya calling ,today that scene envelope.big time showdown for u KAIRA in future episodes .
    Gayu seriously u wanted to accompany Karthik to office when ur family is depressed .

  5. Saurav

    I was sure.. Just for some curiosity they were showing kartik when nnaman calls someone.. I think naitik will get trapped in something due to Naman or may b Naman himself wants to trap Naitik.. So after few days everyone will leave for Switzerland n they will gt to know abt the truths..n everyone’s doubt will b cleared..

  6. It would have been better if CVS showed a better reason for naira to doubt karthik rather than showing nairas conclusion so fast….anyways up to CVS how they will mould the characters & further the swiss track…well some what not convincing on nairas doubt…

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